Friday, November 28


That's my weekly total. Almost 20miles! Tiffany cancelled our long run after the festivities. And, I honestly wasn't disappointed. Well I kinda was but any excuse to get out of a long run... I'll take it. But then I got all competitive like sitting on the couch this afternoon. The conversation in my head was this:

"Self, didn't Tiffany run without you one time this week and you took the day off?"
"Why yes, yes she did. I think it was about 2.5miles without me."
"Well, get up and go to the gym, we're not going to let her win this week!"

I'm not that crazy, but it did occur to me that she had run without me and I didn't want to slack in my "training" and throw off my progress. So I dragged my butt off the couch and went to the gym for 2.6miles total in about 29minutes or so. Slow but fun. I did full quarter mile repeats at the end. 6.6-7.5 (or an 8min/mile).

Now I feel better, and my weekly total ROCKS!

Thursday, November 27

Grr. 4.82miles in about 45minutes. 9:20AP. 5K my a%&. Oh well it was a fun run out and back from the gym. Good thing I had my newer running buddy with me I would have never made it on my own. We started planning for our first 1/2 on this run. I can't believe I may actually sign up for one! AND run it!

ps check out my wicked awesome weekly total, I'm on my way to crushing my week's total from last week. I guess that's what you get when your short runs are 3 instead of 2miles and you have a buddy that encourages you to run 4-5 on an easier day.

Wednesday, November 26

Third post of the day.

Whoo hoo. I had a great run this evening. I did 3miles in 29:40. Which was under a 10min average pace. I did the first mile at 5.7. Second at 6.0 and third at 6.2 up to 6.5 and 7.0 for the last two mintues to get my three miles in under thirty minutes. Yay! Looking forward to my turkey trot tomorrow. And yes, OCN has to do with oncology. I am oncology certified now. I stole this from the oncology nursing certification website:

How does certification differ from an RN license? An RN license signifies a nurse has entry-level knowledge to provide care for patients, and is the minimum requirement for professional nurses. Although some states require continuing education for license renewal, others require only payment of a renewal fee. An RN license doesn't indicate whether a nurse has acquired knowledge beyond the required minimum, but certification does.
Certification is a voluntary process. It signifies a nurse has developed specialty knowledge beyond the entry level. Oncology certified nurses have met or exceeded requirements for practice in cancer care, have completed education in oncology nursing, and have a tested knowledge of the specialty. Certification in oncology nursing is based on current professional practice, so it validates a nurse's knowledge is up-to-date.
As cancer treatments become more complex, patients will require increasingly specialized care. Oncology certified nurses have both the knowledge and experience to deliver that care effectively.

That's about it for the evening, I swear. Off to make spaghetti to celebrate when the hubby gets home tonight.

I am so sorry.

Walks on Broken Glass. I am very sorry. I had no idea you had a blog or would read the comment I made on Blyfinn's blog. I do hope that you did not get pneumonia or any ill effects from your race. I was just thinking of how cold it must have been. And, while entertaining, you must have been freezing! I just didn't get it, that would be my own personal hell, I hate to be cold. It would never dawn on me to wear such a daring costume for a race. I hope you are well and I did not mean any harm or to hurt your feelings or make you feel bad.

I am very sorry.

Good news!

It's a suppository! (anyone watch futurama?)

Well, good news, I'm officially Kelly H., RN, BSN, OCN! Yay! Everyone can do a little happy dance. I've been studying since July and took my test this morning. I'm currently baking a cake for my clinical nurse specialist at work who has been tutoring me since July. I joked back in September that I'd bake her a cake, so I am. It's devil's food with pistachio pudding and chocolate chunks. I also dusted the inside of the bunt cake pan with Ghirardelli's hot chocolate mix and sprinkled chocolate chunks there as well, so hopefully it's tasty and good looking.

Made my Aunt Toni's brownies yesterday in preparation for Thanksgiving, they turned out fabulous if I do say so myself. I've had to sample a few of the outside brownies, cause really, who wants a crusty edge piece anyways, right?

In other running news, you may have noticed from my side board that my total this week is already 9miles. I know be amazed. Sunday I ran outside with my newer running buddy and her 110pound st Bernard! I think we did about 5miles in about 48minutes. I didn't start my watch until a few minutes into the run and her Nike ipod quit wanting to time us. So I gave us the benefit of the doubt. It was chilly but the miles just flew by. It did not feel like five miles when we were chatting the whole way.

