Sunday, October 12


Ran the 10K today. SO glad they added this distance. 5k seemed kinda whimpy for me this year but a 13.1 was a little out of my league. Ran in in about 1:10 with 11:16 ap. Felt pretty good, a little tired. Didn't seem to go as well as Friday's run. I wonder if that's because Friday I had in mind that I was going to do a longer distance than 6miles and today I knew I was going to 6.2? I allowed myself to feel tired earlier on in the run? I don't know.

Tomorrow I'm doing a semi private Pilate's reformer class just to see if I like it. For free, the rest of the classes wouldn't be free though, so I'm kinda hoping I hate it. We'll see. After that I may go for a swim. The hubby's working tomorrow night so it's that or go home and clean. Working out always wins over that.

Hope everyone had fun at their wwfor races. Go team!


ncrunner12 said...

Congrats on your 10K, I feel the same way, the 5K just isn't enough these days. Have a good week

Blyfinn said...

Good job. You'll be shocked how the distance you once thought was so long just seems to not even be enough for a training run in a few years.