Tuesday, December 9


Okay yesterday, running buddy and I had a great four mile run (in the gym). I made mine a tempo run with a negative split. Did the first five minutes at 10:54. Then first 15 after that at 10:00 and the next 15min at 9:31 then back down to 10:54. Ran at 8min/mile the last minute to get my four miles but it felt good!

Felt great, even though I had little sleep. I was out playing poker for candy (which I won! whoot whoot) with some friends until, oh 1:15am. Then went to my morning run at 8am. So I was tired, then worked the evening shift last night from 3p-12a. Got up at 8am, lounged around and went to my run at 9am. Well by lounging around I meant that I found PS I Love You on HBO on demand and thought, "hey, that's not depressing at all, I'll pull that up and start watching that. Way better than the news". I was bawling. That scene where she calls his phone just to hear his voice..sigh...I still call my mom's cell phone about once every 6months to see if they've given away the number yet. Phone companies must have a "do not give to anyone else, this person died" list. Cause it's been over three years and her number is still not connected.

I digress. So, that movie gets to me. Went to my run slipping a few tears on the drive. We decided to do 5miles and we would do my new fave, AI intervals at the third mile. So we decided to run 20minutes, run AI, run another 20. No biggie. Um, yes biggie. First issue, I hopped off the treadmill to pee at oh, 9:30 into my run. I must have the smallest bladder or have really been looking for an excuse to get off the treadmill. At 20minutes or so, whenever running buddy, who had been good and not taken a break, started her AI I did mine too. Went from 9:31 up to a 7:03min/mile. Pretty speedy, but I walked in between. Some how I know it would be better for me endurance-wise to just slow down my run in between intervals but that just doesn't feel like enough of a break. Running buddy just slowed down, never walked, show off! :) I did about 6 of those and went back to my slow running. Got off the treadmill at 30minutes and went and did some mat stuff. By mat stuff, I mean alternating crunches and push ups. I did 20 (knee) push ups total! 5 at a time. Did crunches a few different ways and then held 15lb weights and did side bends...I'm not sure what to call them but I'll feel them tomorrow. It wasn't till I got back into my car that I realized, "huh, I didn't do 5miles...I think that was only 4". No idea where my head was, probably stuck on PS I Love You or stuck wanting to be still sleeping. I thought my running buddy was crazy for staying on the treadmill for 45minutes instead of 40, now I realize she was trying to get our 5miles in. Sorry Tiffany, I was a bit of an airhead this morning.

Working 12 tomorrow, maybe I'll pack my gym bag and hit the gym while I wait for Brian to get off of work at 9pm. We'll see. I should probably make up the mile I missed today.


M*J*C said...

That sounds like a great workout!!! Hope you have a good day!

ECrunnergirl said...

Love your blog Kelly and your training with running buddy....I have a running buddy too :-} She is priceless- we have pushed each other to a new level of running..hope you two can do the same for each other.

Looking forward to following your journey to the marathon-

Running Mommy said...

Great post today "buddy"! I have never seen the movie, but it sounds like I should! I hope running lifted your spirits a bit! Have a great day at work-plan to run with me later in the week!

jen said...

Aww, that movie is a tear-jerker for sure. I read the book which was more sad, if that's even possible. Sorry it brought up some sadness for you, but it's ok! Good job getting the run in! :)