Friday, January 2

goals and today.

I ran today, since it was Friday I decided to do hills. And, since running buddy told me she did strength training I hopped on two machines (weight...machines? I have no idea what they're actually called) after the run. I did my two miles at a ten minute pace with a wussy walk in between "hills". Needless to say I was on the TM. Ran 3minutes at 0 incline to warm up then did a minute of 2.0-4.0-6.0 then back down. Then walked/ran three minutes at zero and repeat. Killa! Then I hopped on the leg extension thing and tried to do a set of 10 at 50lbs. That may have been too much weight for me, or I guess it's just such an awkward movement...only did one set of 10. Then on to the rowing machine for 5 sets of 10 at 50lbs. 30 push ups (girlie) which were done in sets of 10. So tired from getting off the rowing machine two minutes earlier. My arms will be feeling this tomorrow.

I just looked on buckeye, I ran 460 miles in 2008. Maybe I can shoot for 500 or more in 2009?

Speaking of which:

Goals for 2009:

1) New 5K pr, break 30minutes maybe even 29 in 2009?!
2) Run a half marathon (officially) and I mean run it...if that goes well and I'm not preggers, maybe a full in the fall?
3) Comfortably run a 9min/mile, let that be my base by 2010. (right now I'm somewhere between 10:30 and 10).
4) Swim a mile without stopping maybe even for just one hour without stopping. Comfortably.

That's about it. I just asked for some time off of work, the 2nd and 3rd of May to fully enjoy my marathon experience. Also I'll be up in Portland and the surrounding areas from May 6th to the 12th for my little sister's college graduation. Yay. Hopefully I'll be able to walk after the 1/2 the weekend before.

I missed my running buddy this week. But starting Monday we're buckling down, I swear!

HBBC points:
2miles +2
Stretching/strength 1/2hr +1
Equals: +3!


Elisabeth said...

Good goals, Kelly! Sounds like we're totally on the same running level. We'd be great running buds. One of us should move.

joyRuN said...

Good job on the hills. I don't think you'll have a problem getting under 29 for a 5k...