Wednesday, November 26

Third post of the day.

Whoo hoo. I had a great run this evening. I did 3miles in 29:40. Which was under a 10min average pace. I did the first mile at 5.7. Second at 6.0 and third at 6.2 up to 6.5 and 7.0 for the last two mintues to get my three miles in under thirty minutes. Yay! Looking forward to my turkey trot tomorrow. And yes, OCN has to do with oncology. I am oncology certified now. I stole this from the oncology nursing certification website:

How does certification differ from an RN license? An RN license signifies a nurse has entry-level knowledge to provide care for patients, and is the minimum requirement for professional nurses. Although some states require continuing education for license renewal, others require only payment of a renewal fee. An RN license doesn't indicate whether a nurse has acquired knowledge beyond the required minimum, but certification does.
Certification is a voluntary process. It signifies a nurse has developed specialty knowledge beyond the entry level. Oncology certified nurses have met or exceeded requirements for practice in cancer care, have completed education in oncology nursing, and have a tested knowledge of the specialty. Certification in oncology nursing is based on current professional practice, so it validates a nurse's knowledge is up-to-date.
As cancer treatments become more complex, patients will require increasingly specialized care. Oncology certified nurses have both the knowledge and experience to deliver that care effectively.

That's about it for the evening, I swear. Off to make spaghetti to celebrate when the hubby gets home tonight.

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M*J*C said...

Congratulations on your certification!!!! That's awesome!!! Great job with your run today too!!! Have a great Turkey Trot tomorrow!!