Wednesday, November 26

Good news!

It's a suppository! (anyone watch futurama?)

Well, good news, I'm officially Kelly H., RN, BSN, OCN! Yay! Everyone can do a little happy dance. I've been studying since July and took my test this morning. I'm currently baking a cake for my clinical nurse specialist at work who has been tutoring me since July. I joked back in September that I'd bake her a cake, so I am. It's devil's food with pistachio pudding and chocolate chunks. I also dusted the inside of the bunt cake pan with Ghirardelli's hot chocolate mix and sprinkled chocolate chunks there as well, so hopefully it's tasty and good looking.

Made my Aunt Toni's brownies yesterday in preparation for Thanksgiving, they turned out fabulous if I do say so myself. I've had to sample a few of the outside brownies, cause really, who wants a crusty edge piece anyways, right?

In other running news, you may have noticed from my side board that my total this week is already 9miles. I know be amazed. Sunday I ran outside with my newer running buddy and her 110pound st Bernard! I think we did about 5miles in about 48minutes. I didn't start my watch until a few minutes into the run and her Nike ipod quit wanting to time us. So I gave us the benefit of the doubt. It was chilly but the miles just flew by. It did not feel like five miles when we were chatting the whole way.

Yesterday I ran we newer running buddy again, at the gym. Ran for 42minutes, did about 4miles. So that's 10:30min/mile. I did the first two at 11minutes and the third mile at 10minutes. The last mile just to get through it I did pick ups of 1min. At the end my faster pace was 8min/mile and I did two minutes, one minute recovery, then 1:30minutes and cool down walk. Felt good! I needed to do the pickups just to get me through the boredom of the final ten minutes.

Happy holidays everyone!


jen said...

Congrats on the OCN Test! I have no idea what that means except that you're very smart and can make yummy brownies. Or were those not related? hehe

Happy Thanksgiving!! Have a great day.

Mom on the Run said...

Congratulations Super Nurse Kelly!

To top it off, she bakes and runs :-) Glad you found another running buddy and some serious canine protection to boot!

Have a great Thanksgiving!

SJ said...

Congratulations, Kelly! (Does OCN have something to do with oncology?)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Blyfinn said...

Congrats! looks like you have a lot of good things going on. the OCN, fast 5 miler, and 9 total miles already!

However all I can think about is that cake that you described so well.

Bob Hazen said...

Congrats! Have a Great Thanksgiving!

Forey Jacobson said...

Not so warm thoughts of you as well!!!....signed Walks on Broken Glass ..(a.k.a The Naked Indian Man@ L.H.F. )

Anonymous said...

Yay. Way to go on the running and the OCN. That is awesome.

joyRuN said...

Congrats on the OCN!!!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving :)