Thursday, January 8

Goal for 2009? check!

I swam a mile, well 30ft from a mile without stopping! It took me 50:24 to swim 1750yds. I was SO sore after strength training that I couldn't imagine getting up the stairs to get to the treadmills today. So my super awesome running buddy (who ran 5miles yesterday after our strength training) was on her own for 2.5miles and more strength training. I think she's kind of insane, but she's very motivating. My running buddy's blog can be found here.

So I decided to hit the pool. Didn't want to stop for 10laps and then when my hubby wasn't there to meet me at 20 laps I decided to swim my age next week, 27. Did that, still no hubby so I decided to swim 30laps. When he still wasn't there I decided to swim 35laps. And I did without stopping. Don't you love it when someone hops into the lane next to you or steps on the TM next to you when you've been working out for while and then leaves before you're done? I love that I feel so sporty. Never mind that the dude that swam next to me for about 10 of my laps probably lapped me several times. At lap 23 I saw that we turned around at the same time and decided to try to keep up with him. My mantra was "keep up with the dude, keep up with the dude". I felt faster! I felt very hydrodynamic, is that a word? I felt like I was gliding but I don't think I could have kept up the pace for long. I beat him by a few seconds. Even though I'm sure he didn't know we were racing, I think he let me win. Thanks guy!

Happy Thursday everyone. I promise, tomorrow I will run again. I'm going to try for five miles.


teacherwoman said...

Sounds like an awesome swim! Nice job, Kelly! Wahoo! I too like to "race" others that join me in the lane. It changes the workout a bit!

joyRuN said...

Great job, Kelly!

ECrunnergirl said...

Good job on that mile swim! Nothing like a little "dude' motivation to keep you moving!!