Wednesday, December 17

More HBBC points.

I'm up to 20 (I think). It's amazing what 4miles at the gym will do for your points total. My running buddy and I did 4miles, about 40minutes of running. I didn't keep track of it on the treadmill, just ran at whatever was comfortable. Which for the third mile was 9:31 pace, yeah, I did check a little to see how I was running. But didn't let it freak me out. We stretched and I did 20 (5 at a time) girlie push ups on my pathetically still sore arms from Monday's push ups. Clearly I need to be doing more of these. Feel kinda icky today. Maybe it was the two cookies I called breakfast this morning before my run?


Blyfinn said...

Cookies for breakfast. Oh the Christmas time of the year.

joyRuN said...

Great job on the run!