Tuesday, December 2


Ran this evening on the treadmill, by my lonesome. And it went awesome. 4miles in 38:06!!! That's a 9:36 AP!!!! One more ! for good measure! Yay! I did walk, walked at 1.5miles to potty (grrr). Walked again for 0.10 at 3miles and then at 0.5 till the end. I ran the fourth mile at 6.5 and then the last 0.5miles at 6.7. It was a little grueling considering the miles I have on my legs for the week, but I'm glad I waited until this evening to do it despite the fact that all I could feel the last mile was the blimpies sub I had for lunch. Ugh. On the way home I became famished and stopped at the grocery store for chocolate milk and turtle chex mix bars. MMM....I love my horrible eating habits. That will probably be my dinner tonight, it's a good thing I take a multiple vitamin.

Okay two questions running/athletic buddies (I must make note that I now have double digit "followers" I feel pretty special, thanks)... First, can I eat regular jelly beans vs "sports" beans during a run with the same effect? Cause I found cold stone ice cream jelly bellys and really think that the chocolate devotion flavor would motivate me more than the fruit punch flavor sports beans. Second, how come I follow umpteenth blogs, manually add them to my "blogs I follow list" and yet most updates to their blogs don't show up on my page? I have to go to the dashboard to see that I've missed like 17 updates and have to catch up. What's the deal?

Thanks all! Happy Tuesday! I think tomorrow I might try a short hill workout.


SJ said...

You make me laugh! That's a wicked average pace--on a treadmill even. (Am I odd that I find it harder to run on a treadmill than out in the world?) Good job!

As far as updated blog posts--I don't like the Blogger-followers-thingy for keeping up with posts. I use Google Reader, and I suppose any other kind of reader would work, too and it makes me very happy. You can even import your "blogs you follow" into Google Reader...

Blyfinn said...

Personally if I was you I would run a half marathon first. It just gives you more confidence in yourself. If you have done one before you wont have to worry much at all throughout the first half of the race.

As for the beans. I have no idea. I have never used them. And the issue with the updates on the blogs. I have the issue also. I think that it might just take longer for that to update.

Elisabeth0326 said...

Wow! GREAT run!! I'm jealous! =)

As far as the beans, I would imagine that the sports beans are providing essential electrolytes and vitamins that regular (although delicious) jelly beans would not provide. I think the regular variety might give you a nice sugar rush...but not much more.

Regarding the blogs that you add to your "Blogs I Follow List", they won't show up in your Blogger updates unless you separately go to your dashboard and follow them. This is just from personal experience, of course. Maybe someone much smarter and more blogolicious than I knows a better answer though.

Happy hill workout tomorrow!


Elisabeth0326 said...

SJ...I completely SUCK on the treadmill, and I am way better outside. I HATE the treadmill.

RazZDoodle said...

The TM is always tougher than outside. My rule *used* to be "in case of emergency run on the Motorized Band of Boredom. Now, it's becoming all too convenient.

Sport beans, jelly beans, etc. I think they're pretty much the same. You just have to find the right combo. I ran a half in Des Moines and they were handing out Gummi Bears. Not good. I almost choked. They were handing out Jolly Ranchers later on and that seemed to work great. Now I take a couple JRs on my longer runs.

As for Google Reader...I'm having the same issues!

Brooke said...

I use google reader, and when I 'follow' a blog it get's added there. Of course sometimes I just add a subscription and copy and paste the blog url, so you may have more 'followers' than you know! I think jellybeans will do the trick. People get all crazy with sports nutrition...my dad is the purist who still maintains all you need is water. I do use gels and other sugar snacks, and I think regular jellybeans will be fine (grab gatorade if you want extra sodium/electrolytes).

RunToFinish said...

my personal philosophy is that I don't need specialized food during my training runs. I used to eat orange slices (you know the candy from childhood) and that was perfect for me or a 1/2 banana

joyRuN said...

"cold stone ice cream jelly bellys" GASP - where can I get those?

I use Google Reader, & it makes it easy to get caught up on stalking.

Awesome job on the TRM.