Wednesday, December 30


Hello all. I'm currently sitting with my grandparents around their kitchen table listening to a much quieter household.

We just had most of my dad's sisters husbands and their kids as well as my dad and my siblings. 13 people under one roof I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm the only one left now. I'm stuffed of good Mexican food and can hardly breathe. (We're in el paso, tx). I really should have brought my running clothes and shoes but didn't pack them. Oh well.

My running has been awful lately. As evidenced by my measly 1.85 miles in 20 minutes during the last race/indoor tri. I can not wait for the new year!

I've enjoyed reading about everyone's holidays and running adventures. I'm just not a very good commenter when I'm reading from my phone. Which is currently where I'm typing this from. So, I'll cut this short, my thumbs are tired.

I leave you with a few photos from the fun we've had here. (Nevermind my phone won't let me upload anything). I'll be back in Omaha and ready for a run on the 3rd. Anybody with me?

Monday, December 14

Good Morning!

Happy Monday! So, I've been reading another Beginning Runner's blog...and last week she had a contest to name her Garmin. Now she's got finalists and I'm one of them. So go on over, read her blog (she's VERY funny and nice, you should subscribe, I do) and vote for my name for her Garmin. Fatty. I know I know, but I think it's funny.

Sunday, December 13

I'm a triathlete x2!

So I know you're all anxiously awaiting results, but I didn't keep track. This was for fun and to see if I could survive it without real training. We'll have to wait till they're posted online. But, I finished! That was my big goal. And, you could tell I hadn't really trained!

Swim - swam the full 10minutes without stopping more than 5-10 seconds to breathe at 6minutes in. I didn't count my laps in the pool, though. Pretty sure it was less than last time. Still, did it.

Bike - Immediately put my towel over the distance/speed clockey thing. And about 10minutes in decided to check to see how I was wasn't on. It had recorded 36 seconds and then stopped for some reason. Last time I keep a towel over the clockey thing! After the volunteer fiddled with it a few seconds she had me jump on another bike promising she'd "just add to my total". So I'm not sure what my total will be. But I really felt strong. Once I got on a bike where I could see how fast I was going I was shocked. I was consistently in the mid twenties for mph. I think last time I was lower like, below 20mph the whole time. So I hope mid 20s is fast. For the last five minutes I pushed it and did over 30mph consistently. The guy next to me saw that I was at 35mph and said "go for 36, come on!" during the last 15seconds or so. Well, I hit 39mph and said "whoa!" and my legs just stopped. My left foot flew out of the peddle and it kept coming around to hit me in the back of the leg. I had also thought I'd heard her say stop pedaling, but everyone else kept going. I don't know if she was just warning us or what so the last few seconds I was at 6mph until we all stopped. I couldn't stop laughing. I can't believe I peddled so fast my feet left the clips. Dork! ps- LOVED not having the resistance preset!

Run - meh. I knew I'd pushed it on the bike. And, I knew how sucky my runs had been. So I knew I'd get no where near the 2.21miles I'd had the first tri. I ended up running 4.5 and 5.5 or 10:54 for the first 10minutes or so. Then 6.0, then 4.0 when I felt like I was tiring at 12:30 or so. Back up to 5.5 or 6.0 ish and then 6.5 or 9:13 pace for the last minute. I definitely could have pushed harder. But I knew I didn't want to have to walk and so I played it conservative. Plus, I'm working tonight and didn't want to fatigue myself too much.

As of 8:15am this morning I became a triathlete again! I left the gym around 9:00 and stopped for donuts (duh!) and got home just in time to see my hubby leave for work. Now I'm all showered up and will be leaving for work at about 2:30 to work till 12am. Wahoo! This week my schedule with work is kinda different cause my hubby's having Lasik eye surgery on Thursday so we'll see what kind of workouts I get in. But I love these indoor tris! Can't wait for the next one. Hopefully I'll be more in shape and ready to really push to beat my first tri's totals!

Friday, December 11


No race pictures yet! BOOO. Oh well.

So, a few months back my newer running buddy Wende said "I think I'm going to sign up for that indoor tri in December". And I was all, "I've done that before I'll do it again fo' sho'!" Fastforward to a few weeks ago and I register thinking Wende's probably way ahead of me on this. Nope, and she doesn't feel prepared so I think I'm doing this Tri all by my lonesome. And, this is what my training looks like. Yep. Big FAT NOTHING! I've gained weight (which isn't easy for me to do so you know I'm slacking), slowed down, and am SO not prepared to do this "tri". Thank GOD it's a do-what-you-can-type deal with a set your own resistance on the bikes (which is what killed me last time)....I don't really expect to do well. But I will compete and I will not die.

Boy it's really embarrassing to post your log of your workouts when it has nothing on it. So sad right now. Almost makes me want to go to the gym...almost.

Wish me luck peeps.

ps - few hours later and Tiffany met me at the gym to workout. We gabbed, but at least we got moving!

Monday, December 7

Hello world.

I'm awaiting pictures from the 5ish K I ran yesterday...We got to the start and it was 22 degrees and they explained that it wasn't really an out and back 5K. We'd be going off the trail to do loops around a park (read big hill up and snaking back down and around x2), back onto the trail to go under a street, then up another big hill and down steps, around a couple baseball fields before getting back to the trail for the last 0.75miles or so. Fun. But it was cold and the ground was frozen which meant the off road stuff was hard. My calves are sore. Tiffany ditched me before the first mile I'm sure. So it was solo, me and the few people at the back of the pack. I was kinda hoping that I would run faster because of the cold. But I just had nothing in me. Nothing. I walked the up hills cause, well I hate hills, and ran comfortably the rest. Didn't have garmie with me cause it would have been tucked under my layers anyways. I was cold, well, my hands were cold but the rest of me was fine. It really wasn't that bad if I had been in shape at all! I finished in about 39minutes and Tiffany's nike + said it was 3.72 but I'm guessing that's an over estimate on distance. I bet it was only 3.2 or 3.3. Felt like 6, but you know, who's counting.

Yesterday I had lunch with a friend and then sewed the rest of the day. Till hubby came home and we made huevos rancheros. Mmmm. Although, hubby forgot to pick up tomatoes, so shhh we substituted salsa. But it was good cause neither one of us are tomato fans so it was just a hint. I realize though that I can't fry an egg. They're supposed to be runny and delicious but mine were cooked through. Oh well. Better luck next time.

I'll post pictures when available, happy monday.

Wednesday, November 25

da da da dah!

I've been running! Twice. Twice since I last posted. No laughing, please. I ran slow, and I only ran 2 miles and walked a little during...but I haven't run in 2 weeks so I think I'm doing well. I gave up on the POTM challenge. There are people that are WAY ahead of me it's embarrassing. But I keep logging my miles just to be accountable. Working tomorrow, 12hr. Hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving.


Tuesday, November 17


no running lately - but I'm an AUNT!

My sister in law had a beautiful baby boy, Matthew Dean. 6.67 19 1/2inches. And, perfect!

Happy Birthday little guy!

Now this gets the hubby and I thinking, when are we going to give this cutie a cousin? Soon -ish. I'm all about being ready is a BIG change and I think we'll wait a few more months. Plus, I don't really want to be really pregnant during the summer.

But now we're thinking of doing a warm weather vacation before having the chitlins...anyone go anywhere they'd recommend? I started looking at places and of course, Hawaii looks amazing, but Costa Rica looks like it has the best of both, jungle and ocean. Any recommendations?

Finally, check out the hubby and his nephew (our first!) How sweet!

Sunday, November 8

Beer and Bagel 09!

So, I haven't had any great runs this past week. In fact, Wed's run was awful! One of my worst ever. Poor Tiffany had to ditch me and just keep going. I shouldn't have stayed up till 1:45am and then tried to run earlyish in the morning. I've learned my lesson. Maybe. I'm sure I'll stay up late again before a run. I just have to take them more seriously I guess.

Anyways to my exciting run of the week. Today was the Beer and Bagel Run. It's Tiffany's and I's one year anniversary of running together! We even wore matching socks!

I love how they're kinda old school athletic socks. Sorry about this picture my computer won't let me edit it to rotate it, it says it's read only.

So this run isn't really a race for us. It's just the one off road race with a cool shirt and good post race food. Chili and beer. My beer I gave to hubby and I stuck with chili and water and diet coke. Mmm. Great at 9am. Tiffany dropped me about 0.4miles into the run. The first steep hill. After about 0.75 we came to a standstill. Everyone thought it was a water stop and was getting frustrated till we saw the ravine. There were ropes. That's right, we had to repel down a muddy steep incline, run across muddy water and pull ourselves back up with another rope. There were guys helping and cheering on and near the top of the uphill I hear "Come on polka dots let's go!"
I wish there was another point like this in the race. So fun! Maybe I should do the living history farms race? Some day. Some day. Our ravine wasn't that wet but it was still fun.

