Sunday, November 2

Outside, alone

Wore one ear bud to feel safer. Ran by myself today, late in the day a little after noon. Even with waking up early cause of the time change I had a hard time peeling myself off the couch of doom. Ran the 5K route, approx. out and back around lake Z. Ran it in 29:43 baby. Took a walk for one minute halfway through. One more minute walk six minutes later cause I felt like I was getting asthma. Must have been the out doors. Darn you nature! Beautiful day though, I think my car said 67 on my drive over, I ran in a tank top and shorts outside on Nov. 2! yay. Looking forward to the beer and bagel run next Sunday. Off to do some house work/grocery shopping. I'm doing breakfast for dinner tonight. I'm going to try my granpa's biscuit recipe with bacon and eggs. Maybe grands cinnamon rolls too? mmmm I'm hungry.


Blyfinn said...

That beer and bagel run sounds fun. Sounds like you're starting to like running outside. Even if your lungs don't completely agree.

Steve Stenzel said...

Damn Mother Nature.