Tuesday, November 18

Two workouts. Go me.

Just kidding. Well not about the workouts but the "go me!" business. I did a run in the morning cause my husband wanted to go to the gym before work, and well, I couldn't let him show me up. Did three miles in about 33minutes. I did the second mile in that interval style of running hard one minute and walking the next. That makes the run go by so quick. I think my running all out ranged from 6.5-8.0 and my normal mile went from 5.5 to 6.0 I think.

Then I run with a new running buddy, I'm such a ho. If you'll run with me, I'll run with you. Eh. Also a gal from work who I didn't know was a runner but we did the beer and bagel run together. And by together I mean we chatted at the start and she finished a full three minutes ahead of me and I saw nothing but her backside the rest of the race. So we decided to run for 30minutes and I did 2.9miles in 30minutes holding a 5.5 pace for the first mile. With 6.0 for the next 15min. escalating up to 6.5 and 7.0 towards the final few minutes of the run. Just to kick that run's a%$. Yay. My new running buddy looked at me and said "I have just a little bit more to go before I hit three miles". She had run at 4.5-5.5 and the last few minutes at 6.0 and up to 6.5 or so. So I started to wonder why her treadmill said "2.5" miles and she said she had run 3. She had her nike ipod+ in. She said "well you were running faster than me the whole time, I bet you're running more than you think. I bet you ran 4miles". Does that sound like something that could happen? That's why I ditched my ipod plus. Apparently her's estimates over and mine estimated under in distance. She suggested I calibrate on a track fo' reals. (she didn't say it like that I'm channeling my inner so you think you can dance star...back me up on this, some one had to watch that show)...anyways. When I emailed nike asking what was up with my ipod+ they said to calibrate on my actual running surface which is more often than not a treadmill so I calibrated there. But Tiffany swore by calibrating with an actual track. Any thoughts fellow or former nike+ users?

I think I'm going to run tomorrow and maybe Thursday after work. I think my long run this week will be Saturday. I have tentative plans to run with Tiffany Sunday Monday and Tuesday of next week. And then we're going to do a free 5K put on through our gym on Thursday. Then I can eat all day long! I love food.


joyRuN said...

"I'm such a ho. If you'll run with me, I'll run with you" - LMAO!!! I'm the same way. I'll tag along with any runner who dares smile in my direction anymore.

No advice for the nike+, unfortunately. I hurled mine across the house & got a Garmin.

Blyfinn said...

I'm with Joyrun. I tired a buddies Nike+ a few times and it was way off so I just talked my wife into letting me buy a Garmin. Have been happy ever since.

Brooke said...

Beer and bagels...mmmm! too bad here in the south they've never heard of bagels...ugh. to be back in Boston!

RazZDoodle said...

I tried the Nike Sportband and ran with it during a Half marathon. It read 15.8 miles. It *felt* like 15.8, but I'm going to have to trust the race officials on that one. Next week, I ran a 4 mile route and it read 1.7. So, yeah, Nike sucks.

Love the blog!