Ann found me just before that spot and we ran/walked the rest of the way together. Here's a few of us finishing up the race:

This is me making my breakaway. Look out!

I'm so fast my hair is blurry!
Ann's so fast she's blurry!

Here's all three of us after getting our bagels and water:

Showing off the aftermath of the run:

Being goofy and eating chili:
(Sexy I know)

One last shot of the outfit, after I put pants on under my skirt:

Again, sad day that I can't get the picture to rotate! And, ps, I made that bag this week.

So, as you can see this race I sported: knee high socks, new running skirt from Lucy, under armor long sleeve, red tank top (to match the socks) and a polka dot headband. Thank you Lucy for having built in shorts! I'm still pretty sure that this skirt did give quite the show up and down those hills! Yikes! Meh, I was cute though! That's all that counts.

Speaking of cute, Tiffany and I are thinking of doing the egg nog jog 5k and they encourage costumes. So, I think we're going to get these. How cute would it be to be "mis matching" Christmas-y socks? I think I might want to make little aprons to wear, and jingle bells, and headbands or santa caps....oh how fun!

I can't wait for the beer and bagel run next year! This race is so much fun and you should totally come out and do it next year if you're around, bloggy people!

Monday, November 2

so far, so good.

I think I may say this at the beginning of every week, but I'm hopeful. Hopeful that I can get some good miles in this week. Started Sunday off with beautiful weather! And, great running friends. Wende and Molly and I headed out on a small out and back trail that was covered with leaves. Gorgeous. We stopped for a few minutes to try and help one woman find a lost car key, no luck. We knew someone had mentioned a patron putting they key up on a rock in the middle of the trail, but when the woman went near the rock, someone else coming the other direction got to it first and kicked it! Yikes. So it was lost on the side of the trail in the leaves, if someone didn't pick it up already. Hope she found it. We did just over at 5k in about 37:00, not too fast but it was a nice, slow, chatty run.

Today I hit the gym with Tiffany, who I hadn't worked out with in for ever! I wasn't feeling the treadmill run after running outside yesterday so I broke it up:

1 mile: 10:54
3/4 mile: 9:40
1/2 mile: 9:13
1/4 mile: 8:54

Sped it up. I think I read, somewhere, that this is one of those 1600, 1200, 800, 400, 200 workouts. But I guess I calculated wrong and didn't actually do a 200, would that have been 1/8 or 0.125miles? I still don't know the track math yet! I wasn't a cross country runner. I took 30-90seconds in between each section to walk and recover. This was fun. Challenging but with the breaks it was doable. I'm looking forward to maybe getting an evening run in with Wende tonight, as she had to work today and doesn't go to our gym so wouldn't have been able to join us anyways.

Happy Monday. Hopefully I'll be posting soon with more workouts!

Tuesday, October 27

So hi there. How easy is it NOT to workout? Very easy!

I should have worked out yesterday before work, but had guests over till 1:15am the night before and Tiffany's son was home sick so I didn't have her to motivate me...So no running. Today, got home from work at 12:30ish and went bed around 1:15 again, work up late and haven't worked out yet...This is NOT a good start to the week. Why does it sometimes feel like so much work to get dressed and get to the gym? It shouldn't be... Maybe I can sneak a run around the block if nothing else. I really want to start averaging about 15miles/week and haven't even come close to that lately.

Going over to a friend's house for dinner tonight. I'm making Danielle's brussel sprouts with apples and bacon...hope it's as good as it looked in her pictures!

Okay, off to see if I can plan a run today. Happy Tuesday! Hope you all are more motivated, on schedule, than I am today!

PS- I did get a good 4mile run in on Sunday with Wende and Ann. Thanks ladies! That was very fun. Great fall colors out there. And, not the best time ever pace-wise, so I'm not even going to post that...

Saturday, October 24

Non Running Related.

I love yo' face!

Happy Birthday to my hubby.

Check out his birthday treats!

Currently in love with cupcakes thanks to: Hello Cupcake

Sunday, October 18

Holy no posting batman!

Well, here's how I've been. I went to KC to get my heart checked out by my "family cardiologist". My mom died of a fatal arrhythmia at 53 and since then her sisters both have had defibrillators placed with one having a pacer and her brother's also seen this cardiologist. So, after having a lack of communication with my cardiologist I went down there. So far, so good. No arrhythmia's that they could identify and my heart doesn't have much permanent damage to it that's causing any really concern. Yay. Still sinking in that I'm okay since I've lived for four years thinking that I had heart damage and a low EF. So no running earlier this week while I was out of town.

So that's all fine and boring.

Back to the running! I read Denise's post on Friday and thought, surely I can get to the gym and run for a little while. I did 60minutes with 5.3miles. Yay. Great run! Only walked a few times and did all my running at 6.0 or 6.2 which is 10min or 9:40min/mi pace! (No incline though, I'm not that crazy!) Today I did 4.4 with Ann around Lake Z in 53minutes, a slow 12min/mi pace. But it felt good to get out and move. The weather today is going to be beautiful. Too bad I'm headed into work.

Hope everyone had a great weekend, I'm looking forward to another run tomorrow.

Monday, October 5


That's right, last Friday in my non-shopping trip to target where I found myself another new tanktop (Imagine this with blue and purple stripes on it, couldn't find the exact picture...but these tanktops are my fave. Just long enough and such cute patterns and colors.)...I found myself Jillian Michael's 30day shred.

-I just did level 1. It took the 20minutes it told me it would and I liked how it was broken up. For those of you who haven't gotten Shred, it's 3minutes of strength, 2minutes cardio, 1minute abs, repeat. So the strength, I think I may have the weakest arms ever. She had me do squats while raising 3lb weights up to my shoulders were killing me. And, since when are jumping jacks a warm up? I think those should have counted towards my cardio. Pretty sure I heard her say for motivation, "We don't stop once we've crossed the finish line!". And I said aloud to my tv, "Um, ... yes, yes I do. That's why it's a finish line".

-I like the workout, now if I stick with it, I'll be comparing my progress to my running buddy Tiffany's progress with P90X. That's right, Tiffany, it's on! Jillian vs P90X. I believe in Jillian. Let's do this!

-For those of you who have worked out with this dvd before, when did you move onto levels 2 and 3? Did you mix it up right away? Do you all think I can skip the days I work 12hrs, cause I'm gonna be tired, or do you think this is a program you're supposed to do 30days straight?

Off to get the fixings for company pot roast from Ina Garten I saw last week. Mmmm.

Sunday, October 4

Race for the cure! So, I didn't PR like I'd been bragging about all week. That's what I get for bragging. But, I did have fun. Until this happened:

So, not an attractive picture but I was wearing a headband the entire time I ran and then my hair did that. Moving on.

So this was about 3/4 of the way through. I knew we had about a 1/2mile to go but we'd started out fast. I thought, foolishly, that if we walked between two light poles and then started running again we'd go really fast and get our under 30min super goal (again, Kelly, it doesn't pay to walk during a RACE, that's why they call them RACES). Well, we pulled off to the sidewalk and walked and then while I was trying to step off the sidewalk and back into the running traffic, I hit some dirt/gravel wrong and biffed. I have scrapes on my thumb, wrist, elbow, and knee. Everybody saw. Everybody said "OH my gosh, are you okay?!" I KNOW I looked stupid. To make matters worse, some guy says "Hey Kelly, are you okay? Was that you who fell? I was planning on walking now anyways, let's walk together". Well that guy is a physician I work with. Nice. Nice man, very nice but I was ready to run again and was so embarrassed. We walked until I said "Let's run again" and he'd found another physician to talk with so they pulled ahead (darn tall people and their long legs which make their 'slow pace' so darn fast!). I think I crossed the finish line about 31:12 for 10:04AP according to Garmie (which I didn't forget this time!). (I think I'm a fan of ()) Sorry if this bothers you.

We (Ann and I who ran together) met up with Wende and Amy who also ran. Surprisingly we found them in the 15,000+ that were there. We proceeded to raid the giveaway tables that were still around, and I think I've eaten my weight in Maggie's Gourmet Popcorn - they couldn't give that stuff away fast enough!

We also got the greatest post-race picture EVA! Check it out...

You all can be jealous. I know I know. I think they were maybe Stormtroopers for the Cure? Who knows, they rock though.

Monday, September 28

Hello hello!

Well I ran well, and finished without walking! Which was my overall goal, secretly. We didn't hit the 1hour mark, but really, that would have been pushing it!

