Monday, October 20

5K, no pr.

Governor`s Cup yesterday. Made it out to Lincoln and back on time and without getting lost. That was a start. Here are my results:

Name: Kelly H.
Distance: 5K Time: 31:15
Pace: 10:04
Overall Place: 160 of 272
Place in Gender: 81 of 171
Division F2529 Place: 17 of 28

It started out pretty good. I had gotten there a little under an hour before the race. I picked up my shirt (very cute) and was so glad that I had worn a tank top under my long sleeve. It was 80degrees by 3pm! Now the race started out a little congested, but I found a little groove and started passing a few people. The halfway point I thought "okay, we're taking this alley way around, I'll just walk through and grab some water". NO WATER! 80 degrees, I hadn't drank anything before the race to avoid nausea and now I was regretting it. Walked through the turn around alley parched. Getting passed by all those people I had passed getting to that point. That was disappointing. But I couldn't even swallow saliva, you know what I mean? I almost grabbed the latte out of the guy's hand at the end of the alley who was telling us to turn. Made it the rest of the way back walking and running as I could. Very disappointing. And I think it was all because of my lack of hydration. My calves felt a little sore about 3/4 of the way to the finish but I don't normally run outside so that was no surprise. I didn't even have enough in me to do my normal sprint to the finish. I rounded the last corner and saw 30 something on the time clock and knew I didn't have my PR. But I knew sooner or later I would have to stop getting PR's in every 5K I enter. :) I was passed in the last stretch by people sprinting to the finish and I cheered them on as I trudged along.

So good race, well organized, cute shirts....needed a water stop!

I'll probably try and do the race again next year if I have this same weekend off.

Today I'm looking forward to a long run with my new running buddy (we'll see how it goes). It's a gal from work who wants to train for the Lincoln half in the spring and maybe a full in the fall of 09. We'll take it one run at a time I think.

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Congrats on the marathon mom on the run! I have yet to read the report and am so looking forward to it!


Blyfinn said...

Wow that stinks about the lack of water. I would have been pretty upset. 80 is pretty warm for Neb. in October.

ncrunner12 said...

I can't believe there was no water stop... that's crazy! I would've loved to see the face on that guy if you had taken his latte... how funny.