Friday, November 14

I do not have a brain tumor!

It was in fact, an Ocular Migraine! Thank you Joy for your awesome diagnosing skills, but I do not think it was day shift, I have never worked overnight in my life :) Usually harmless, but if it interferes with my daily tasks (like driving) I should stop what I'm doing and rest. (I got that from the internet) My Dr. said it could happen again two weeks from now, two months, two years, and/or never again! Yay. I did have a full workup from my ophthalmologist who was very nice and helpful and talked to me for quite a while about it. Also talked to me about how there must be a God out there was a long appointment. The Dr said "well I know you're here for an exam but you know...."... 1/2hr later (it felt like) he was still talking. But he was very very nice and I will continue to see him, but a little, not what I expected to hear about you know? Weird. I did get a new pair of glasses, thank you vision insurance through my hubby's work!

This afternoon I ran .... drum role please... 7.2 miles!!!! Yes! I am smiling right now. Took me 1:25ish I guess, I stopped the treadmill three times so I may have lost count. I took many walk breaks but generally ran about 5.5. I think one mile was 5.0 three or so miles were at 5.7....the last 0.5 was at 6.2 just cause I could. So there, long run out of the way.

Weekly total up to 14 miles. Oh la dee da.


Mom on the Run said...

Way to go on the miles!

joyRuN said...

Excellent job on 7.2 miles!! Especially on a hamster wheel - I cannot stay on there that long.

So glad to hear you don't have a brain tumor, but do have a very nice eye doc :)

Blyfinn said...

Glad to hear the eye thing was nothing really serous.

And congrats on the long run!

ncrunner12 said...

Congrats on the run yo... great job!

M*J*C said...

That was a great run!! So glad to hear that everything turned out ok with "the brain"!!!!