Felt great the first mile, you know, you get swept up in the race it feels wonderful. Didn't go out too fast because the first 1.5miles was the biggest hill in the course, so that helped a lot. My right inside ankle started hurting about mile 2, not too bad, but enough to be noticed. Mile 3-5 I kept thinking I could probably walk and Tiffany would say "we're not walking!". And, actually, the miles flew by! I didn't have Garmie with me, in my pre race half-asleep-ness I forgot it so we were running by feeling and Tiffany's heart rate monitor watch alone. Which was actually good, I couldn't look at my pace all the time and freak out. Tiffany dropped me at about 5.5miles maybe 6miles in and sped up to her finish. I coughed at one point at mile six, and almost vomited. I actually had put my hand to my mouth thinking I was going to, scary!

Crossed the finish line in 1:07 which was faster than I was expecting. Official time is 1:05:46 with a 10:35AP. Didn't walk a single step. Wonderful. I could see myself really liking this distance!

Oh boy, late for work...working the evening shift tonight. Will run about 4miles tomorrow with Tiffany. Happy Monday!

Saturday, September 26

Hello! I'm gearing up for my first 10K tomorrow! Yay!

-Tiffany thinks we'll be able to hit the 60min mark. We'll see. The course seems to follow the race for the cure coarse which I've PR'd in the 5k at everytime I've run it. The last was AH! I'll survive, I'm sure.

-I cut of a hunk of finger on Tuesday, actually had to take Thursday off work (had Wed off work to begin with)...maybe that'll make me more aerodynamic?

-I got a Goodwill find on Monday! A bubblegum pink Riccar 3500 sewing machine. Still working out the kinks and figuring out how to work it...I think it leads my fabric to the left, so it's hard to keep my 1/4inch seam allowance. Anyone who can help me, please leave suggestions. I tried adjusting the pressure, or my sewing machine guy did with a wrench and leather and couldn't budge it so I think if that were looser it would work better.

Talk to you all tomorrow, I'm off for some bbq and settler's*!

*settler's is Settler's of Catan...greatest game ev-a and I've never come close to winning!

Monday, September 21


Just when I was thinking "I need a few good solid runs to make me feel better" I got them!

Did a GREAT 7.1miles on Sunday. That's right, 7.1 with my girls and we only really walked 0.5miles. So we definitely ran a 10K, that's the confidence booster I needed. I really feel like this Sunday is going to go great! We did the whole Lake this time and I really felt hard core again, I felt like I could have kept going you know? Yeah!

Splits: (don't laugh, I know we're slow!)

11:16 (ran at 8:50 pace the last 0.25mile to get under 12:00 for my last mile)
17:04 (walked the first 0.5mile of this for a breather)
Last 0.1 1:04

Tada! So, this bothers me a little. I feel like since I'm still so slow that I have to carve out a LONG time for me to accomplish any sort of distance. Does anyone else feel frustrated when, (no joke) Wende's boyfriend went out for a quick 1/2hour and covered 5miles while it took us girls 1:31 to travel 7.1?! Tell me some day I'll be speedy. Maybe not 5miles in 1/2hr speedy but maybe 9min/mile average speedy... I can dream.

Today I went to the gym for the first time in weeks. It was as follows:
1) Step on treadmill
2) Set incline to 0. That's right, no incline. Chickened out.
3) Run a 6mile/hr or 10minute mile (with the warm up it was 10:10)
4) Pause treadmill to "stretch" or take a one minute rest break...either way.
5) Run the second mile in 9:30 to try to get my two miles in under 20min.
6) Take a paused rest break to catch breath
7) Attempt a third mile...10:00 ish again.
8) Stop the treadmill at 29:57 having gone...wait for it...3.05 miles!!!

YAY! I know there was no incline, but I really felt like I was flying! Crazy fast. I would run at 6.0 for my "slow" then venture up to 8:00min/mile pace for a few...really no walking that I remember, maybe cause I have selective memory today for only the good stuff about my running recently.

For those of you looking for deals, you may want to check out your local Target. I found some pretty cute running tops Who doesn't need that? And, it was half that price! I found three I loved. And of course, couldn't live without.

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, September 16


This. Isn't. Pretty.

This is why I'm slow. This is why I have no endurance. This is why I need to give myself a break. This scar probably isn't going to get any prettier. Just thought I'd show you cause I know you're curious. Weird internets people. :D

Just kidding.

But I went for a "run" today or my excuse for a run and it wasn't good. So I wasn't going to run at all today cause I'd be working 12. But our census must be low again because one minute before my alarm went off I got a call from "staffing" saying I was called off work from 7-11. Be ready to go at 11am if I don't hear from them first. Got out the door at 9:45 after majorly oversleeping and then watching the iron man I'd taped last night. Back by 10:15. 29:00 run, after the first 6 of which I had to walk. What's with me? Is it the heat? This lack of any endurance is pathetic. I know before I started running 2 years ago I wasn't an athlete. I couldn't dream of running a mile. But up until March or so of this year I thought I was in pretty good shape. Then my body started acting up and I didn't feel well until 6weeks postop. When will I start being more active? More able to hold any semblance (is that the right word? spellcheck changed it for me...) of a pace? I'm just bummed out. I feel like I try and just give up mentally before I hit the 1/2mile mark. How do you get over that initial first "few miles" or in my case minutes of a run? I know I'll feel better after I run. And I'll only regret not going for a run rather than getting out there. I need a few good runs to get me motivated again. That's all I'm asking for. Why is that so much to ask?

Enough of this. I know that I'm slow and I'm going to live with it. At least I'm moving and mobile. Right? It could always be worse.

I tried to get 6miles in on Sunday but Wende and I started at 12:15 and it was HOT. We ran the first 3 miles hard (for us) and ended up walking most of the last three. She started getting dizzy and tunnel vision, so we called it quits at 5.8. 1:26:and change.

Ran 3miles on Monday (speedwork) with Tiffany. This time we did 0.25mile sprints with 0.25miles break inbetween. And Garmie worked! I set it for an interval work out and followed along...I love that the beeps count you down to your finish. My splits were these: 2:12, (4:40), 2:06, (4:39), 2:32, (4:38), 2:18, (4:39), 2:16, (4:16), 2:09, (4:49). Boy we're consistently timed walkers. I think I may have been able to go faster if I'd known my pace. When I clicked out of the garmie's screen to see my pace it flashed my heartrate and then back to the screen where it was timing my intervals. No pace to be found. I guess that's good cause I was able to just "run normal" or naturally speedy. Ha.

Then today's run, no run on Tuesday cause I chickened out. Probably because of my string of bad luck.

On a lighter note, here's me and my adorable hubby stalking a bird at the jungle exhibit of our zoo.

This was last Wed on our anniversary.

Happy Wednesday. Time to get out of this chair and do some cleaning with my "day off".

Tuesday, September 8

So, another weekend, another 5K. :D

Go me. Eh, it keeps me motivated. This one was with Wende and her sister in law Sus. I dropped them at the beginning, sorry girls. Wende's sister in law caught up to me and beat me in the end though. I was only one minute (exactly 31:36) off my PR! I couldn't believe it. I also had fun at the end:

This 5K followed a 6.45mile training run on Sunday with Wende. We may or may not have gotten bored/tired and turned the last 3 miles into intervals. Those were fun! We did 0.25mile intervals. My splits were:


I have no idea if that's fast or not I haven't been at this "speed" thing too long. But I had fun going all out for 0.25miles. So much easier than the 1mile intervals Tiffany and I ran last Monday.

Did two runs today. Morning with Tiffany, more of a walk/jog than a run with a hard wind to run into. AP 13:00/mile...let's just not talk about that one! :D Evening quick run around the block with Ann 1.77miles. Little just to get out moving.

Hoping for a quick run tomorrow before my 3 year anniversary. I have no idea what the hubs and I are doing but I'm sure it'll be nice.

Love you honey!

Tuesday, September 1

Happy 200th post to me!

Hi all!

So...lots to report.

Saturday I had a great 5K with Ann.

It was the Ted E. Bear Hallow run, which is an organization that provides resources to grieving children. Great cause. I also donated and bought a "flag" along the route in honor of my mom. So that was a great motivator.
I actually stopped and picked it up off the side of the course on the trip back and ran with my mom the last few 100 yards. Special.

We finished in 33:36 which, if you follow me, you'll know was about 5minutes faster than our first 5K together. So yay for that. However, Garmie only counted 3.01 miles, so it may not have been "officially" a 5K. But meh, we had fun.

The post race food was awesome. The 5K was sponsored and took off from an Outback so I had Outback food at 9:15 following the race. Great way to start my morning!

