Sunday, January 25

3.5 :(

Tried for four but just tired out. I worked Fri Sat 12hr and today just 8, thank goodness.

Here's how the run broke down:

10min 5.5 10:54/mile
10min 6.0 10:00/mile
10min 6.2 9:40/mile
5min 6.0 10:00/mile

AHR 163 MHR 188

Maybe I was tired cause I tried to hold a 9:40 pace. Who knows?

Looking forward to my run tomorrow. Beware, I may post exactly how that run went as well just cause it makes me feel like I need to do a good job just to report it to you guys.

Happy Sunday.


Brooke said...

Don't stress...running has it's downs but definitely also it's ups!

joyRuN said...

Day shift would do that to me too ;)

jen said...

Great job getting the run done! We like hearing about all your runs, good and bad.. although that certainly wan't even close to bad!