Friday, December 5


I know it's not a gigantic leap from last week, but it is over 20miles! So, I didn't have to work the 12 I thought, apparently I wasn't on the schedule from 3-7. So tonight I did a hill workout with my running buddy. I really should do those more often because I honestly thought I might die. I started thinking I was lightheaded, tried to take my pulse and swore it was really erratic and irregular. I had to walk once (or twice) just cause I thought "maybe I shouldn't be running this fast at such an incline, I may kill myself". I have this irrational fear of slipping on the treadmill and knocking out my teeth...that was a real possibility tonight. We got up to a 7.0 incline, and at one point I was attempting to do that at a 10min/mile pace. When Tiffany said she started her hill workouts at 4.0 for speed I thought "psh maybe you do, but I could totally start out at 5.5 and be cool, I'm kind of a pro at this". Yeah, not so much.

I will try to listen more to my running buddy these next couple of weeks! And maybe I won't die trying to run a marathon.


RunToFinish said...

I learned the hard way how important those hill workouts are..and how easy they make other runs feel!

joyRuN said...

I'm prolly waaay late - but I like the new (not so new?) layout :) I just saw you're on FB. I'll try to look for you.

Congrats on 20+ miles!!

M*J*C said...

Great job on the 20+ miles!!! You have come so far in the past couple months, you should be really proud of yourself!!!

N.D. said...

whoa, crazy inclines!!! Hills are great to do, nice job with the attempts and 20+!

Brooke said...

Oooh...I hate hills! Great job on breaking 20!