Sunday we all (Tiffany, Wende, Ann and I) headed out for our first 5mile run together. Tiffany ditched us at mile 2 to go faster. Wende and I pulled away from Ann (sorry Ann) around mile 4ish just cause we wanted to try to keep going at our pace. Felt great. Walked...twice maybe? So fun. 5.22mi/1:04:58/12:26AP

Monday Tiffany and I went out for speed. We also threw in some strength during the workout which is why, I think, my left calf is sore today. But we ran 2.95mi/31:24/10:37AP - BUT that includes a 0.25mile walk to recover from the first mile. Without that...let's see...I think we did 2.70 in about 26:24 which is 9 something/mile. Anyways it was fast. Our fastest pace was 7:33 and we were flying. One of those workouts where you can't even talk...yeah.

Today I did 4miles on my own. 4.11mi/45:09/10:58AP - calves, especially left, felt super tight. I walked a lot of the up hills. I ventured further into our subdivision than I normally go and it ended up being really hilly. But I was thrilled when I managed an under 11min pace with all the walking. According to Garmie, my fastest pace was 8:39 (pretty sure that was on a downhill somewhere!) I tried to hit the "lap" button at each mile and I think my splits were:

Mile 1: 10:51 (AP 10:52 Max pace: 9:17)
Mile 2: 11:49 (AP 11:30 Max pace: 9:20)
Mile 3: 11:14 (AP 11:33 Max pace: 8:39)
Mile 4: 11:13 (AP 10:03 Max pace: 8:57)

Seriously, how did I ever live without my Garmie?! This baby rocks! It even told me calories/mile and AHR and stuff...per mile! Sweet!

Tomorrow's a 12, so I'll be back on the road Thursday for a quick 2-3miles. Hope everyone has a good middle of the week!

Thursday, August 27

So, this picture is officially my background on my computer. I love that it was my first two mile race since the surgery. And I love that I was laughing so hard and so excited to have crossed the finish line. Yay. It just makes me happy. And, I think it's artsy cause of the way I'm barely in the picture and the time is kind of highlighted... okay well, I can't get the picture to save, so I'll link it. - I tried my link, didn't work. If you're curious, cause I know you are! Go to "view album" then, the pictures 161-176. My favorite picture is 164, the last on the first row. But checkout the picture before it to see how I totally ruined Wende's finsher's photo. I'm such a tool. No more arms up!

I had a great run last night. After at 12hr shift. That's right. I was feeling unusually energetic after work and I got out and ran before the sun went down. I ran at a 10:30 pace and I felt great. I felt like I was flying. Very very cool.

I have that 5K coming up this weekend, so hopefully that'll go well. It's just Ann and I, hopefully we can beat our time from our last 5K, but I think it'll be crowded so we'll see.

Other workouts since I last posted:

Saturday: 2.38mi/27:19/11:28AP

Sunday: 4.11mi/49:40/12:05AP - Sunday morning long run. This was Ann's first time attempting 4miles. I actually had to walk twice somewhere after three miles. I had some GI issues the first time and the second was an uphill. I must have been fatigued because my heartrate was creeping up there and I was worn out! Ew.

Monday, didn't feel well, break.

Tuesday: 2.25mi/28:31/12:40AP (with Tiffany, nice slow run just to catch up...neither of us were really feeling it - obviously, checkout our pace!)

Wednesday: 2.15mi/24:41/11:28AP - run out around the block.

Thursday: 1.66mi/17:29/10:31AP - FANTASTIC quick little run! Yay!

Let you all know what happens tomorrow.


Friday, August 21

hi there.

Well folks. I've been waiting for the race I ran on Saturday to post some pictures I thought were taken of me and my racing friends. But alas, none are posted. Bummer. So here's one taken from Wende's camera phone:

That's Wende, Amy, me and Ann.

Notice the awesome XXXL shirt I'm wearing? The one that makes me look like I have chicken legs? They ran out of sizes or something so I picked that one up out of a pile of left overs. And, it was freezing so I wore it post race. Sexy, I know.

The race went well! It was a downpour right before the race. Cold, wet, icky. They talked of postponing it, but when we got some sunshine for the next 1 1/2hr in the forecast we ran it. Ann ran her first full (by full, I mean without stopping!) 5K!!!! I ran it with her and we finished around 38:50ish. So everyone congratulate her! (I'll pass it along) I was tired at the end of the race but not too bad at all! Can't wait for the next 5K next weekend.

I don't know if I've told everyone, but I'm trying to train for a 10K at the end of September. I don't know how it'll go and I'm not registered yet. But hopefully it'll be good. I think this'll be the first time I'm actually registered for a real in person 10K. I think I'll be really nervous. I did Phedip's 10K last year and kinda cheated my way through on the treadmill. I had to do some stopping and starting and kinda did the math in my head when I thought I was done. I should really erase my "PR" for the 10K. I think I will. Fresh start.

I've been running/walking recently. No swimming this week though.

Saturday was the race: 5K/38:50/12:29AP

Sunday: 2.3mi/32:30/14:07AP. Tried to do a "quick 2miles" with Ann. Ended up with LOTS of walking cause we were going much faster during our running time. 9:30-10:20AP when running. Which, don't laugh, is speedy for us.

Monday the 17th I was back with my official running buddy/partner Tiffany! You all remember her, right? Well, she kicked my butt with some strength training. I ran a 10minute "high intensity" cardio on the TM in between. Also followed by a very uncoordinated 5minutes on the elliptical. I looked like a huge spaz. Let me tell you! It was not pretty!

Tuesday I ran with Ann. Had a good solid 3miles at a 12:10AP. Felt so good!

Wed I worked 12hr, no running.

Thursday I over slept and went to meet Tiffany at the gym. Did the TM for 16:00 for 1.44miles/11:06AP. (While she was finishing up her 40minutes, I'm such a slacker!) Felt awful! Had to stop at 6:00 cause a) Tiffany's had me on this 2.0 incline business that I'm NOT used too and b) I'm out of shape. So I got home, grumpy and went for a nice run outside around the block. 1.27miles/14:49/11:40AP. Not great time but it felt good to run more than 1.44miles that day!

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I'm looking forward to maybe 4miles on Sunday to keep up with my 10K plan. We'll see. I'm sure I'll be updating you guys.

Okay - Update. Just did 4.4 miles/53:50ish/12:06AP. Whoot whoo!

And, Cross Country Squared has a giveaway. Check it out! Fun times. Now I'm jealous I'm not doing the triathlon next weekend. Oh well, 5k it is. Maybe next year...

Tuesday, August 11

Swim early this morning, a good 1050 yards. Swam most of the way. Tried to do some flip turns when I saw the girl next to them do them. I tried to copy her, here's how it went down:

Step 1: stop a few feet before the end of the lane
Step 2: plug nose with one arm while jumping off the bottom of the pool with both feet (which were now firmly planted on the ground)
Step 3: somersault
Step 4: try not to drown while frantically finding the wall with both feet
Step 5: emerge from water flailing trying to push off and let go of plugged nose

It was so graceful. I'm totally the next Michael Phelps. Totally.

Tried three times before giving up. I know it'll take practice but I just wanted to swim without drowning.

Ran 2miles at the gym this afternoon, in about 21minutes. Not bad. The gym though, was boiling! SO hot! Last time I wear a tee shirt tee shirt instead of a sleeveless something.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, August 10


Folks. It's been over a week inbetween running stints. I ran that Lake Wehrspann race in just under 22minutes last Sunday (no walk breaks!). That was following a straight (no walk break) 2miler the day before. I was on a roll. Then a week of blah. I was not enjoying the things I normally enjoy last week, quilting, running, swimming, sitting out at the pool...just blah. No emotion. I know everyone gets down but it's so overwhelming when you do, you know?

I turned a corner Friday and went to my sister in law's baby shower Saturday. And, I got out for a run today. Just around the block, nothing fancy. Thinking about going to see Julie and Julia today by myself. I am 27, and I have never seen a movie by this should be an adventure.

I know you all have missed me and my boring data (since we last talked):

Sunday 26th: 1000yd swim/27:00/2:42/100yds
Run immediately following swim: 4.16/59:29/14:17AP (around Lake Z with the girls)

Monday 27th: 3.02/32:00/10:35AP (TM)

Tuesday 28th: 1.49miles/17:48/12:01AP (out around the block)

Wednesday 29th: 2.00/20:30/10:15AP (this must have been on the TM)

Saturday before the race: 2.11miles/25:18/11:59AP

Race day: 2.00miles/21:59/10:59AP

And finally today, 1.22miles/13:06/10:44AP - it's a start, right?

Here's to a relaxin Monday to all you guys. I'm back to work Thursday for a couple 12s in a row. I think I'll try blogging more frequently, that seems to keep me motivated. So, you're stuck with me for a little while.

Friday, July 24

I'm trying this "only blog once a week thing" so you don't get too sick of me.

