Friday, January 16

Finally, a run!

Wanted to run on my birthday, Wed. but didn't get a real start to the day till 11am. Then we just decided to play wii fit. Which although, I turned 27, decided to tell me I was actually 35 and then 38 because I can't balance. Well that threw my whole day off. I was bummed out, p.o.'d, grouchy as all get out. My poor husband. I thanked him yesterday for marrying me cause I was a big B on my birthday. I think it's all cause I woke up late and didn't get in my awesome 7miles I was planning on for my 27th birthday.

Thank goodness for my running buddy. We hopped on the treadmills around 9am this morning and ran a good 74 minutes (I did after a pit stop at 66minutes, damn you colon!). But I lasted a while on the treadmill compared to my pit stops at 2.2 miles or 13minutes.

My wonderful husband got me a polar heart rate monitor for my birthday. So I know my AHR was 157 but the last 30minutes or so of the run I was mostly 177-183. I even took my speed down from 5.3 to 5.0, not much changed in the way of HR though. My max was 184 and I burned 740 calories. So I had my much deserved chocolate milk with carnation instant breakfast when I got home today. I did find that the combo of where I had my monitor on my chest and where my sports bra ended made a nice couple of sores where they were rubbing for over an hour. I'm not looking forward to my shower today. It's going to hurt. Would putting body glide underneath where my heart rate monitor sits interfere with the transmission?

So I figured my 74minutes was about 7miles even though my treadmill guessed it was more like 6miles. Meh. I wanted to do 7miles so that's what I did. I don't know if I would have lasted that long just running by myself, but having my running buddy next to me who kept going past 1/2 hr then past 45minutes really helped push me. Thank you Tiffany. And thanks again for my birthday present (new headbands, whoot whoot!).


Running Mommy said...

Your welcome! I am glad you were there as well,it makes running ALOT easier....Are you ready for 22 next week?

teacherwoman said...

Hey, that's a pretty darn good run, birthday girl!

Mom on the Run said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

ECrunnergirl said...

You guys are awesome to get those miles in on the treadmill...and HAPPY HAPPY belated birthday Kelly!!

Funny about the wii age thing...I have a nintendo DS and I LOVE the Brain Age game series...when I took the test my brain was like 75 or something....Im having a hard time getting it close to my actual age

RunToFinish said...

happy birthday!! I say Wii is fun, but why is balance such a judge of my age!

Run Mommy said...

Happy Birthday! I'll keep reading about all these dedicated Mom's :)