Yesterday I ran we newer running buddy again, at the gym. Ran for 42minutes, did about 4miles. So that's 10:30min/mile. I did the first two at 11minutes and the third mile at 10minutes. The last mile just to get through it I did pick ups of 1min. At the end my faster pace was 8min/mile and I did two minutes, one minute recovery, then 1:30minutes and cool down walk. Felt good! I needed to do the pickups just to get me through the boredom of the final ten minutes.

Happy holidays everyone!

Saturday, November 22

15mile week!

As I predicted, 15miles this week. Didn't do a horribly long run today. Ended up talking to my dad for 1/2 parked outside the gym this morning. That kind of cut into my time so I did 4.77. Only on my way home did I realize that if I'd stayed on the treadmill another 3-4mintues I would have had an even 5miles. Bummer. Oh well. I ended up doing ai intervals the last twelve mintues (run hard, walk, repeat) just to mix it up a bit. I was really struggling after 40minutes. Just was bored today. And sadly enough, anxious to see Twilight. It was a good movie, not as great as the books, but I'm glad I saw it.

Thursday, November 20

So I think when I have my day's off with my hubby I should resign (I know that is spelled wrong but my handy spellchecker sees nothing wrong with that, huh) myself to the fact that they will inevitably go like this: Stay up too late cause, well, we don't have to work in the morning. Wake up late, don't go to the gym as planned. Eat donuts for brunch, eat lunch, and don't get a real start to the day until about 2pm when it's obviously way too late to try to get a workout in. Oh well, at least we spent the day together, right? I shouldn't be upset, and I'm not. We don't have kids (yet) and we enjoy our time together.

I think that I should wear a watch and time the amount of time I actually run. I started the treadmill and warmed up with a few minute walk. Ran my two miles (after my 13hr shift...had to stay late) in 21:00. It was officially 2.06 in 21:00 flat. But I ran at 6.5 for the whole time! That's super speedy for me! That's about 9:30/mile. The last two minutes I ran at about 6.8. That's about 9:13? It's late, I really can't do math. Anyways I think I ran faster than my treadmill and subsequently my buckeye account AP'd me at. So maybe I should wear the watch. I wonder if I could hit a magic button every mile and look back on the watch to see my "splits". Could I pause it too? I need to read my instructional handout which sadly, I kept.

Tuesday, November 18

Two workouts. Go me.

Just kidding. Well not about the workouts but the "go me!" business. I did a run in the morning cause my husband wanted to go to the gym before work, and well, I couldn't let him show me up. Did three miles in about 33minutes. I did the second mile in that interval style of running hard one minute and walking the next. That makes the run go by so quick. I think my running all out ranged from 6.5-8.0 and my normal mile went from 5.5 to 6.0 I think.

Then I run with a new running buddy, I'm such a ho. If you'll run with me, I'll run with you. Eh. Also a gal from work who I didn't know was a runner but we did the beer and bagel run together. And by together I mean we chatted at the start and she finished a full three minutes ahead of me and I saw nothing but her backside the rest of the race. So we decided to run for 30minutes and I did 2.9miles in 30minutes holding a 5.5 pace for the first mile. With 6.0 for the next 15min. escalating up to 6.5 and 7.0 towards the final few minutes of the run. Just to kick that run's a%$. Yay. My new running buddy looked at me and said "I have just a little bit more to go before I hit three miles". She had run at 4.5-5.5 and the last few minutes at 6.0 and up to 6.5 or so. So I started to wonder why her treadmill said "2.5" miles and she said she had run 3. She had her nike ipod+ in. She said "well you were running faster than me the whole time, I bet you're running more than you think. I bet you ran 4miles". Does that sound like something that could happen? That's why I ditched my ipod plus. Apparently her's estimates over and mine estimated under in distance. She suggested I calibrate on a track fo' reals. (she didn't say it like that I'm channeling my inner so you think you can dance star...back me up on this, some one had to watch that show)...anyways. When I emailed nike asking what was up with my ipod+ they said to calibrate on my actual running surface which is more often than not a treadmill so I calibrated there. But Tiffany swore by calibrating with an actual track. Any thoughts fellow or former nike+ users?

