Wednesday, October 1

Wednesday Long Run

So I had my long run today because I have another race this weekend. It's just a 5K but I do want to be rested. I ran my 6miles today in about 1:06. I think that I mostly averaged above an 11minute pace but the few walk breaks I allowed myself kinda brought up the total time on the treadmill. I think that stopping the treadmill at 2miles to take my now regular two mile break helped me run the total distance because I'd look at the treadmill and think "I've only gone three miles, I can do four", when in fact I'd gone 5miles. Mind games.

Am I strange for running only on the treadmill? I feel like I have this irrational fear that something bad will happen to me while I'm out running outside. I would love to find someone to run with, but I feel slower than most people and I feel like my schedule wouldn't really jive with others'. Hm.

Happy Wednesday. Off to work tomorrow and hopefully a swim in the afternoon if the hubby permits. I've only done that one swim this week (my measly 10laps) and am itching to go longer. Is swimming like running where it's best to mix up speed work and longer swims?


ncrunner12 said...

I can't stand running on the treadmill. I need scenery and you just don't get that on a treadmill. Plus I feel like if I'm going to be running outside I need to train outside, it's a completely different feel once you're out there.

Having a running partner is great, but it is hard to find someone that keeps the same pace unless you're with a big group. If your neighborhood has sidewalks try and go out for a few miles after work. Sidewalks are safer and it's a busy time of day with people getting off work so you're safe.

Blyfinn said...

I was glad that I was able to say good bye to my grandmother also.

As for all the treadmill running.... don't worry about it. We all start somewhere. At least you're doing it! Heck I'll be on the treadmill a lot in the coming months due to Iowa winters.

Mom on the Run said...

I began running on the treadmill when I first started and I did the majority of training for a half on a treadmill because the weather outside was so bad. As long as I could watch What Not to Wear, I was good to go :-).

Once you get used to the challenges of outside, it is wonderful. I'm fortunate as we live in a small town and feel relatively safe.

Check at your gym to see if there is a running group or at a local running store. If there are some big races in your area, contact the organizers to see if they have a training group. I think you will be surprised at the range of speeds you'll find. Even if you end up running by yourself, you'll be out there with a group of people and hopefully not feel so alone.

Also, running with someone who is a little faster than you can be a good thing sometimes as it will push you to go faster - just let the other person do all of the talking. That's what happened to me.

Sorry for the long comment. I hope it helps.

Good luck on your race tomorrow!