Tuesday, October 7

One mile, swim.

1750yards. If I did my math right, that's ONE MILE SWIMMING!!!! In under an hour which was my goal. Officially the watch said "48:55". I did take several... many breaks stand up and fix my goggles etc. Does anyone else have trouble with goggles fogging up? I mostly used that as an excuse to stand up and get my barrings. Here's how it broke down:

Laps 1-5 slow, easy.
Laps 5-10 getting into the groove, feeling a little slow still.
Laps 10-20ish fighting nausea from a way to dressing-y pasta salad I made and ate for dinner.
Laps 20-25... maybe I can do 35 laps...yeah I can.
Laps 25-30 so slow, tired felt like I was crawling from end to end.
Laps 30-35, just five more to go.
Laps 34-35 .... just finish the swim already, and at the same time, this feels great.

I had this big goofy grin on my face when I finished lap 35. I felt like I had when I had run 2miles for the first time ever. I know I'll feel even better when I can swim the distance without stopping.

When I swim I find it easy to keep track of my laps if I repeat to myself "0.5 laps" or "5.5laps"...etc. You get the idea, but I say the 1/2 lap I'm on and going to in my head over and over so I don't lose my place. I find it easier (mind games) to start over my counting every ten laps so that my brain thinks "you've only done 2.5laps, you can do more", like when I start over my treadmill when I run...I don't forget I've started over but it's easier to count 1.5 than 21.5 over and over in my head...I don't remember where I was going with this.

Getting out of the water and walking back to my car, I wasn't dizzy. But I was slightly disoriented. I felt like I didn't have my sea legs or something. Does this ever happen to anyone else?

And, weird question for you girl swimmers out there...I bought this one piece Speedo last year about this time before I'd even started swimming so I could go without going skinny dipping. Anyways it's been a year and I'm running and swimming more much more than I was last year. While I haven't lost a lot of weight, I wonder if maybe I dropped a swimsuit size? I get bubbles or air caught in the back of my swimsuit by my lower back when I swim. It's kind of distracting and I thought maybe it was because it was too loose there or something? Maybe this always happens with one pieces and I've just been wearing my two piece too often?


joyRuN said...

Personally, I "adjust" my goggles whenever I get tired - works for me, but maybe that's why I swim as slow as I run ;)

As for the swimsuit issue - sounds like the fit's wrong. I haven't had that happen to me.

ncrunner12 said...

WOW... I'm no swimmer, and I never pretend to be. I've heard time after time that it's so relaxing and peacful... whatever, I just can't get the breathing thing down.

I understand the importance of it and how great a cross training exercise it is... you did a great job, keep it up.

Jael Victoria said...

Hi...i just discover your blog and finished reading all your posts. I've been having some problems with the "gettin' started" at this running thing...i just can't seem to get out of the bed to do it, and i'm getting frustrated with that. Any advice? i haven't worked out in sooooo long, but i do walk over 40 minutes every day and manage to stay pretty thin, but no at all fitted. Besides i'm not much of an early person, but i would rather exercise in the morning and then get the rest of the night off.
You have really motivated me..!!

again..any advice???

(by the way, i'm writing you from Chile...yey!!!!!)