I think I'm going to run tomorrow and maybe Thursday after work. I think my long run this week will be Saturday. I have tentative plans to run with Tiffany Sunday Monday and Tuesday of next week. And then we're going to do a free 5K put on through our gym on Thursday. Then I can eat all day long! I love food.

Sunday, November 16

Lamar's rules.

Donuts after a run. MMM I love Sundays. Well, maybe not just Sundays but any day I decide I need to treat myself after a run. I have the house to myself this morning before I go to work for the evening shift. So I got myself some donuts.
Made it out for another run, at the gym. I think I'm falling into the "if it's not fast it's not good" or the "You're way too slow to call yourself a runner" mantra. :/ Walked for a few minutes then did the next 0.75 at 7.0. What was I thinking?! That's way faster than my normal fast pace of 6.0. Had to walk at the mile mark then went right back up to 7.0, bopped around from 7.0 to 6.5 to walking for the next 1.75 miles. I walked a lot during this almost three mile run. And I know I could have done the whole three if I didn't freak out and think that I had to start out fast or keep going fast to make it a good workout. I should just accept my slowness, but it's so hard to do that. I can't seem to let myself remember that this time last year I nearly cried because I ran two miles in a row without stopping, even if it was at 5.0 speed or something along those lines. Does anyone else get frustrated with their seemingly to them, lack of progress? Grr. If it's not the fact that I totally chickened out on a long run it's the fact that I didn't do my shorter runs fast enough. Why can't I just be happy that I got my butt off the couch and went to the gym?

Oh well, I did get a run in. Maybe I'll be on my way to another 14 or dare I say it 15mile week? :D

Friday, November 14

I do not have a brain tumor!

It was in fact, an Ocular Migraine! Thank you Joy for your awesome diagnosing skills, but I do not think it was day shift, I have never worked overnight in my life :) Usually harmless, but if it interferes with my daily tasks (like driving) I should stop what I'm doing and rest. (I got that from the internet) My Dr. said it could happen again two weeks from now, two months, two years, and/or never again! Yay. I did have a full workup from my ophthalmologist who was very nice and helpful and talked to me for quite a while about it. Also talked to me about how there must be a God out there was a long appointment. The Dr said "well I know you're here for an exam but you know...."... 1/2hr later (it felt like) he was still talking. But he was very very nice and I will continue to see him, but a little, not what I expected to hear about you know? Weird. I did get a new pair of glasses, thank you vision insurance through my hubby's work!

This afternoon I ran .... drum role please... 7.2 miles!!!! Yes! I am smiling right now. Took me 1:25ish I guess, I stopped the treadmill three times so I may have lost count. I took many walk breaks but generally ran about 5.5. I think one mile was 5.0 three or so miles were at 5.7....the last 0.5 was at 6.2 just cause I could. So there, long run out of the way.

Weekly total up to 14 miles. Oh la dee da.

Thursday, November 13

Quick workouts.

I don't know if they can be called workouts, but I've gone to the gym the last two days. Last night after the 12 I did 2.15miles. That broke down like this: 1st mile 10:40 2nd mile 9:15. I started out that run with a headache. Okay, I think I have a brain tumor. Yesterday morning right in the middle of my 9am med pass, I get this blurry vision. Only it wasn't blurry, it was a visual disturbance and only in my right eye. For the first 1/2hr or so it was like I had just seen a camera flash in the middle of my visual field. The remaining 45min or so it alternated between that and like this squiggly lightning bolt looking static. It went away after that but I was left with this residual left eye headache thing because of the strain of trying to see out of only my left eye, I think. So, I stepped on the treadmill 12hrs after this episode with the same headache. I refuse to take medicine apparently even though I'm a nurse and I know they work. I already had a standing appointment with my eye doctor Friday (tomorrow) so I'm keeping that. So tried to do three but chickened out because of my brain tumor. My husband thinks it might have been a blood clot or a ruptured blood vessel, we'll see. I forgot to tell my cardiologist about this today, sure he probably wouldn't care anyway. So before going to see said cardiologist I went to the gym again. After a late wake up, we got 15minutes in to workout! I did 1.55 miles in 15:23 which was a 9:55 pace. I tried feebly to do 1/2mile repeats (I think that's what they would be called). I did the first 0.5mi at 6.7, second walked a minute then did 5.5, then back up to 7.0 for the remaining 0.5 and walked 0.05 to cool down.

That's what I've been up to. I'm gearing up for a long run tomorrow, 6-8miles, hopefully. I'm planning on taking these jelly beans for energy and use them as a goal for running long (at 5miles maybe). Candy usually motivates me. I also will bring water, so I'll have plenty of distractions to use for "rest breaks". I think I might also try to walk for one minute every 10-12minutes of this run and see if my stamina is better. I get so frustrated when I think I've failed because I walked, but if I plan them in maybe it won't be so bad. I've read some marathon reports recently and about everyone of them included some walking, especially for the first timers. So I think I'll give it a try.

Cardiologist said every thing sounded verbatim from last year, so another appointment in a year if I don't get pregnant first, we'll see which happens first!

Tuesday, November 11

It's so easy to skip a run.

That's about all I have to say. Had intentions of running tonight. Made chicken and wild rice soup and hung out at home after the hubby came home from work. Eh. There's always tomorrow? I don't know though, I work a 12. Looks like a low mileage week this week. Although I do see my cardiologist Thursday. Maybe I'd better get out there tomorrow, make him proud.

Monday, November 10

Pictures! Let's see if this works.

Some pictures from the race:
Me and my hubby standing in line (I'm in the blue hat and blue jacket, he's in the jacket with the maroon hood, so supportive!):

Here's me during the race (trying to smile for the camera): I know the outfit is hideous but it was 25 out there, I have three long sleeve tops on, two pairs of running pants and a pair of shorts.

One last one, me crossing the finish line:

SO happy. No running today, woke up late and am a little sore from yesterday. My behind is killing me. Quite the workout even if it wasn't fast.

Sunday, November 9

So, I'm alive.

The next time I see "ski resort" and "4ish miles" and "off road", I'm going to think about it. It was fun, but didn't feel like I was running a race. I knew I was in trouble when to get to the start I was walking up a "hill" that was right next to the lift, we were walking up the lift. I said to a gal from work who I was walking with "At least we don't have to run up this!". And sure enough, half way-ish through the race we had made it back to this same spot and were "running" (I ran and walked half the way) up the same "hill". *Lots of " " in this sorry.* So. I completed the run, in maybe 49ish? I seriously walked most of it. Most of the downhills were pretty steep so hard to run those, and a lot of the up hill was single file and (while I didn't really think I could have run most of them) I had to walk because everyone else directly in front of me was walking. Everyone was really nice. There were a few points on the course where they had people planted to say "this down hill is really steep. If you're going to fall, fall on your butt so you slide down". My husband was a trooper and waited in the 26degree weather for me to finish. He was laughing cause he heard a lot of people's complaining as they crossed the finish line. One lady said "that was a fucking bitch!" really loud. Ha. (no that lady was not me). I came out of the chute (is that how you spell that?) and some guy said "you're a spotted runner, I've got something for you" and put a mizuno necklace thing around my neck. Now I had sprinted to the finish and was a little light headed with all the climbing and seriously altitude changes up there and thought "wow I get a medal!". I'm glad I didn't say that out loud because it was one of those key chain lanyard things. But I got to take that down to the mizuno booth and redeem it for a prize. I got the last prize available, men's medium windlite pants in navy with silver grey. Sadly, they fit sort of. So I either won my husband a super sweet pair of pants with warming technology or I've gotten myself a super sweet pair of fat pants or what I like to call "at least they'll fit me when I'm pregnant" pants! Yay. They're pretty awesome and totally worth the run. Wasn't a pr but it was fun-ish. I kept wussing out and thinking "I'm going to break an ankle! I'd better walk!". Ran about the last 1/2 mile besides having to walk half way down a hill to get to the finish line.

Fun times.

PER MILE PACE: 15:53 49:18

sadness, but it was really hard!

Saturday, November 8


no running. Should have run yesterday while the hubby was at work, didn't. Cause I called him around 10am and said "do you want to go to the gym with me this afternoon?". Knowing that he would say yes, and knowing that we wouldn't go. Woke up late this morning (915) after staying over at a friend's house til 130am. Now I'm not motivated to do anything but clean my house. Brian's weekend off, I'm working evening tonight. Then off to the beer and bagel run tomorrow. It's going to be early, I think I see a nap in my future tomorrow.

Reading every one's blogs, Joy and Jen for their awesome 12 and 10miles... I'm ashamed I didn't drag my butt out of bed for a run this morning. :(


Wednesday, November 5

Another run!

