Tuesday, January 27

5 more miles.

I got to the gym a little later than my running buddy. Fully expecting her to have started her run already. I'd just hop on and do about 45minutes or 4.5miles, that was the plan right? Well, she hadn't started yet and when we hopped on she said "5 miles right?". Sure. What the hey, I've signed up for a whole freakin' marathon. 5miles in 51ish minutes. I ran the first twenty minutes, chatting Tiffany's poor ears off. We ran at 5.0 or at least I did. Then we hunkered down and I ran intervals of 1minute. I ran my fast pace at 6.0-7.0 and my slow pace was back down to 5.0, but it wasn't a walk! Tiffany did accelerating stair steps from 5.2-6.2ish I think. What do you all think? Should I try Tiffany's method or stick to my intervals? I finished up the last twenty minutes running at 5.5 and then rocked a 9:40 pace at 6.2 for the last twelve minutes. Booyah!

I signed up for the full Lincoln Marathon. I figure we'll try to train for this one and if we don't feel ready we'll switch to the 1/2. The registering instructions told us we could. We already have our hotel room booked, and I already have the weekend off of work. I'm so excited!


Run Mommy said...

Go for it! You can do the full..you can do it if you tell yourself you ARE GOING to do it. Don't give yourself the option of the 1/2 marathon just yet unless you have no other choice. You will be so glad you did! I look forward to reading more about your training! :)

Jogger said...

I, of course, am still learning about what makes for a good runner. However, I can tell you that I'm at about the same level as you are at this point, and I have really seen some awesome personal improvements lately from doing tempo runs. I run at 5.7 to warm up for 10 minutes, then run at a tough pace (6.0) for 5 minutes, then run at an even tougher pace (6.3-6.5)for another 5 minutes, and slow it back down to 5.7 for the last 10 minutes. By doing this 2 times a week, I've been able to increase my peak in the tempo from 5.7 (where I now start the run) to 6.5.

This is actually the only thing that I've ever noticed has significantly helped me get faster.