I went for my run on Sunday with Ann and Wende. Which was a lot of fun, despite the crash. Before this run, Ann and I met up at my gym and did some friendly laps. I did about 550yds in about 20min. It's hard swimming with someone who doesn't normally swim, I feel bad leaving them in the dust. But not too bad! :D

Back to the crash. We were running on a crowded (relatively) cement trail which has a lot of twists and turns. Well we were running three across, with me on the inside, Wende and then Ann. A bike rounded a turn going very fast, and yelled something like "Will you give me some room?!" and swerved towards Ann. A few seconds later, while trying to navigate his second turn he crashed. Yelling "Didn't you see me coming? Give me some room you dumb B*tch!". Ann said "A little warning would have been nice" or something along those lines in response. But I think it may have been mostly his fault, we all agreed he was riding WAY too fast for that trail. And he probably would have crashed anyways around that second tight turn. We never saw him again even though we ran in a big circle. I think he was taking that half of the lake as a shortcut to another street. I don't think there was any need for that kind of language on his part. Very rude, and upsetting.

Monday I worked out again and then took Tuesday off because I had gone back to work on Monday night and my legs were aching! Wednesday I worked 12, and surprise surprise, my hubby and I had Thursday off together and didn't work out. Doesn't that sound familiar? I did the loop around my block today for a total of 2.33 miles in 29:13. So I'm steadily improving.

Swim: 550 yds 20:00 3:38/100yds (slower cause I was swimming with someone new)
Run: 4.18/1:01 14:38/mile

Run: 1.76/19:50 11:16/mile (inside on the treadmill)

Run: 2.33/29:13 12:32/mile

Definitely some improvement on time when I was indoors. Probably that there wasn't any incline.

Now onto problems. I'm having a hard time getting Garmie to sync with my ANT stick. When I click on the Garmin ANT Agent logo I get this: "USB ANT(tm) stick: Not Active. No Device". And my runs won't sync. I try unplugging the stick and replugging it back in and sometimes it works. Sometimes it syncs and transfers but doesn't show up on my activities on my Garmin Connect website. The last three times I haven't been able to connect at all. Any suggestions?

Saturday, July 18

8.5miles for the week...not too bad, right?

I'm pretty psyched about it actually. I went for another run this morning with a new running buddy (sorry Tiffany). Wende is a girlfriend of an acquaintance/facebook friend. She was very nice about walking with me and keeping it slow and mellow. By slow I mean we did 2.53miles in 33:08. Yeah. Slow.

We made another "date" for tomorrow with another friend who is new to running. Hopefully Wende doesn't mind another slow run.

This recuperating thing is annoying. I want to be back where I was where a mile was nothing, now 1/2 a mile at once is a struggle. Oh well, I'll get there.

Thinking about a swim sometime this weekend too. Happy weekend everyone!

Friday, July 17

Yesterday I decided to take a break from running cause I don't want to over do it. And, I swam. Yep, I'm just diving back into all this (sorry about the pun). I did 15 laps and really felt tired around 11 but pushed through to 15. It felt great to stretch with each stroke, I felt like my arms and abs and whole body really got a workout. I got out of the pool and my inner thighs hurt...oh yeah. I'll get my body back! Just watch, or don't that's creepy. But I'll feel so much better when I'm toned back up. I feel like such a slob!

I talked to one of my doctors about PT for the abs, and he frowned and said "why? You're a healthy young woman, you shouldn't need it". So, I guess I'm not PT'ing my abs. It's a vertical midline incision and cut through the abdominal muscles so hopefully it'll just start to heal up nice. The sit ups I did Tuesday and Wednesday we're horrible so I think I'll be fine.

I'm getting ready to try another run around my block, maybe two miles? This time I can't forget my heart rate monitor! That would be a good thing. I don't want to die out there.

Look what I just registered for:
Amanda's gear giveaway I love run to the finish's giveaways, and she's such a cool person. Check out her blog anyways.

Wednesday, July 15

Another day, another run.

Look at me, all sporty and what not again! I knew it'd happen.

Well, as sporty as attempting to run a whole 1/2mile at once can be.

Today's stats: 1.88miles in 23:26. So, I must have ran more today than yesterday. Cause hubby didn't go with me and I could go at my own pace. I was less tired. I want to get over to the pool for a swim, but that could be pushing it and I think we're going to see Transformers 2 today. So I may run out of time.

I'm trying to develop better running habits with respects to what I do after my run. I allowed myself a little walk cool down, after kicking the hill to my house's a%&. Yesterday I wussed out on it. Today, listening to my ipod, I ran the whole way up to the house! Little goals, right? I also yesterday and today turned one yoga for distance runners and stretched and did 100 situps. Yesterday I also added on 30 girlie pushups in sets of 5. Today my arms were pretty sore just pumping while I ran so I didn't push it today. I did my situps really slow and today did 25 bridges really slow. If it hurts, even a little bit, I stop. Running buddy says I need to check into some physical therapy for my abdominal muscles. What do you all think? I think it maybe more money and what not...I'm debating.

I took some time with my violets today and repotted a bunch of my plants. I used to swear by these african violet pots, and I think they in the end, didn't allow as much water to be absorbed into the plants as the plain, cheap plastic ones with the holes in the bottom that the plants come in. So I've converted everyone back to those and, I had stolen leaves from some of my dad's african violets at home and just put those in soil after rooting them. Everyone's taking a drink and african violet food in my sink right now. I also yesterday decided I needed this flame violet (well not this specific one, but it looks pretty similar). Which sounds really cool, but I'm not sure how to take care of it. Anyone have any experience?

Hope everyone had a good day today.

Tuesday, July 14


Yes. That's right, my doctor cleared me for running and other such activities as long as I don't lift more than 40 pounds for the next month. Which, won't be a problem.

I couldn't wait for my running buddy. Scratch that, I was too nervous to run with her cause I knew this first time would be mostly walking...I would be embarrassed. So I ran with my hubby, 1.63 miles in 21:52. Not a PR my any means but it's definitely a start!!!!

So, can I just say for a moment, that my husband does not run. But he kicked my a%$ today. He was just jogging along at 9:00 pace "Trying to slow down" but it was hard for him to go much slower because of his "longer stride". Ugh.

But, it's a start and I can't wait for tomorrow to try to run more during my run than I did today. There was a lot of walking involved. I think it may have been because a) I haven't run in over 7 weeks and b) Brian was running faster than I'm used to when I'm in shape let alone now.

Maybe my running buddy will have time to squeeze in a run before her vaca... maybe?


Get ready for more posting about running people, this is going to happen.

Wednesday, July 8

Hello hello. Spent a great 4th at home. Lots of my mom's family which was great. So glad we went.

Did a 1.6mile walk around the block yesterday and if it stops raining I may just do the same today. I think it may have taken me over an hour. But I was reading a book while I walked and enjoying the sunshine.

My dad's quilt a failure, I put together a top and backing I'd had lying around that I hadn't quilted yet and he loved it. Too small for his double bed but I think he was using it when I left his house. I'm busy working on my mystery quilt. I have no idea what it looks like in the end, I just picked out contrasting fabric and my quilt shop puts out "clues" every two weeks that tell you what to do. This week I made 80 square patches and 80 hourglass patches. Can't wait to see the final thing. Next clue comes out Saturday!

I'm taking a long stitch (okay that's not my image but it's too cute!) class tomorrow night and a machine quilting class on Sunday. The long stitch I'm pretty excited about it's like cross stitch without the cross technique.

I've tried taking pictures of my projects but the lighting in my house really doesn't do the colors justice. I'll try to take the projects outside for a photo op when it's not so wet outside.

Can't wait until I can tone up again. I have a feeling I will be starting from scratch, preparing myself not to be able to run a mile without stopping. But it'll be okay. It will. I can get back to my 10miles, I know it. I have to believe!


PS - So I just updated my "running totals" in the side bar. I can't believe that I got 23miles in May. I thought I'd felt awful! That's what running one 1/2 will do to your total though!

Wednesday, July 1

Hello blog world! I've been doing well this past week or so, thanks for asking. Continuing to feel better. Laughing has been better so the hubby and I went to see the Hangover. Pretty funny. Going to Chicago today to be with the fam on the 4th. Quilting tons. Had a quilt fail the last few days that gave me a headache, I don't think I'm ready for triangles yet. So yesterday I spent the day quilting a top that I already had made for my dad. I'll spend the trip to Chicago binding it.

So, running buddies, how boring is it talking about quilting? I have such old lady hobbies! I now try to go for a slow walk around the block every day for the last three days. SLOW. I may talk Garmie out one of these days but it'll be embarrassing.

Happy 4th everyone!

Tuesday, June 16

Hello world.

