Thursday, October 9


So, thanks MJC for tagging me!

I guess I have to tag a few people and tell a few things about myself.

First, tagging:

1)Running Stories, Jenn

2)Mom on the Run

3)Just keep Running, SJ

4) POM

5)My so called Running, Kate

Okay six facts:

1) I was born in Texas I was raised in Chicago

2) There is not a day that I can recall, ever, except when I was was relatively NPO-clear liquids diet that I have not consumed chocolate.

3) I've never been athletic, I didn't walk until I was four. Was also on oxygen until the age of four.

4) I am a former Shriner's Hospital for Children's patient from 1999.

5) I find everyone... EVERYONE... intimidating.

6) I really am a naturally shy person despite having a blog and talking to you folks.

Okay wanted to run after work tonight. But didn't get out of work until 9pm. 7-9, that's a pretty long day, so I called it quits and will try for a long run tomorrow. Maybe 10miles?! I know craziness.


Blyfinn said...

Wow, you hit some deep things there. I always find it interesting how people can open up in these blogs.

M*J*C said...

Very interesting post! You are BECOMING very athletic!!! Good for you!!! Hope you have a great run!

ncrunner12 said...

I would have never guessed some of those things. From what I've read on your blog you are very athletic so congrats on getting there. have a great weekend.

P.O.M. said...

Someone tried to tell me that runners aren't atheletes. I wanted to kick him in the nuts and then RACE his ass. ha ha.

Look how far you've come!!