Thursday, December 4

Workout, finally.

Didn't run yesterday because, surprise, my husband and I had the day off together and that apparently means no gym. We did clean the house and use our new carpet shampoo-er thingy, which I LOVE. It's like I have a new carpet!

Running buddy called and wanted to run today and honestly if she didn't call I may not have been that motivated. We did four miles and I think I did a mini tempo workout. Did miles 1 and 4 at a 10:54 pace and the 2 and 3rd mile at 9:31 pace. It was hard to stay that slow the fourth mile but I made myself do it. I had some twinges of pain throughout my legs, I think it was the treadmill and the fact that I'd spent the last 6 hours shopping on my feet. Maybe I'll do a run tomorrow night after my 12, maybe not. Looks like 20 may have to wait for another week.


Blyfinn said...

Hope the pain in the legs it nothing serious. I have no idea how you can run after a 12 hour shift. You're a stronger person then me.

M*J*C said...

Great job on your run! I also love the new look of your blog!!! Super cute!

jen said...

Oh I love that clean-carpet look! Great job on the run. :)