I wasn't expecting to run today. I had a 12hr shift at work today, but at 5:22 central staffing called to tell me that I was on call and to call at 10am to the floor to see if they needed me at 11am. Called at 10 and the charge said "stay on call girl, stay on call". So I went to the gym. I ran on the treadmill. 1st mile 5.5, 2nd 6.0, third (last 8minutes) 6.5 with two minutes of walking. Tired. I'm not sore from yesterday, maybe I'm just fatigued.

Could I be faster outside? I looked at my 3.1miles outside which was a whole minute/mile faster than my run was today. I think that when I'm on the treadmill too, that I look at the clock or how far I have left to go. When I'm outside I just know I need to run till I get back to my car or something. Hmm... I called up my running buddy since I heard she just started two months of night shifts and said "whenever you want to run just call me". She replied with "I think I have a stress fracture". :/ I hope she feels better soon! I like running outside especially with somebody.

Tuesday, November 4

Last few workouts.

I did a mini (very mini) tempo run yesterday. 5.5 for the first and last miles and 5.7 for the middle two. Boring but it was four miles which is a distance I've been struggling to want to complete on the treadmill. Having the up tempo for a few miles made it relatively interesting. Had some lateral right foot pain. Stretched my feet and ankles out today before my morning run. Felt so good to get up early and get out to the gym before I normally am even awake. Ran two miles cause I'm leaving myself time to go vote this morning before my meeting. I ran a hill workout on the treadmill. Ick. I know I'll be feeling that later. I did the workout at 5.5 which was about 23:40 for 2.05miles. Slow but done.
So, my meeting later this morning is another study session with the clinical nurse specialist on my floor. I've been meeting every week since later July to study for my oncology nurse certification. I'll be certified in oncology which makes me more marketable. And, if my hospital ever decides to implement the ladder system, maybe I'll get paid more. I'll get to put OCN behind my name along with my already achieved RN, BSN. Looking forward to it! I test the week of Thanksgiving so hopefully I'll pass. It's a really hard test from what I hear but studying with my cns has really kept me studying. I don't think I'd even crack a book once if it wasn't for her.

Here's to a relatively busy day off.

Sunday, November 2

Outside, alone

Wore one ear bud to feel safer. Ran by myself today, late in the day a little after noon. Even with waking up early cause of the time change I had a hard time peeling myself off the couch of doom. Ran the 5K route, approx. out and back around lake Z. Ran it in 29:43 baby. Took a walk for one minute halfway through. One more minute walk six minutes later cause I felt like I was getting asthma. Must have been the out doors. Darn you nature! Beautiful day though, I think my car said 67 on my drive over, I ran in a tank top and shorts outside on Nov. 2! yay. Looking forward to the beer and bagel run next Sunday. Off to do some house work/grocery shopping. I'm doing breakfast for dinner tonight. I'm going to try my granpa's biscuit recipe with bacon and eggs. Maybe grands cinnamon rolls too? mmmm I'm hungry.

Saturday, November 1

Sort of speedy.

Well, not entirely, just the middle.

I got this workout from the runner's world half marathon plan, and I like it. 2miles warm up, 1:00 5-7 aerobic intervals, walking in between for me, 2miles cool down. Can I just say that the cool down is SO hard. I just wanted to be done, but I did it! Yay. My AI's were from 7.0-8.5 which was a 7:03 min/mile for the last two intervals. I did a full mile in between my warm up and cool down and I think it was about 10:30 total with the walking and what not.

As for other workouts, didn't go as planned. Wednesday I did a 5K in about 33min with my new running buddy. Molly had eaten a big lunch so we walked for maybe a km in the middle? It seemed like a long walk but it was fun. And no vomiting, which is always a good goal to have during a run. Thursday was my husband's day off and we ended up getting a late start to the day (I have to confess we played Little Big Planet for 2.5 hours! And it was my idea!). Wanted to wake up a 7am on Friday to get a workout in ... but we split a bottle of wine Thursday night and went to bed late after playing more video games. We were lazy! But I think I did about 10miles this week, maybe 12-13 next week. Maybe it'll be easier to do 15miles if I work up to making the time in my week? Does that make sense?

I really enjoyed MJC's race report and can't wait to hear the others. Good luck NCrunner!