Tuesday, October 14

went to private pilates session yesterday...




Blyfinn said...

Hope you work out the soreness.

As for the relay no we didn't win. Not even close. We had a few BIG boys that keep us at the back of the pack. So we mainly focused on having a great time which was pretty easy. There were many teams that we saw over and over again at exchange points that we got to know pretty well. And it was really run ride run. It went a lot faster then we expected which was a little sad considering how much fun it was.

The next race I'm doing is the race for the cure in Des Moines and then the Living History Farms Cross Country Race. If you are even thinking about the LHF race you should DO IT! The party run every year int he Midwest hands down.

SJ said...

I've never done pilates, but I've heard it can be a real kick in the pants...