Monday, October 27

Two miles.

Ran after work today (which was 12hours yay nursing). First mile in 10:01 including a short walk to warm up. Second mile in 9:19. Pretty speedy. Just to get it over with though. Just didn't have much more in me cause I'm back tomorrow for another 12. Running date with Molly on Wed. Probably not going to run tomorrow, will probably do dinner with the hubby. So, if I do 3miles on Wed, 2-3 on Thursday, 5 on Friday... and 3 on Saturday... that'll be 15miles. I can do that. We'll see how this goes. So far so good.

Sunday, October 26

Holy no running, Batman!

Yeah. No running since... Monday of last week? Wow. How do I expect to get better if I don't do it?! I did have my husband's birthday Friday and Pilate's and a wedding to go to Saturday. But I really should have gone out Wed. or Thursday, really. Maybe tomorrow after work? See it's 12 and I'm back the next day for another 12. So it's hard to get over to the gym right after work when I may not be out of work until 8 or 8:30 and have to come back and do it all over again the next day at 7am. I know, just making excuses! Maybe just a quick two miles tomorrow, I'd like to try to average 15miles a week for the next month. Last week was... 7.6 but that was in two days. I think I could do 15 spread out over four or five days. Maybe Molly'll want to run again with me.

sigh. I hate nights before I have to work, they bum me out so much and it's stupid cause I like my job. I think it's just the fact that I should probably be in bed right now, and I just don't want to go to bed....I sound like a whiny little kid! grrr. I've had enough of this post.

good night folks.

Pilates, revisited.

Went to Pilate's yesterday "Pilate's for better backs" 1 1/2 hrs mat class. Again, my stomach hurts so bad it's pathetic. There was a chiropractor there with a "gait analysis" machine which I hopped on after the class for a quick analysis. Apparently I have the worst flat feet she'd seen that day. She said my achilles are even swayed. She asked if I had a lot of sports injuries in high school, to which I laughed out loud and said that I wasn't in the least sportsy until about a year ago. But that come to think of it I had had some ankle and feet pain during/after I run. She said she was surprised I didn't have more knee pain and suggested that if and when I do become pregnant I live in shoes or my feet will just fall completely and I'll really be in trouble. Now she did suggest orthotics (sp?), even just over the counter ones. Does anyone run in those? That seems uncomfortable but I've never worn them before. Hopefully I'll get out for a run today. We'll see.

Wednesday, October 22

No run with Molly yesterday, rainy cold, we both whimped out. Did get a few laps in swimming though, which went okay. I hadn't swam for two weeks? I think. I felt disorganized and off balance swimming. I felt like each stroke tilted my whole body like I wasn't really straight. Does that make any sense? I don't know if it was because I was tired from working till midnight and then working at 7am the next day or because I hadn't swam in two weeks. If I'm just that out of practice? Oh well. Better luck next time. 750yrds in about 18min.

Monday, October 20

New running buddy!

So Molly and I from work met up at 12 to run our long run. I don't have much experience running outside so this was going to be fun. We made in about 4.5miles around a lake here in town in about 45minutes. We stopped twice just to walk for a bit. That was much needed. We're getting together tomorrow for another run, maybe shorter like just a 5K? Maybe a quick two miles? We'll see. I'm working tomorrow 8hrs so it'll be after I get off work. Probably no run on Wed. cause I'll be working a 12 for sure. And Thursday I'll be working 8 but then I'm off to Lincoln for a bachelorette party, so no run. Friday will be my next run after Tuesday. Saturday morning I have the Pilate's for Better Backs class for 1 1/2 hrs. If I can get my butt out of bed maybe I'll do a run before that. So, that's my plan.

Happy week of running everybody. Oh! I think I'm signing up for the Beer and Bagel Run in Iowa. It's listed as a 5K off road but the sign up form says "4 mile-ish off road run". Yikes!

5K, no pr.

