Saturday, January 31

Saturday long run.

7miles. Ran it on the treadmill. :(

I knew my running buddy Tiffany wouldn't be with me today. But I was hoping I could convince Molly from work to run it with me. Well, calling a 22yr old at 8:30 on a Saturday morning to run 7miles probably wasn't the best idea. I half waited around for her to call me back and half got stuck to the couch eating leftover cake and watching Sell this House on TV. It was 1130 before I got out the door to run. I wanted to run outside so badly. But I am a chicken and I don't own mace yet so I went to the gym. Ran my miles in about 1:13:26. I ran alternated between 5.5 and 5.7 or 10:54 and 10:31min/mile for twenty minutes. I'd run twenty minutes, walk one, pause, drink water, walk one, run again for twenty minutes. It felt great. No stomach issues at all, must have been the cake. I also had 1/2 a power bar before deciding that cake was a good pre run food, maybe that was it too. I think it just helped to have a little something to eat and keeping hydrated during the run too. I really felt like I could have run longer but knew that would probably not be in my best interest in the long run. Plus, Tiffany would have been mad that I cheated on her with more miles.

I'm a little nervous for next week. So my long run this week was 7miles. Next week, 7miles is just a run during the week, not a long run. Does that make sense? My running buddy figured our week would look like this:

Sun 5miles
Mon 7miles
Tues 6miles
Friday 8miles

It's weird how quickly my regular two mile runs became 5 and 6miles "easy". Very strange. I'm really starting to feel like a runner. I can't wait until my long runs really feel like long runs, where I'll be consistently in the double digits. This mileage increase is so fun.

Wednesday, January 28

Tempo RUN!

Did my three miles this morning and I tried out Jogger's tempo run she advised me on. I followed it to the T.

First 10minutes: 5.7
5min: 6.0
5min: 6.3
10min: 5.7

Tada. I really think that if I have to do tempo runs again, I'll try this formula. I changed paces often enough to keep the run interesting but not too much where I'd get confused. I just realized I said "if I do tempo runs again". Pretty sure in marathon training, it calls for a lot of them. Oh well.

Thank you so much Jogger!

Here's hoping my running buddy got her 6miles in. GO TIFFANY!

Tuesday, January 27


Can you tell I'm bored and my husband's gone at work? I'm going to show ya'll a few pictures!
First, my new Keen slippers. I visited a physical therapist last Thursday who was putting on an expo. The ad said that they'd be able to recommend changes in stride and what not to prevent running injuries. Well since I have no injuries I just decided to ask if there was anything I could do to help my falling arches. He suggested wearing house shoes (slippers). So last night I got a pair and I can't take them off, they're wonderful! They 're so comfy. See:

See, even buttercup loves them all up in her grill.

Next, is a quilt from a beginning piecing class I've been taking. We're two weeks into the four week class and I've finished piecing the top except for the borders which we add tomorrow. I can't wait!
Please disregard the awful hair I'm displaying, I had really wanted to get this quilt together and did nothing with it after I showered....wait, maybe I hadn't showered yet and that was my awful bed head...meh either way, it's not how I try to look in pictures.

Okay I'm getting off the computer and out of the house!

5 more miles.

I got to the gym a little later than my running buddy. Fully expecting her to have started her run already. I'd just hop on and do about 45minutes or 4.5miles, that was the plan right? Well, she hadn't started yet and when we hopped on she said "5 miles right?". Sure. What the hey, I've signed up for a whole freakin' marathon. 5miles in 51ish minutes. I ran the first twenty minutes, chatting Tiffany's poor ears off. We ran at 5.0 or at least I did. Then we hunkered down and I ran intervals of 1minute. I ran my fast pace at 6.0-7.0 and my slow pace was back down to 5.0, but it wasn't a walk! Tiffany did accelerating stair steps from 5.2-6.2ish I think. What do you all think? Should I try Tiffany's method or stick to my intervals? I finished up the last twenty minutes running at 5.5 and then rocked a 9:40 pace at 6.2 for the last twelve minutes. Booyah!

