Tuesday, December 16

whimpy whimpy whimpy.

So, blog. It's been a while. I've been busy trying to get my house together for a party last night, so I forbid myself from posting/spending all day looking at the computer most of the weekend. Well, that's sort of not true, I did work all weekend. 12 on Saturday and 8evening on Sunday. Let me tell you about a few runs I need to catch you up on, and why on Friday I was the most awful running buddy.

Friday's morning run, outside. We wanted to do 5miles Friday morning at about 9ish, out and back from running buddy's house. No biggie, right? Well let me preface this by telling you how Thursday night was. Brian and I split a Palermo's thin crust Hawaiian pizza. So I had oh, about 4-5pieces solid. Two bottles of raw iced green tea, that's like candy and really easy to drink. So Friday I didn't feel bad until about oh, 0.5miles into my run. I felt like my back side was going to give out, and I'm not talking my muscles. The rest of the walk/sometimes jog was MISERABLE! I was hunched over, trying to breathe or walking like a cowboy trying really hard not to mess my pants. I know that's graphic, but I felt SO bad! My poor running buddy was nothing but nice. She kept talking right through my audible moaning and complaining. I was contemplating pulling off to the side of the bushes or seeing if the school we were walking past had a back entrance with bathrooms really close by. I some how made it to my car and raced home. Miserable. After a long hot shower I felt a bit better. So foolish, I'm sure it had something to do with my diet Thursday and the fact that we hadn't eaten until about 10pm. Eh. So that whole experience was about 3miles in about 45minutes, maybe an hour, it felt like a lifetime and it was awful. Bleh.

Monday my running buddy cheerfully said "how about 4miles?" and I (not so cheerfully) said "how about 3?". She agreed to three and that's what we did. 15minutes of stretching and some crunches with 20 more push ups later and we were done. The run was okay. I stopped most of the way through for a potty break, I need to stop being dependent on the bathrooms at the gym, obviously if Friday was any indication I may not have those at my immediate disposal at the 1/2 or full or whatever we do. I don't know why I didn't agree to 4, it's only about 10minutes difference. I just felt like 30minutes was the perfect amount of time instead of 40. I'm such a slacker.

Today it's snowing. I test drove a Honda CRV today and tried out the 4 wheel drive in this yucky weather. Then I drove my little Toyota Corolla to the hairdresser and got stuck. Seriously, my tires were spinning, the guys in front of me on the same patch of ice were out pushing their car. I did finally get some traction, but I was wishing for the 4 wheel drive when that happened. Running buddy called me as I was on my way home from the appointment and said she'd be going to the gym later in the day. I'm too chicken to drive to the gym! It's 15minutes away but it's up hill and what not and I don't want to get stuck. Hubby's at work and wouldn't be able to rescue me. We just should have gone this morning.

So, low mileage again this week. Oh well at least I'm running, and if it weren't for the weather maybe I'd be at the gym ... maybe. It's just too easy not to go running! Off to bake some cookies. And maybe do Christmas cards.

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Blyfinn said...

YOU'RE BACK! I was wondering. I will surely let you know of when the Doughnut run is open to register. However, it is in Ames, IA so it would be a decent drive for ya.