Governor`s Cup yesterday. Made it out to Lincoln and back on time and without getting lost. That was a start. Here are my results:

Name: Kelly H.
Distance: 5K Time: 31:15
Pace: 10:04
Overall Place: 160 of 272
Place in Gender: 81 of 171
Division F2529 Place: 17 of 28

It started out pretty good. I had gotten there a little under an hour before the race. I picked up my shirt (very cute) and was so glad that I had worn a tank top under my long sleeve. It was 80degrees by 3pm! Now the race started out a little congested, but I found a little groove and started passing a few people. The halfway point I thought "okay, we're taking this alley way around, I'll just walk through and grab some water". NO WATER! 80 degrees, I hadn't drank anything before the race to avoid nausea and now I was regretting it. Walked through the turn around alley parched. Getting passed by all those people I had passed getting to that point. That was disappointing. But I couldn't even swallow saliva, you know what I mean? I almost grabbed the latte out of the guy's hand at the end of the alley who was telling us to turn. Made it the rest of the way back walking and running as I could. Very disappointing. And I think it was all because of my lack of hydration. My calves felt a little sore about 3/4 of the way to the finish but I don't normally run outside so that was no surprise. I didn't even have enough in me to do my normal sprint to the finish. I rounded the last corner and saw 30 something on the time clock and knew I didn't have my PR. But I knew sooner or later I would have to stop getting PR's in every 5K I enter. :) I was passed in the last stretch by people sprinting to the finish and I cheered them on as I trudged along.

So good race, well organized, cute shirts....needed a water stop!

I'll probably try and do the race again next year if I have this same weekend off.

Today I'm looking forward to a long run with my new running buddy (we'll see how it goes). It's a gal from work who wants to train for the Lincoln half in the spring and maybe a full in the fall of 09. We'll take it one run at a time I think.

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Congrats on the marathon mom on the run! I have yet to read the report and am so looking forward to it!

Friday, October 17

Three miles today.

So, I did three miles on the treadmill. Had to stop at 12:30 or so minutes to take a potty break (I hate my body) then tried to do some calculations in my head as to how much longer/faster I would need to run to do 3miles in under 30minutes. Why? Because all of the sudden to me, I'm a big fat loser for running any slower. Which is stupid because this time last year I know I wasn't even running two miles at a time. I know I should worry about distance instead of time but ... I'm too impatient.

I registered for a race in Lincoln on Sunday. I'm pretty nervous but it'll be in the middle of the day which gives me plenty of time to get out there (it's about 45minutes away). If the race started at 8am there's no way. Plus I think that I get a long sleeve tee which I heart way more than short sleeved. :D Fashion. That's why I run races. So anyways it's a 5K could have been 15 but I'm a whimp. Couldn't find anyone to go with me so I hope I find the place all right. The directions on the website are a little vague to someone who's not familiar with Lincoln, NE. It says "All races start and finish near the Governor's Mansion, 14th and "H" Streets."....hmmm, that's kinda hard to map on yahoo. So I'll have to factor in driving around in circles time. Plus, what about parking? Ah, I'm glad again that it's in the middle of the day. Maybe it'll be warmer?

I don't really like going to races by myself because I have this irrational fear that my car will get broken into and my stuff'll get stolen. I like my hubby there to hold onto my stuff (and cheer me on). Oh well. Here's to adventures.

Tuesday, October 14


At least I think that's what this workout should be called. That or speed work. Three miles total for about 30:30. Did one mile at 6.0. Second I did walk/run fast. Walk 3.5 and then run from 7.2-8.0 or a 7min/mile pace! Last two minutes at 8.0! Third mile at 6.2. Woo hoo. Feels good. Looking forward to tomorrow.
went to private pilates session yesterday...