I signed up for the full Lincoln Marathon. I figure we'll try to train for this one and if we don't feel ready we'll switch to the 1/2. The registering instructions told us we could. We already have our hotel room booked, and I already have the weekend off of work. I'm so excited!

Monday, January 26

I'm officially registered for a marathon.


Thank goodness

For having my running buddy back! Yay Tiffany!

She's been running, it's not like she's back from some injury or something we just hadn't run together since...over a week ago? It was so nice to look over and have someone working just as hard (or harder) than me for the same amount of time. I took a break and hit pause on the treadmill today to drink water. Go me. I also had 1/2 mixed berry smoothie power bar before our run. So I think I was adequately fueled up.

Most of my run was 5.5 (10:54 pace). Last five minutes at 6.0 with the last 2.5minutes at 6.2 (9:40 pace - rocked it! - never mind it was only for 2.5minutes...). I listened to Steve for most of the run I've run out of new Dan Savage :( and listened to MIA paper planes and heartless for the last five minutes or so. That MIA song just puts me into this relaxed more elongated form. I love it.

Here's to tomorrow's 4.5!

Sunday, January 25

3.5 :(

Tried for four but just tired out. I worked Fri Sat 12hr and today just 8, thank goodness.

Here's how the run broke down:

10min 5.5 10:54/mile
10min 6.0 10:00/mile
10min 6.2 9:40/mile
5min 6.0 10:00/mile

AHR 163 MHR 188

Maybe I was tired cause I tried to hold a 9:40 pace. Who knows?

Looking forward to my run tomorrow. Beware, I may post exactly how that run went as well just cause it makes me feel like I need to do a good job just to report it to you guys.

Happy Sunday.

Friday, January 23


I'm recovered. I'm pretty sure I was stupidly dehydrated on Tuesday. BUT. This next week, look out 24, here I come!


Sun: 4miles get my legs back under me, no fancy tempo changes
Mon: 5miles, maybe play around with doing a faster 2miles in the middle
Tues: 4miles, hills? Maybe, if I'm not a wuss.
Wed.: 4miles easy, recovery from hills
Saturday (I work Thurs Fri 12): 7miles long and slow.

That equals 24, right? I don't know. But that's my plan. Hopefully I'll stick with it.

Thanks for the advice everybody! See you after the weekend.

Wednesday, January 21


I think that 9miles might be my limit. I'm never going to get to 10miles, let alone a half marathon.

I'll explain in a minute. Let me catch ya'll up on my weekend. My dad and aunt came to visit. We had a 4.5mile walk together on Sunday. And on Monday my dad and I swam and goofed off at the gym. No biggie, not a great way to start my week of running 22miles like my running buddy's 7miles on Monday.

Well, to make up, I ran last night. I ran for 1:31:01 which, according to running buddy is about 9miles or 8.13 according to the treadmill. AHR 167 MHR 186. Now I took a few walk breaks and took a sip or two of water. I didn't feel horrible, and even considered hanging on a few more minutes and finally breaking the 10mile barrier. But I didn't I went to the gym thinking I'd do 1:30 of running broken up into easier to manage in my head 30minute increments. After the run I did my circuit abs that I'm trying out for the sexy six pack challenge. Upon arriving home I began to think that I didn't feel very well and got myself a tall glass of water and requested that hubby bring home some Gatorade. To recap what I'd eaten for the day: Breakfast: warmed up donut that was still hanging around the house from Sunday morning and a carnation instant breakfast shake with chocolate milk. Lunch: pepperjack's steak Philly and fries, regular soda. About an hour after getting home I vomited (I know TMI) but it continued throughout the night until I fell asleep about midnight. Needless to say, I'm a big whimp about vomiting so I bailed on my morning run this morning. I've drank a Gatorade today and a few big cups of water. As well as healthier food, saltines for breakfast (still shakey), salad and steamed cauliflower for lunch and so far a few mini-cookies before dinner (which will be around 9:30 after hubby gets off work). Could I have been dehydrated last night? Just feeling icky cause I had a Philly for lunch? Sick? I'd been fighting a sore throat for a few days and felt phlegmy all day yesterday. Do I need to consume calories during the run? Should I have taken a shot block or gel to the gym? Any advice more experienced people?

