Monday, October 20

New running buddy!

So Molly and I from work met up at 12 to run our long run. I don't have much experience running outside so this was going to be fun. We made in about 4.5miles around a lake here in town in about 45minutes. We stopped twice just to walk for a bit. That was much needed. We're getting together tomorrow for another run, maybe shorter like just a 5K? Maybe a quick two miles? We'll see. I'm working tomorrow 8hrs so it'll be after I get off work. Probably no run on Wed. cause I'll be working a 12 for sure. And Thursday I'll be working 8 but then I'm off to Lincoln for a bachelorette party, so no run. Friday will be my next run after Tuesday. Saturday morning I have the Pilate's for Better Backs class for 1 1/2 hrs. If I can get my butt out of bed maybe I'll do a run before that. So, that's my plan.

Happy week of running everybody. Oh! I think I'm signing up for the Beer and Bagel Run in Iowa. It's listed as a 5K off road but the sign up form says "4 mile-ish off road run". Yikes!


jen said...

How fun that you have a new running buddy!! Sounds like you make a great pair.

Congrats on your 5k too. :)

Blyfinn said...

Where is this "Beer and Bagel Run". I haven't heard of it.

ncrunner12 said...

Having a running buddy is key especially when you're first getting into the sport... any kind of extra encouragement helps.

A Beer and Bagel run sounds like a great idea... wish they would have one here

Mom on the Run said...

I'm so glad you found someone to run with. I hope you both keep it going. It is great to have the accountability, the encouragement, and company.

Running with someone else made all the difference in my marathon.