Thursday, November 13

Quick workouts.

I don't know if they can be called workouts, but I've gone to the gym the last two days. Last night after the 12 I did 2.15miles. That broke down like this: 1st mile 10:40 2nd mile 9:15. I started out that run with a headache. Okay, I think I have a brain tumor. Yesterday morning right in the middle of my 9am med pass, I get this blurry vision. Only it wasn't blurry, it was a visual disturbance and only in my right eye. For the first 1/2hr or so it was like I had just seen a camera flash in the middle of my visual field. The remaining 45min or so it alternated between that and like this squiggly lightning bolt looking static. It went away after that but I was left with this residual left eye headache thing because of the strain of trying to see out of only my left eye, I think. So, I stepped on the treadmill 12hrs after this episode with the same headache. I refuse to take medicine apparently even though I'm a nurse and I know they work. I already had a standing appointment with my eye doctor Friday (tomorrow) so I'm keeping that. So tried to do three but chickened out because of my brain tumor. My husband thinks it might have been a blood clot or a ruptured blood vessel, we'll see. I forgot to tell my cardiologist about this today, sure he probably wouldn't care anyway. So before going to see said cardiologist I went to the gym again. After a late wake up, we got 15minutes in to workout! I did 1.55 miles in 15:23 which was a 9:55 pace. I tried feebly to do 1/2mile repeats (I think that's what they would be called). I did the first 0.5mi at 6.7, second walked a minute then did 5.5, then back up to 7.0 for the remaining 0.5 and walked 0.05 to cool down.

That's what I've been up to. I'm gearing up for a long run tomorrow, 6-8miles, hopefully. I'm planning on taking these jelly beans for energy and use them as a goal for running long (at 5miles maybe). Candy usually motivates me. I also will bring water, so I'll have plenty of distractions to use for "rest breaks". I think I might also try to walk for one minute every 10-12minutes of this run and see if my stamina is better. I get so frustrated when I think I've failed because I walked, but if I plan them in maybe it won't be so bad. I've read some marathon reports recently and about everyone of them included some walking, especially for the first timers. So I think I'll give it a try.

Cardiologist said every thing sounded verbatim from last year, so another appointment in a year if I don't get pregnant first, we'll see which happens first!


joyRuN said...

Stepping foot anywhere near a gym after a 12-hour shift definitely counts as a workout - good job!

Good luck with the eye thing. Maybe it's a migraine? Day shift would do that to me.

teacherwoman said...

Wow, running after 12 hours on your feet! Congrats.

Good luck with the eye appointment. I was going to suggest making an appointment with your eye doctor, but it sounds like you already have done that! Keep us posted.

Have a great weekend.

Blyfinn said...

I agree with the other two comments. Anything physical after a 12 hour shift is a workout. I hope everything turns out okay.