Still recovering. Got the catheter out today finally! I feel like a new woman...with a new bladder. Working fine so far. Other than I have to go a little more often than usual but it's smaller so I'm not surprised. Go back to check up on the incision with the ob/gyn doctor tomorrow. Fun times

So. I think I'm not going to train for Chicago. By the time they'll clear me for running at the end of July, I'll basically have a week to get back to it then 8 weeks to train for a marathon. I have to realize that that's not really feasible. I just can't ask my body to do that. Can I sell my non-refundable entry? Do I walk a marathon? Do I contact the Chicago Marathon people and explain the situation? How does this work? Any help would be appreciated.

In boredom news, I'm back to light light housework without much stair climbing. No vacuming yet. Working on a new quilt. And playing Valkeria Chronicles.

Sunday, June 7

So hi. Back home, at my computer. Trying to get caught up on blogs and what not. It's amazing how many of you post on a consistent basis. I'm gone for 5 days and I have 8billion to read. Not that I'm complaining.

So I went into have my laproscopic ovarian cyst removal. And the Dr ran into a congeital abnormality and called in a general surgeon and a urologist to asssist. Apparently they dropped everything at their offices to rush to operate on me cause I was lying open on the table. They did a partial cycstectomy (removed some of my bladder) and a partial small bowel resection along with my ovarian cyst removal. On a positive note, that cyst removal couldn't have gone better. And, I'm really lucky they found things the way they did. If I had been under the knife in any other abdominal operation, they would have sliced right through my bladder and I would probably be peeing out of bag for the rest of my life. So I'm really actually happy about this. The surgeon appologized for having to cut me open, but I told her there was no need to appologize. I feel very lucky.

Living on pain pills and lots of rest this next week. Hope everyone's doing well. I would post pictures of my staples but who really wants to see that? Hopefully they'll be out on Tuesday. And the catheter out 10 days after surgery. We'll see.

Saturday, June 6

So, hope this works. I'm trying to use my blackberry to update. Hopefully i'll be home tomorrow. But for now i'm still at the hospital. They had to open my abdomen up due to a congenital abnormality. That means I've lived with this for the past 27 years it just decided to cause problems now. They've said no working or running for the next 6 weeks. I don't know if I'll be able to train for Chicago now. I have a nice incision that goes from the naval down for about 8 inches. I can't get over the fact that they had to open me up. I can't believe I had a major abdominal surgery. I've been up and moving since 545 yesterday. I took about 6 walks. They kept telling me not to over do it. But i'm a nurse. I know what happens to your fitness when you lay in bed for days on end.

I'm really excited, my sister is coming in on Sunday. And some of my aunts have said that they'd come up to see me if I wanted.

Just a quick update. I'll let you all know more when I can get to a computer.

Thursday, May 28

So. No excersize for a while. I'm scheduled for surgery on Wed. Not solid so it's just draining the thing. The more I think about it, if the cyst is "filling the pelvis" maybe that's why I can't get rid of these dang UTIs? Could need emergency surgery before then but it's highly unlikely cause the cyst is so wedged in there it's not likely to cause a tortion.

I love being a girl.

Wednesday, May 27


So, before I update with the 5miler race report. I have to vent.

You all know I've been having health issues. Frequent UTIs and my CT scan on the 5th showed an abnormal liver, cysts on ovaries and kidneys, pectus excavatum, etc. MRI with the liver was "fine" on the 14th. Went to urologist and girlie doctor yesterday. Need to, but can't have a cysto because the doctor thinks I'd be septic because I'm so dehydrated and my UTI is so severe at this point. Girlie doctor rechecked LFTs (which I just found out are "fine" according to her nurse) and had an ultrasound scheduled because my cyst (that I was just told we'd have to watch and wait) is quadruple the size of my ovary. Not a watch and wait kind of thing. Depending on this ultrasound, if the cyst is the smaller we just watch and keep doing ultrasounds until it's gone. If it's the same size or larger (the doctor could still feel it on physical exam which had me worried) we need to talk surgery to remove it. If it looks on the ultrasound like it's solid, they may need to take my ovary out as well. I'm just frustrated at my PCP cause he made the cysts seem like no big deal, every one gets them. I guess that's why doctors have specialities and I guess that I'm glad I had my girlie doctor appointment this time of the year.

Yeah that's a heck of a lot to absorb in a few short weeks. I'm kind of a mess right now. I'm pushing fluids which I hate and I was chilled and yicky this morning. Thankfully I got a staff reduction today for the whole 12 hours so I was able to reschedule my ultrasound which was this Friday to this morning so I should know more sooner rather than later.

Well. The 5miler was dismal. I finished in 1:02:27. The race itself was fun except to get a parking spot in the vicinity of the race you had to show up at 7:30 for a 9am start. But I had fun cheering on all the 1mile race finishers so that helped pass the time. I walked during the race and had low abdominal pain, surprise surprise. What else is new? Turns out I can't run a mile any more. But when I haven't consistently worked out since...the beginning of April! What do I expect, right? I guess that's what makes me a runner. I'm basically back to square one and I'll have to get my endurance and speed back again sometime. But I'll get out there. Right now I can't go a few minutes without the urge to pee so I guess it's indoors on the treadmill for now. Ugh. I hate this feeling.

I signed up a friend (who's brand new to running) and myself for a 5K at the end of June. And I do need to start a training plan soon. Thanks for the advice people. I think I'll probably do an augmentation of the sports fitness and RW smartcoach.



Saturday, May 23

Did a three mile run this morning. Had to walk, surprise surprise. But I always feel better after I've run. I ran with a new running buddy today, an old college roommate who's going to be training for the Omaha Marathon in Sept. We're both doing the 5mile race on Monday, she's the reason I signed up actually. I was glad to see she wasn't racing ahead of me. I always worry that I'm holding my running buddy's back. She also didn't mind walking when I felt I had to. Again, with the bladder pain today, and I'm constantly the last few days feeling really full. All the time. I have to force myself to eat. If I didn't know any better I'd say I might be pregnant but that's not possible. At least I hope not with the CTs and MRIs I've had recently you think they'd see a baby, right? Ah the worries of being a girl. Be thankful guys.

So, I think it's time I stop dilly-dallying and start picking a training program. I found a few online, Marathon Rookie, I liked the name of the site, sounds less intimidating. Marathon Training, Hal, Sport Fitness Advisor, and First.

They all look pretty legit. Anyone have any suggestions? I'd like to run about 4 or 5 days a week with some swimming cause, well it's summer and I needs me a tan.

Anyone have a plan that worked really well for their first marathon? One where they finished in a time they couldn't even believe?! That would be awesome. I'd like to finish the marathon and maybe beat Katie Holmes and finish in under 5:29:58. We'll see.

Any help would be appreciated.

Tuesday, May 19

I'm back.

So...a lot to update. I'll start with me, cause I know you all were very worried. :D The MRI was negative for problems in the liver. I'm still on antibiotics till I see a urologist next Tuesday. Just switched to a new one today cause I'm still having symptoms with little relief for a few days then back with pain. It's distracting and frustrating!

While I was gone, I went to my sister's graduation in Portland. Here's a few highlights in pictures!

This sign greeted us as we deboarded the plane in Vegas. We thought it was hilarious.

I'm sorry, but me dancing with my grandpa - awesome. He's the best lead.

Like any good big sis, I gave my sister a gift that made us both cry. That's her "talk amongst yourselves" face.

Mags - all graduated. That's me, Maggie, Dad, and Grady. What's left of our family.

We went back to the vineyard we were married at, how romantical.

Best corner in Portland. Hands down.

Us at the Monday Portland Beavers game. Go Beavs!

Visited Multnomah falls.

Yes, I was that tourist.

So, even though he was in one of these "highlight" pictures, the hubby did get sick of pictures. And I wanted to crop my face out of this one cause it was raining off and on this day and my hair was ueber icky. But then you wouldn't have gotten the full effect.

Highlight of the trip - meeting Jen from runningstories! We had a few drinks with her and her husband. Very cool people. Too bad I was too shy to get a run in. And I would have probably been too sore anyways.


Ran today with the hubby. Took Garmie out for a run around the block. Turns out, around the block is about 1.21 miles. And, when we weren't walking we held a 9:30ish pace. Go us. Not a bad bunny for someone who never runs, right? He could tell he had pain in his foot though, so no more for a little while.


I just signed up for a 5mile memorial day run with my former roomie from college and her sister. Should be fun. Wish me luck!


