Sunday, October 26

Pilates, revisited.

Went to Pilate's yesterday "Pilate's for better backs" 1 1/2 hrs mat class. Again, my stomach hurts so bad it's pathetic. There was a chiropractor there with a "gait analysis" machine which I hopped on after the class for a quick analysis. Apparently I have the worst flat feet she'd seen that day. She said my achilles are even swayed. She asked if I had a lot of sports injuries in high school, to which I laughed out loud and said that I wasn't in the least sportsy until about a year ago. But that come to think of it I had had some ankle and feet pain during/after I run. She said she was surprised I didn't have more knee pain and suggested that if and when I do become pregnant I live in shoes or my feet will just fall completely and I'll really be in trouble. Now she did suggest orthotics (sp?), even just over the counter ones. Does anyone run in those? That seems uncomfortable but I've never worn them before. Hopefully I'll get out for a run today. We'll see.


Blyfinn said...

I would think that would be uncomfortable also. I guess it would be better then the alternative though. You would be in some serious trouble if your feet dropped completely.

joyRuN said...

My chiropractor had recommended SuperFeet in green for my flatsies:

Most specialty running stores I've seen carry them.

Good luck!