Saturday, November 1

Sort of speedy.

Well, not entirely, just the middle.

I got this workout from the runner's world half marathon plan, and I like it. 2miles warm up, 1:00 5-7 aerobic intervals, walking in between for me, 2miles cool down. Can I just say that the cool down is SO hard. I just wanted to be done, but I did it! Yay. My AI's were from 7.0-8.5 which was a 7:03 min/mile for the last two intervals. I did a full mile in between my warm up and cool down and I think it was about 10:30 total with the walking and what not.

As for other workouts, didn't go as planned. Wednesday I did a 5K in about 33min with my new running buddy. Molly had eaten a big lunch so we walked for maybe a km in the middle? It seemed like a long walk but it was fun. And no vomiting, which is always a good goal to have during a run. Thursday was my husband's day off and we ended up getting a late start to the day (I have to confess we played Little Big Planet for 2.5 hours! And it was my idea!). Wanted to wake up a 7am on Friday to get a workout in ... but we split a bottle of wine Thursday night and went to bed late after playing more video games. We were lazy! But I think I did about 10miles this week, maybe 12-13 next week. Maybe it'll be easier to do 15miles if I work up to making the time in my week? Does that make sense?

I really enjoyed MJC's race report and can't wait to hear the others. Good luck NCrunner!


Blyfinn said...

Nice job on the speed work! 10 min mile is good when you even had walk breaks in there.

M*J*C said...

Great job on your workouts! Walk breaks are the best!!!!

ncrunner12 said...

Really good job on your workouts yo! Thanks for the good luck... I may need it.