Anyways, I doubt seriously that I'll make 22miles this week. I go back to work Friday Saturday, Sunday. And I only have about 9miles under my belt so far. Bummer. Why'd I have to puke? I'm such a weeney!

Friday, January 16

Finally, a run!

Wanted to run on my birthday, Wed. but didn't get a real start to the day till 11am. Then we just decided to play wii fit. Which although, I turned 27, decided to tell me I was actually 35 and then 38 because I can't balance. Well that threw my whole day off. I was bummed out, p.o.'d, grouchy as all get out. My poor husband. I thanked him yesterday for marrying me cause I was a big B on my birthday. I think it's all cause I woke up late and didn't get in my awesome 7miles I was planning on for my 27th birthday.

Thank goodness for my running buddy. We hopped on the treadmills around 9am this morning and ran a good 74 minutes (I did after a pit stop at 66minutes, damn you colon!). But I lasted a while on the treadmill compared to my pit stops at 2.2 miles or 13minutes.

My wonderful husband got me a polar heart rate monitor for my birthday. So I know my AHR was 157 but the last 30minutes or so of the run I was mostly 177-183. I even took my speed down from 5.3 to 5.0, not much changed in the way of HR though. My max was 184 and I burned 740 calories. So I had my much deserved chocolate milk with carnation instant breakfast when I got home today. I did find that the combo of where I had my monitor on my chest and where my sports bra ended made a nice couple of sores where they were rubbing for over an hour. I'm not looking forward to my shower today. It's going to hurt. Would putting body glide underneath where my heart rate monitor sits interfere with the transmission?

So I figured my 74minutes was about 7miles even though my treadmill guessed it was more like 6miles. Meh. I wanted to do 7miles so that's what I did. I don't know if I would have lasted that long just running by myself, but having my running buddy next to me who kept going past 1/2 hr then past 45minutes really helped push me. Thank you Tiffany. And thanks again for my birthday present (new headbands, whoot whoot!).

Monday, January 12

I'm not dead!

I did a full 90minutes of Bikram Yoga in a 105degree room and didn't die. Actually I had a really good time, sweated buckets. Since I was already a hot mess after that, I decided to hit the gym cause it wasn't too far away. I did 2.5miles accelerating. My splits looked like this:

0.5: 5:40 (5:40)
0.5: 5:20 (11:00)
0.5: 4:50 (15:50)
0.5: 4:40 (20:40)
0.5: 4:30ish (25:22)

Total of 25:22 for 2.5miles the last 0.5miles was 9:22mpm. Boy, those splits are hard to figure out I hope I did it right. I bet it's not good to go running after you do yoga, is it? Oh well.

Working tomorrow so I probably won't be running. I think I'll try to go to yoga again on Wed. then maybe another run if you all don't think it's too bad for me.

Until next time!

ps- Feel better Tiffany!

Just a quick question

Before I get going, who here thinks I may pass out and die if I try to do the hot bikram yoga today?

Huh thought so. I'll let you know how it goes.

Sunday, January 11

I am a bad running buddy.

Or a good one, depending on how you look at it I guess. I'm not running today. Hubby and I split a bottle of wine last night, who ever thinks that's a good idea? I crashed at oh maybe 1030 on the couch only to be woken up by hubby to get my a%$ into bed around 1am. This was after he had played a few hours of video games and watched football while me and my cat slept on the couch. I stumbled to the bathroom and brushed my teeth and crashed again in bed. Woke up today around 9am and I don't feel like running. I should, but the idea of getting on a treadmill for 40+minutes or heck, even 20 seems awful to me. Plus this store in town, backwoods sent me a birthday gift. It's a free $49 value messenger bag thingy and it's ready for me to pick up now. So, I'd rather drive around town doing that then going to the gym and running. Sue me.

