Tuesday, December 2

9.71...in two days.

Okay so the last couple of days I've been running with my new running buddy. Who also created a blog: http://twigs714.blogspot.com/ So check her out. We ran our long run on Sunday, 6.5ish. With our walk warm up it was more like 7 but I didn't really count that. We ran outside in the snow but it really wasn't that cold and the snow had melted by the middle of the day. We chatted throughout the run which has been really nice cause it makes the miles fly by. We ate a jelly bean a piece 1/2 way through the run. We decided to go a little further on our route and saw a hill and thought "we can do that it doesn't look too tough". We were walking up the hill half way through it. Whoops. Who knows three weeks from now we'll be storming up the hill just for fun. Our goal for this week is to shave a few minutes (or 12!) off of the run. We completed our 6.5ish in 1:12. Which wasn't too shabby. We joked during the run that we would train for the 1/2 and then see how we felt if we'd be able to run the full or not.

Last night, thanks to my hubby and his carpet shampooing obsession, we were late to the gym. I showed up 7minutes into my running buddy's run after she thought I stood her up. We ran the next 30minutes or so and then did some abs. Not feeling that yet but I know I will. I ran about 3.25 with 1/4mile repeats ranging from 6.5-7.5. It's hard to maintain that pace for more than a minute but I'm sure it'll get easier. Well she let me know that she had already reserved our room at a hotel for the night before the marathon and that we should just go ahead and do the full! I thought we were just joking about that! But it does have me kind of excited. I've been running for about a year and now with my new running buddy for motivation, maybe I could do it? We'll see how training goes.

My running buddy today ran without me thinking that since I hadn't called that I was still asleep (at 11am...which, well I wouldn't put past me) but I wasn't. So now I have to get up the motivation to run by myself. So I'm bummed out. Wish me luck!


Blyfinn said...

You're really building up the miles. If you plan to do the full marathon in Lincoln I will be right there with you. I will be running it also!

joyRuN said...

Keep racking up the miles, girl. So awesome you have someone to do it with, too.