Sunday, November 9

So, I'm alive.

The next time I see "ski resort" and "4ish miles" and "off road", I'm going to think about it. It was fun, but didn't feel like I was running a race. I knew I was in trouble when to get to the start I was walking up a "hill" that was right next to the lift, we were walking up the lift. I said to a gal from work who I was walking with "At least we don't have to run up this!". And sure enough, half way-ish through the race we had made it back to this same spot and were "running" (I ran and walked half the way) up the same "hill". *Lots of " " in this sorry.* So. I completed the run, in maybe 49ish? I seriously walked most of it. Most of the downhills were pretty steep so hard to run those, and a lot of the up hill was single file and (while I didn't really think I could have run most of them) I had to walk because everyone else directly in front of me was walking. Everyone was really nice. There were a few points on the course where they had people planted to say "this down hill is really steep. If you're going to fall, fall on your butt so you slide down". My husband was a trooper and waited in the 26degree weather for me to finish. He was laughing cause he heard a lot of people's complaining as they crossed the finish line. One lady said "that was a fucking bitch!" really loud. Ha. (no that lady was not me). I came out of the chute (is that how you spell that?) and some guy said "you're a spotted runner, I've got something for you" and put a mizuno necklace thing around my neck. Now I had sprinted to the finish and was a little light headed with all the climbing and seriously altitude changes up there and thought "wow I get a medal!". I'm glad I didn't say that out loud because it was one of those key chain lanyard things. But I got to take that down to the mizuno booth and redeem it for a prize. I got the last prize available, men's medium windlite pants in navy with silver grey. Sadly, they fit sort of. So I either won my husband a super sweet pair of pants with warming technology or I've gotten myself a super sweet pair of fat pants or what I like to call "at least they'll fit me when I'm pregnant" pants! Yay. They're pretty awesome and totally worth the run. Wasn't a pr but it was fun-ish. I kept wussing out and thinking "I'm going to break an ankle! I'd better walk!". Ran about the last 1/2 mile besides having to walk half way down a hill to get to the finish line.

Fun times.

PER MILE PACE: 15:53 49:18

sadness, but it was really hard!


Blyfinn said...

Sounds like a great time. I'm going to have to go and do that one some time. Did you not partake in any beer drinking?

teacherwoman said...

Wow! Now that sounds like a tough run! Congrats!!

M*J*C said...

That sounds like it was tough but fun! Good for you for trying something different!

joyRuN said...

That DOES sound like fun!

My poor hub got scammed out of all his sweat pants while I was preggo. I had to replace them all when I was done :)