Friday, October 3

Swam today with the hubby. I think he's seen how toned I'm getting and wants to join in. Ha! Just kidding. But he's been trying. He's been working on his form and breathing just like I was at the beginning of the summer. I swam 20 laps and wanted to swim it in under 1/2hr, which was about how long it took me last week. 28:20 today. Yay. Wearing my watch is helping. And, when I was done I turned to my husband and said "I'm going to do a few cool down laps". Can you believe it?! My husband said "be careful!" cause I had said I was a tingly from swimming the last 4 laps at a faster pace than normal to finish in time. I said casually, "I'm just cooling down, I'm not going to go fast". I swam a SLOW lap of freestyle and a length of back and a length of breast in four minutes. Talk about slow.

Fun times. I think it was the best choice to swim instead of run cause my hamstrings are sore! I gardened after my 6mile run the other day and that did me in.

So on a tangent...We're thinking about starting a family in the next couple of years. Which means I'll be pregnant. Does anyone have any thoughts about running or swimming during pregnancy? I thought I'd get good enough at swimming for that to be my main form of exercise in the later months cause frankly it just seems like it would be too uncomfortable to run. But I've never been pregnant, so, what do I know. Just a thought. I'm girlie I think about these things....sorry.


Mom on the Run said...

I started running about a year after my youngest was born so I don't have a lot of experience exercising while pregnant - although I did walk 3 miles a day about five times a week to work and back while pregnant with my first and felt fantastic.

Anyway, a good blog to read is Baby Steps on Runner's World. The author, Lisa Jhung just had her baby back in June, I think. But started writing the blog early on in her pregnancy. Also, another blog to follow is Susan's at She just announced she's expecting and runs. Just a thought.

Hope you are well.

Jael Victoria said...

Hi...i just discover your blog and finished reading all your posts. I've been having some problems with the "gettin' started" at this running thing...i just can't seem to get out of the bed to do it, and i'm getting frustrated with that. Any advice? i haven't worked out in sooooo long, but i do walk over 40 minutes every day and manage to stay pretty thin, but no at all fitted. Besides i'm not much of an early person, but i would rather exercise in the morning and then get the rest of the night off.
You have really motivated me..!!

again..any advice???

(by the way, i'm writing you from Chile...yey!!!!!)