I've pretty much decided not to go into work tomorrow afternoon and just go to my night meeting. So that frees up some of my day. I really just don't want to drive all the way down there and back for two hour long meetings, stupid! So I'm just going to the 5pm MOCONS meeting. Meh.

Working tonight so I'd like to think if I wasn't I'd totally be all for the gym, but when my day is cut in half like that it just seems too short. So I'm a bad running buddy for not running but I think my running buddy'll thank me cause we'll be even on mileage starting tomorrow. She beat me last week...grrr. I'm totally going to die in the 1/2 thanks to my week where I was short 4 miles. That's how training works right? You need to get every mile in? ;) Oh well. We still have a while.

I did run 50minutes on the TM with running buddy on Friday, which we estimated at 5miles. So that's good.

Thursday, January 8

Goal for 2009? check!

I swam a mile, well 30ft from a mile without stopping! It took me 50:24 to swim 1750yds. I was SO sore after strength training that I couldn't imagine getting up the stairs to get to the treadmills today. So my super awesome running buddy (who ran 5miles yesterday after our strength training) was on her own for 2.5miles and more strength training. I think she's kind of insane, but she's very motivating. My running buddy's blog can be found here.

So I decided to hit the pool. Didn't want to stop for 10laps and then when my hubby wasn't there to meet me at 20 laps I decided to swim my age next week, 27. Did that, still no hubby so I decided to swim 30laps. When he still wasn't there I decided to swim 35laps. And I did without stopping. Don't you love it when someone hops into the lane next to you or steps on the TM next to you when you've been working out for while and then leaves before you're done? I love that I feel so sporty. Never mind that the dude that swam next to me for about 10 of my laps probably lapped me several times. At lap 23 I saw that we turned around at the same time and decided to try to keep up with him. My mantra was "keep up with the dude, keep up with the dude". I felt faster! I felt very hydrodynamic, is that a word? I felt like I was gliding but I don't think I could have kept up the pace for long. I beat him by a few seconds. Even though I'm sure he didn't know we were racing, I think he let me win. Thanks guy!

Happy Thursday everyone. I promise, tomorrow I will run again. I'm going to try for five miles.

Tuesday, January 6

What have I done?

So this morning running buddy and I decided to do strength training. Alright, I'm a wimp but if she's there to push me through I'll do it. We started with quads (leg extensions) and we did our sets like this:

light x12
heavier x10
heavier x8
heaviest x6
light x12

Moved onto hamstrings after we had done lunges (sp?). Next was abs then we did arms and more abs with these weighted bars. Part of our ab workout we did with those huge exercise balls and we were doing this sit up where we put the ball in between our feet, raise up and switch to hands back down and repeat...well I ended up throwing my ball across the floor and some trainer guy said "are you okay?". I said I'm just fine I'm a weakling. I modified the next two sets of that so that the ball didn't move. Whoops.

Then we hopped on the TM for 2.5miles or 25minutes of running. I knew I would be tired so I did a 10:30 pace at 5.7. Up the 6.0 or flat 10min/mile pace for 7-8min. Then back down to 5.7 cause I'm wimpy. Up to 9:40 pace for the last 90seconds of the run. That's got to count for something right?

All I wanted to do while I was running was swim. I just thought that would feel awesome after all that lifting. So after the run, I rinsed of and headed to the pool for a nice slow 20min swim. I only did 700yards if that gives you any idea how slow I really went.

