Thursday, November 20

So I think when I have my day's off with my hubby I should resign (I know that is spelled wrong but my handy spellchecker sees nothing wrong with that, huh) myself to the fact that they will inevitably go like this: Stay up too late cause, well, we don't have to work in the morning. Wake up late, don't go to the gym as planned. Eat donuts for brunch, eat lunch, and don't get a real start to the day until about 2pm when it's obviously way too late to try to get a workout in. Oh well, at least we spent the day together, right? I shouldn't be upset, and I'm not. We don't have kids (yet) and we enjoy our time together.

I think that I should wear a watch and time the amount of time I actually run. I started the treadmill and warmed up with a few minute walk. Ran my two miles (after my 13hr shift...had to stay late) in 21:00. It was officially 2.06 in 21:00 flat. But I ran at 6.5 for the whole time! That's super speedy for me! That's about 9:30/mile. The last two minutes I ran at about 6.8. That's about 9:13? It's late, I really can't do math. Anyways I think I ran faster than my treadmill and subsequently my buckeye account AP'd me at. So maybe I should wear the watch. I wonder if I could hit a magic button every mile and look back on the watch to see my "splits". Could I pause it too? I need to read my instructional handout which sadly, I kept.


joyRuN said...

"don't get a real start to the day until about 2pm"... My raging jealousy prevents me from being your blogmie anymore.

Kidding! You're entitled to anything if you manage to hit the treadmill after work.

"Resign" spelled right. Not that I'm a human spell-checker or anything.

Blyfinn said...

I would love to have those kinds of days off. Due to two kids though we would have to send them to grandma's in order to get time alone.