Tuesday, November 4

Last few workouts.

I did a mini (very mini) tempo run yesterday. 5.5 for the first and last miles and 5.7 for the middle two. Boring but it was four miles which is a distance I've been struggling to want to complete on the treadmill. Having the up tempo for a few miles made it relatively interesting. Had some lateral right foot pain. Stretched my feet and ankles out today before my morning run. Felt so good to get up early and get out to the gym before I normally am even awake. Ran two miles cause I'm leaving myself time to go vote this morning before my meeting. I ran a hill workout on the treadmill. Ick. I know I'll be feeling that later. I did the workout at 5.5 which was about 23:40 for 2.05miles. Slow but done.
So, my meeting later this morning is another study session with the clinical nurse specialist on my floor. I've been meeting every week since later July to study for my oncology nurse certification. I'll be certified in oncology which makes me more marketable. And, if my hospital ever decides to implement the ladder system, maybe I'll get paid more. I'll get to put OCN behind my name along with my already achieved RN, BSN. Looking forward to it! I test the week of Thanksgiving so hopefully I'll pass. It's a really hard test from what I hear but studying with my cns has really kept me studying. I don't think I'd even crack a book once if it wasn't for her.

Here's to a relatively busy day off.


joyRuN said...

Good luck on the OCN! I'm a big fan of as many abbreviations as possible behind my name :)

M*J*C said...

Hope you're having a good day! Sounds like your workouts have been really good!!! I wish that I had fancy abbreviations to put behind my name...