Friday, October 10

10miles? What was I thinking!

Will I ever reach double digits?!

So here's the break down. I ran for 30minutes, allowed myself a 3minute walk break thinking I'd need one to get to the potty. Actually, I was planning on stopping at 20min, but felt pretty good. I was going at a slow 11min pace. During the first mile I thought I felt some pain in my right lower leg, but that soon went away. Probably getting all the kinks out from not running for nearly a week. No need to use the restroom so I powered on, slow and steady until about 60min. I think it was 55:40 but I had gone five miles and thought that was a good stopping point. Went to the restroom drank from my 1.5liter water bottle and got back on the treadmill. It was all ALL downhill from there. I planned to get back on and run another 5, but it was late in the day (after 12), I felt more fatigued than I'm used to getting back on treadmill. I think it was because I usually take a break at 2miles and this break was at 5. I only lasted a mile. Tried to make the most of it by running fast, the last 1/2mile was at 6.5miles/hr. Oh well. I'm doing the Zen 10K on Sunday before work so I guess it would have been bad to do 10 today anyways right?

I wonder if taking a shot block or some other form of energy would have helped? Those things make me nervous cause my mom's family has heart disease (more specifically irregular heartbeats which can be triggered by caffeine). I avoid anything with the word "energy" in the name. I have never had a red bull and I think caffeinated products are dangerous. Mostly because of my family history. Do shot blocks or other similar products which claim to give you energy do so by caffeine or just extra carbs or something during your workouts? What have you all used that you have found helpful?

Maybe next week I'll pull off 10miles...I feel like I've been at this almost a year and I'm not really getting any where. I'm neither fast nor can run very long. My longest run ever was 8miles and that was a one time wonder. Maybe if I was more consistent like I was training really training for a race? But, I've tried to follow training plans to keep up my mileage and that doesn't work either, too easy to cheat. I swear I've heard of people running their first halfs within their first year of running. Are all those people naturally athletic? Were they runners in high school who gave it up for a few years and now have it back?

I'm pretty happy over all with my run. Can't wait for Sunday to do it again! :D

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joyRuN said...

I ran, then stopped & had kids. Then I ran little distances for about one-two years before going for my first 10-mile race. I've been going for more since.

Took me a while to figure out that I needed something in me to last past 10 miles. I go for PowerGels, but I'm not sure if they have a decaf variety. I HAVE heard people try regular jelly beans, swedish fish, milky ways (plain old candy) to refuel during a run. I can't chew/breathe at the same time, so I've stuck with the Gel.

Keep going - good luck & happy running!