As for other runs this week:

Sunday 3.88 miles Tried to hold between 10min and 9:20 pace. Had to walk for five minutes in the middle. Little asthma or some kind of action going on. Totally disappointed. Followed up run with 30 girlie push ups though. 10:34AP

Monday with my running buddy! 4.58miles or as my running buddy put it: "we totally did five miles!" We figured this because we run consistently a 10min/mile pace outside and the TM just measures the rotation of the belt. So, if I ran for 51minutes I did 5miles for sure. But I recorded what the TM said just in case. 11:01AP nice and slow cause Sunday was so icky. Plus I'd probably had a good bottle of wine Sunday night with some friends. mmm.

Working 12 tomorrow, probably won't run. But I know my running buddy will be doing 5miles so Thursday I'll have to do 5 instead of the 2.5 planned to catch up I think. But I already have about 3.88 miles ahead of her from Sunday so I don't have as much catching up to do as I thought.

I'm sad HBBC is over, I totally didn't win, I had 43 points total. But it was really fun and I'm looking forward to participating in contests like this again.

Saturday, January 3

Maybe I should revise my goal...

Today I woke up at 6:51am, not enough time to get to the 7am yoga class I was planning on at the gym. :( But I knew I wanted to start out the day right so I dragged myself out of bed and went to the gym anyways. My legs and lower back were so sore, I guess from the hill workout or maybe the swing dancing last night...I decided to swim. I wanted to do at least a 1/2hr maybe more. I swam 10laps without stopping and caught my breath, 13:42 for 10laps. After a few minutes I dove back in and didn't stop until lap 21 to take a peek at my watch. So the other day I did 21 laps in 29:11 or so and at about lap 19 I thought my watch said 21minutes, and I thought. I'm going to crush this time I had the other day! Well when I peeked at my watch at 21 it was 31 something. My watch must have said 27minutes and not 21. Oh well. Kept swimming. Decided to swim a mile cause other than really thirsty I was feeling good. Swam 36laps for 1800 yards which my mathematical husband says is a little over a mile. Yay! Somehow I think that swimming a mile, if I keep this up, won't be much of a stretch. I swam my 36 laps with one break at 10laps and then one more cause I almost choked to death on nasty a%$ pool water at lap 27 or so. But I feel great. Yay no running, yay cross training!

Tonight we're making dinner for some friends, one of who's a veggie. So, I'm making my mom's manicotti recipe. mmm.

Friday, January 2

goals and today.

I ran today, since it was Friday I decided to do hills. And, since running buddy told me she did strength training I hopped on two machines (weight...machines? I have no idea what they're actually called) after the run. I did my two miles at a ten minute pace with a wussy walk in between "hills". Needless to say I was on the TM. Ran 3minutes at 0 incline to warm up then did a minute of 2.0-4.0-6.0 then back down. Then walked/ran three minutes at zero and repeat. Killa! Then I hopped on the leg extension thing and tried to do a set of 10 at 50lbs. That may have been too much weight for me, or I guess it's just such an awkward movement...only did one set of 10. Then on to the rowing machine for 5 sets of 10 at 50lbs. 30 push ups (girlie) which were done in sets of 10. So tired from getting off the rowing machine two minutes earlier. My arms will be feeling this tomorrow.

I just looked on buckeye, I ran 460 miles in 2008. Maybe I can shoot for 500 or more in 2009?

Speaking of which:

Goals for 2009:

1) New 5K pr, break 30minutes maybe even 29 in 2009?!
2) Run a half marathon (officially) and I mean run it...if that goes well and I'm not preggers, maybe a full in the fall?
3) Comfortably run a 9min/mile, let that be my base by 2010. (right now I'm somewhere between 10:30 and 10).
4) Swim a mile without stopping maybe even for just one hour without stopping. Comfortably.

That's about it. I just asked for some time off of work, the 2nd and 3rd of May to fully enjoy my marathon experience. Also I'll be up in Portland and the surrounding areas from May 6th to the 12th for my little sister's college graduation. Yay. Hopefully I'll be able to walk after the 1/2 the weekend before.

I missed my running buddy this week. But starting Monday we're buckling down, I swear!

HBBC points:
2miles +2
Stretching/strength 1/2hr +1
Equals: +3!