So, in sad news. My baby. Buttercup:

Probably has cancer. Last Thursday, when I had my MRI, Buttercup had an ultrasound. They found a mass in her liver and multiple abdominal lymphnodes that were enlarged. They were able to biopsy the lymphnodes with a FNA and we should maybe have results soon. Now, it's killing me, breaking my heart to see her sick. She's consistantly lost weight the last few months, she's now a meak 7.5 when she's normally a healthy happy 10pounder. She only eats wet food now and we have to bring it to her. Right now she's sleeping behind the open office door behind me.

I'm getting better now that she's eating a little more, and this afternoon I was greeted with a weak meow. I think she developed a sinus infection in her probable immunosupression and is now on antibiotics. She's gotten a few doses so hopefully she'll feel a little better. She sneezed all weekend, and she's not purring. Do you think that purring might be hindered with a sinus infection? I hope it's not cause she's in pain or sad. I don't think we'll put her through chemo. As much as it's crushing, I don't want to prolong a life of someone who doesn't know what's happening, you know? She wouldn't know what the chemo was or that it was going to maybe help her stay with us a little while longer. It just seems (and this is how I have to phrase it now so that I can deal with it, no judgement meant to anyone who's chosen chemo) selfish. I have to think of it that way. Just have to. She is my baby and I do not want her to suffer. And, it's not like it's in one lymphnode, her liver's already comprimised. She'll probably have nausea and vomiting with or without chemo. Tomorrow we're having a friend from work, and now photographer who did our engagement photos come to our house to take our pictures as a family. Just us and the two girls.

So, with that. I have to go finish straightening up for the photo shoot. Have a happy rest of the Tuesday everyone. Glad to be back. I'm getting caught up on blog posts, just not commenting a whole lot. So much reading!

Tuesday, May 5

Got a laundry list of things wrong on my CT from the personal phone call from my doctor a few minutes ago. Never a good sign when the nurse calls you and says "The doctor is going to call you personally when he's done seeing his other patients to talk to you about your scan".

Nothing life threatening, just things that need to be checked out.

I have a theory that most of it stems from being 3 1/2mo premature. With no baseline, who knows?

Update: MRI when I'm back in town on Thursday. This is going to a fun filled few weeks.

Monday, May 4

CT scan of abdomen and pelvis. Tomorrow morning, will hopefully know more before I go out of town on Wed.

Wish me luck

1/2 marathon.

Yup. 13.1 miles. In the books. Count it!

Running buddy and I headed off for Lincoln around 3:15pm yesterday. Checked into our hotel which was pretty nice, full kitchen. It was one of those "suites" hotels where it's like a little studio apartment. So remember how maybe Friday or Sat morning I was all "I feel so much better health wise...". Yeah, not so much. Saturday I felt so bad for running buddy. I was knuckle white from the pain for about 12 hours. I took ibuprofen, urostat, lots of water, anything. I've got a call into my doctor today to talk this over. Thankfully by the evening I was feeling a bit better. Turns out we had missed the expo. So we just picked up our numbers and posed for pictures cause we're dorky like that. Ate some pasta in a tent with other fellow marathoners and 1/2 marathoners. Grabbed ice cream and water and headed back to the car. I marveled at the start line and really started to get nervous. I was going to run a 1/2 marathon! They expected me to be able to run 13.1 miles all at once. Yikes. They must not know me very well. We made our very own expo by stopping by the Lincoln Running Co store and grabbing these cute shirts that say "run lincoln". Which I was excited about cause I wasn't thrilled with my race shirt. Sat night we popped some popcorn, I had some chocolate we watched movies, painted our nails to match our shirts, tried on our new clothes, pinned our numbers, etc.

Went to bed about 10:30 like good girls and woke up at about 5am. Slept really well once I got to sleep. Woke up nauseous, nervous. I get all cold and shivery and nauseous when I'm nervous. Not a good combo when running buddy wants you to eat some breakfast. I ate 2, maybe 3 bites or peanut butter toast, tried to polish off the peanut butter in my little container. Sipped some water. That was about it.

We got to the start line right as they were finishing up the national anthem (had to make a potty stop first). Jumped in the 9:00 pace group. We just wanted to get in line. And we were off, 6minutes to cross the start line. I do this at races, the start, for how exciting it is, mentally I just think "I'm not going to do this without walking, I'm not". Start this mental "it's just so far the finish!" business. So, I looked at my watch 5min in and said "maybe I'll walk every 20minutes, so I can walk in 15minutes". Which is stupid. Running buddy knew that and said "no we're doing great, we should just keep running". But I'd made up my mind and my body knew that and I looked forward to that 20minutes so much. At about 1.5miles or 15min in, my left knee started to hurt. Like that IT band pain I'd been having and that had kept me from running for the last 2-3weeks. Not good. At 3.5miles it side lined me. It was this curl your shoulders jab of a pain that stopped me in my tracks. Poor running buddy ran ahead. During this race, for once in our lives, running buddy and I had nothing to say. Nothing. We caught back up when I could breathe and hobbled my way back to running again. I told her I guess it would be okay for her to go on without me. And like that, no more running buddy. I tried to keep her in my sights but I had decided to walk the downhills cause that also gave my knee pain and I lost her.

I knew that the hubbys and chitlins were waiting about mile 6, so that thought really pushed me again from about 4.5-7.0. That's right, didn't see them till 7 ish. I was sad cause I thought that maybe they had seen Tiffany and then gone back to their cars to leave for the finish. Maybe I really was too slow for them. I was teary eyed and said "I lost Tiffany". Tiffany's husband was so nice he said "She's just 5minutes ahead, not too far ahead of you, don't worry". My husband yelled "Are you okay?" I looked over my shoulder and gave him the so so hand motion. I kept running till maybe 7.2 when I thought I'd stop at some trees and stretch my IT and my quads. Bad idea! My left leg hurt SO bad. Again with the searing pain. I walked to the next water station getting passed along the way. Took my shot block (chocolate of course) and a full cup of water. This was the first time I'd taken a whole cup of water, which maybe why I felt so bad later in the day. But I was too nauseous earlier on to drink any more. I walked off and on till the 10mile mark. When I started saying "I can run 3miles, I can run 3miles". But I couldn't. At mile 11-12 I had to power walk it. I couldn't go two steps without the really bad pain. When I tried, I had some guy step out and say "Are you going to be okay?" I must have showed the pain on my face, a lot. I badly wanted to run past Tiffany and the hubbys to show them I was strong, but no. Power walked it through the growing crowd near the finish. People were yelling "Go Kelly! You've got this finish strong!". I decided when I could see the finish line, that I'd try to run again. And I did. Surprisingly, without that much pain. I nearly sprinted to the end. I was shocked, I shed a few tears.

Along the way there were signs and supporters the entire way. Cried when I saw the sign "Your reason to run is better than anyone else's" or something like that. Without my running buddy, I closed my eyes and I imagined I was running back home towards the lake with my mom. I imagined telling her all about finishing my first half. I won't tell her, and I can't run with her, but ... ack, I don't know where I was going with this and now I'm a mess...

Around miles 11-12 I thought, "Even if I'm walking, I'm still out here doing this". I still signed up and I'm run/walking a 1/2 marathon. Most people I talk to who aren't runners can't imagine running a mile. I'm so proud. Even if I had to walk and even if I didn't have the strongest finish time. The miles really flew by, even though I was walking some of them. The first 4miles were tough getting my head in the game but miles 6-13 really were faster than I expected.

When we got back to the hotel I hobbled into the shower and layed down in bed. After the race I had 1/2 banana and a full cup of gatorade. Drank some water on the way home, but I knew I wasn't feeling well. I sipped on gatorade and had a few m&ms which were the only thing in the apartment, and conveniently the only thing that sounded digestible at that moment. Then, as running buddy and her family left, I spent the next hour, hour and a half dry heaving in our suite bathroom. ew. After finally finishing whole gatorade and resting. I felt a bit better, I think I was just dehydrated. I polished off another shot and we hit the Wendy's on the way out of town.

Sore today, but the knee doesn't really hurt.

I can not wait to race this distance again.

Sunday, May 3


It was horrible.

I really want a do over.

And, I'm so doing it again next year!

Saturday, May 2

Half marathon.

So, I'm headed to Lincoln today. Feel much better health wise than I did on Monday so that's good. I'm not looking for a specific time tomorrow because I've basically taken the last two-three weeks off. I just hope I finish. I think my hubby and running buddy's family will be able to see us at mile 6 and the finish, if all works out.

Good luck to all those running this weekend, Jen, Elisa, and Mom on the Run especially. And all those I'm leaving out, I can't wait to hear all your race reports!

Tuesday, April 28

Thank you guys!

Hey guys. Thanks so much for the encouraging words about my last post.

I'm going back to the Dr today cause of, well, the same problem as last week. Hope I feel better by Sunday! Went home sick after half my shift last night. I feel better this morning but I'm still going to the doctor.

