Friday, October 17

Three miles today.

So, I did three miles on the treadmill. Had to stop at 12:30 or so minutes to take a potty break (I hate my body) then tried to do some calculations in my head as to how much longer/faster I would need to run to do 3miles in under 30minutes. Why? Because all of the sudden to me, I'm a big fat loser for running any slower. Which is stupid because this time last year I know I wasn't even running two miles at a time. I know I should worry about distance instead of time but ... I'm too impatient.

I registered for a race in Lincoln on Sunday. I'm pretty nervous but it'll be in the middle of the day which gives me plenty of time to get out there (it's about 45minutes away). If the race started at 8am there's no way. Plus I think that I get a long sleeve tee which I heart way more than short sleeved. :D Fashion. That's why I run races. So anyways it's a 5K could have been 15 but I'm a whimp. Couldn't find anyone to go with me so I hope I find the place all right. The directions on the website are a little vague to someone who's not familiar with Lincoln, NE. It says "All races start and finish near the Governor's Mansion, 14th and "H" Streets."....hmmm, that's kinda hard to map on yahoo. So I'll have to factor in driving around in circles time. Plus, what about parking? Ah, I'm glad again that it's in the middle of the day. Maybe it'll be warmer?

I don't really like going to races by myself because I have this irrational fear that my car will get broken into and my stuff'll get stolen. I like my hubby there to hold onto my stuff (and cheer me on). Oh well. Here's to adventures.

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Blyfinn said...

Good luck! I'm sure it will all play out well.

Are you planning on having your mileage up to the point were you might run the Lincoln half marathon next spring? I always run that one.