So, if I wasn't running Chicago, I was totally going to do this:

Market to Market Yes, you run from Omaha to Lincoln! This is the 2nd Annual Market To Market Relay presented by Nebraska Orthopaedic Hospital. The race is an 84 mile team relay from Omaha to Lincoln. In 2008 the event sold out 3 months in advance and had over 50 teams on a waiting list. This year they decided to change the format on how teams enter the race.

May 5th to May 9th an online lottery will be available at At this time you will have the opportunity to put your team’s name into a “hat” and then 50 names will be pulled from that hat to compete in the race. The race will have a total of 150 to 170 teams but the rest of the teams in the race will be teams that participated in 2008, won their division or a contest, sponsor the race, or meet the minimum speed requirement for the Citizens Class A Division.
Check out the website for all of the details including course maps, results and pictures from 2008, and much more.

This sounded like so much fun! I had a group of girls from work ready and everything. But I couldn't pass up Chicago. Maybe next year I'll be doing Market to Market. And, of course, they had really cute shirts last year which made me totally jealous I didn't run. So, if nothing else join the lottery for the fashion.

Only kidding.

A little.

Don't worry, I'll update and tell you how I'm feeling before I leave for Lincoln on Saturday.

Saturday, April 25

7 days.

Shoot me.

7 days till the half. One week from now running buddy and I will be in Lincoln. Preparing to run our half MARATHON!

Oh my goodness. These last few months have flown by!

What have I done to prepare lately? Not much!

I'm scared to run cause I don't want to injure my knee. I'm scared cause I haven't run, hardly at all, the last few weeks and all my "fitness" will be gone. I'm scared I'll have to walk this entire half.

I know a lot of people feel this way during training it's just so hard. Especially since I've told all of the gals at work and my whole family that I'm doing this longer distance race, it feels like there's a lot of pressure to have a great race report, you know? I feel utterly unprepared for this 1/2. I'm not sure why I think it's cause of the last two weeks.

Somebody tell me it's going to be fine.

Also, looking a head...I'm running Chicago on October 11th. There's a half in Omaha September 27th. Would that be too close together? Could I do both races? Do you think the 1/2 would fit well into training? The only problem I have is that I think that the Omaha course is hilly. I don't want to shred my legs trying for that 1/2 with Chicago looming in the not-so-distant future.

Tuesday, April 21

So far, not good.

Haven't run in a week. My hubby today told me I'd been snapping and looking for a fight the last few days, I blame it on not running. Weird how your life changes in a year! I'm contemplating getting up really early tomorrow and running a few miles on the treadmill (to break in my new kicks sometime before the 1/2) and coming home to do Namaste yoga on my living room floor.

Remember that nice Tuesday I had planned with the 905 Bikram yoga class? Yeah, I came home in tears.

Here's the story. Get up at oh, 8:35 and rush to get my teeth brushed, hair in a headband and out of the air, clothes on and find my mat, and get to the yoga studio by 900. Got there. Got into the 110 degree room, that was a little much.

Background, when it's summer time and I just wake up, I think I have a blood pressure issue. Cause I will generally have to veg on the couch for 15-20minutes before I feel safe enough to get around. I think it's BP, not sure. Well I had rushed, not eaten anything and gone straight to class. Wasn't feeling too great to begin with (the reason I know, TMI, I didn't workout over the weekend was a UTI that was so bad I went to the doctor yesterday and I'm now on a few days of Levaquin)...Thought the yoga would flush toxins out and stretch out my legs (which are feeling better after rolling them every night). We go into the first sequence after breathing which involves a hamstring stretch with your head as far towards your knees as possible. Hang, come up and breathe, right? Nope. Come up and see floaters, legs turn to jelly, and sit before you pass out. That was me. I sipped on some water, caught my breath. Tried to get up again after a few minutes. Saw floaters (that's what I call them. I've passed out a few times in my life and I see black dots start to cloud my vision). The teacher was kind and gave me a lifesaver, I chose mint cause I was starting to feel a little nauseous as well cause I hadn't eaten anything yet and had taken my Levaquin already and that was all I could think about. I know you don't need to eat but meh. I tried to get up a few more times. I really wanted to do this class. I did. I started to feel panicky and walked out of the class at 9:30. My chest was feeling tight and I think I was on the verge of a panic attack. As I've told you all before my mom, at 53, never healthier or happier, felt dizzy once and the second time she died. No warning just "I'm feeling dizzy" and she's gone. So I'm terrified, I tell the teacher this and she says I can get my money back at the desk and be careful and stuff. I walk straight out, don't stop at the desk. I get home and my lovely hubby says "that was quick, how'd it go". And I bawl. I was so scared. Terrified. Also because of the way my mom died. If Brian's in the house and doesn't answer when I call. I get this irrational fear that he's passed out and died and I don't know it. I tear around the house till I find him, just thinking about it makes me want to puke. You understand, I'm sure. But I feel bad for my hubby and my future kids. I'm gonna be so paranoid!

I'm fine now. Made it through the drive home. In fact, immediately felt better when I stepped into the hallway, I just think it was the morning and it was the heat. I'm very glad I stopped when I did. I don't know when I'll go back.

But that's why I'll be attempting Namaste yoga in my living room tomorrow. Maybe more from Polly too. We'll see.

So in other news. My hubby and I made appointments for next Monday at a foot/ankle specialists. My hubby's had plantar fascitis for years, takes Mobic every day. And I, my wonderful hubby pointed out, have a bunion that's not getting any smaller. I think I'll quote him, "Kelly that looks really bad. I don't ever remember it being that bad". Ah, feet. From what I've read you can get surgery to fix it. I hope mine's not that bad. Or, I hope the doc doesn't want me to get surgery before Chicago. It's not painful, I'm sure orthotics will help?

(Hey, Steve posts pictures of his feet!)

Thanks for listening to me.

Friday, April 17

So, no running since the disaster that was Tuesday's run. Oh well. We'll be going to the half with only one 11mile run in. We'll make due.

Went to a conference today and had some time during a break to make myself a little pre 1/2 schedule. So I'm posting it for accountability and for running buddy to check it out and see if she approves.

Sun. Mon. Tues. Wed. Thur. Fri. Sat.

4mi swim yoga 2-3mi work work work

4-6mi swim 6mi work yoga 2-3mi Lincoln

RACE! swim Leave for my sister's graduation in Portland!

Yoga is the 905 One Tree Yoga sessions for 7bucks.

What do you all think? Good? Bad? Awesome?

That's what I thought. Now, if I can only stick with it!

Tuesday, April 14

Had to cut my 12 miles short. By a lot. It's the IT band again. :(

Looks like it's swimming and a few short runs before the race for me. sigh.

3.68miles/46:57 (with walking the last 0.5mile and a few times before that)/12:45AP

Anyone know how to link up Garmin and Buckeyeoutdoors?

Monday, April 13

Two a days!

That's right, two workouts today! yay. Did my Monday morning swim workout. Brutal. I can already feel it in my arms and shoulders. I'm gonna rock those tank tops though this summer. No flab here.

W/U: 200 free (I accidentally did 300); 200 pull...wait for it: 6x75 (25 Rt., 25 Lt., 25 DPS) Yeah the warm up was enough for me

200 :25 RI
300 :20 RI
200 :25 RI
300 :20 RI
200 :00 (no) RI

C/D: 100 easy

The Rt. and Lt. mean swim a length of the pool using only your right arm or left arm. Yes. Keep the other pressed up against your body. I found I had to breathe opposite to keep myself afloat. This killed me. The DPS wasn't too bad kinda fun actually. It stands for "distance per stroke". So the first 25 (mind you there were 6) I counted 28 strokes to get across the length. Then you counted each one after that and tried to get across in a few fewer strokes than it took you the last time. I think my numbers were 28,25,23,21,21,18. I really liked the 18 I felt like I was going slower but I was really just lengthening out. The rest of the actual swim I spent not trying to rip my right arm out of socket. It was seriously sore, so I tried not so swim like a gimp either. Yay swimming.

Tonight after work (short 4hours yay) I did a few miles on the treadmill. Just wanted to get moving again cause I haven't run since Tuesday. I also wanted to use the rollers at the gym to roll on my IT band. I'll definitely be stretching it tomorrow. Speedy two miles and so far my knee doesn't hurt. We'll see how tomorrow goes.

Stats (listen to me, stats, I'm so sporty):

Swim: 2550 (I'm pretty sure I did a 400 in there instead of a 300 cause I couldn't count while swimming) /1:07:01/2:37/100yrds

Run: 2.01miles/16:52/8:23AP - I know I said speedy! I think the swimming's really helping the speed thing. That and my intervals and my generally wanting to get this run done tonight.

Happy Monday blog-world.