Sunday, October 12


Ran the 10K today. SO glad they added this distance. 5k seemed kinda whimpy for me this year but a 13.1 was a little out of my league. Ran in in about 1:10 with 11:16 ap. Felt pretty good, a little tired. Didn't seem to go as well as Friday's run. I wonder if that's because Friday I had in mind that I was going to do a longer distance than 6miles and today I knew I was going to 6.2? I allowed myself to feel tired earlier on in the run? I don't know.

Tomorrow I'm doing a semi private Pilate's reformer class just to see if I like it. For free, the rest of the classes wouldn't be free though, so I'm kinda hoping I hate it. We'll see. After that I may go for a swim. The hubby's working tomorrow night so it's that or go home and clean. Working out always wins over that.

Hope everyone had fun at their wwfor races. Go team!

Friday, October 10

10miles? What was I thinking!

Will I ever reach double digits?!

So here's the break down. I ran for 30minutes, allowed myself a 3minute walk break thinking I'd need one to get to the potty. Actually, I was planning on stopping at 20min, but felt pretty good. I was going at a slow 11min pace. During the first mile I thought I felt some pain in my right lower leg, but that soon went away. Probably getting all the kinks out from not running for nearly a week. No need to use the restroom so I powered on, slow and steady until about 60min. I think it was 55:40 but I had gone five miles and thought that was a good stopping point. Went to the restroom drank from my 1.5liter water bottle and got back on the treadmill. It was all ALL downhill from there. I planned to get back on and run another 5, but it was late in the day (after 12), I felt more fatigued than I'm used to getting back on treadmill. I think it was because I usually take a break at 2miles and this break was at 5. I only lasted a mile. Tried to make the most of it by running fast, the last 1/2mile was at 6.5miles/hr. Oh well. I'm doing the Zen 10K on Sunday before work so I guess it would have been bad to do 10 today anyways right?

I wonder if taking a shot block or some other form of energy would have helped? Those things make me nervous cause my mom's family has heart disease (more specifically irregular heartbeats which can be triggered by caffeine). I avoid anything with the word "energy" in the name. I have never had a red bull and I think caffeinated products are dangerous. Mostly because of my family history. Do shot blocks or other similar products which claim to give you energy do so by caffeine or just extra carbs or something during your workouts? What have you all used that you have found helpful?

Maybe next week I'll pull off 10miles...I feel like I've been at this almost a year and I'm not really getting any where. I'm neither fast nor can run very long. My longest run ever was 8miles and that was a one time wonder. Maybe if I was more consistent like I was training really training for a race? But, I've tried to follow training plans to keep up my mileage and that doesn't work either, too easy to cheat. I swear I've heard of people running their first halfs within their first year of running. Are all those people naturally athletic? Were they runners in high school who gave it up for a few years and now have it back?

I'm pretty happy over all with my run. Can't wait for Sunday to do it again! :D

Thursday, October 9


So, thanks MJC for tagging me!

I guess I have to tag a few people and tell a few things about myself.

First, tagging:

1)Running Stories, Jenn

2)Mom on the Run

3)Just keep Running, SJ

4) POM

5)My so called Running, Kate

Okay six facts:

1) I was born in Texas I was raised in Chicago

2) There is not a day that I can recall, ever, except when I was was relatively NPO-clear liquids diet that I have not consumed chocolate.

3) I've never been athletic, I didn't walk until I was four. Was also on oxygen until the age of four.

4) I am a former Shriner's Hospital for Children's patient from 1999.

5) I find everyone... EVERYONE... intimidating.

6) I really am a naturally shy person despite having a blog and talking to you folks.

Okay wanted to run after work tonight. But didn't get out of work until 9pm. 7-9, that's a pretty long day, so I called it quits and will try for a long run tomorrow. Maybe 10miles?! I know craziness.

Tuesday, October 7

One mile, swim.

1750yards. If I did my math right, that's ONE MILE SWIMMING!!!! In under an hour which was my goal. Officially the watch said "48:55". I did take several... many breaks stand up and fix my goggles etc. Does anyone else have trouble with goggles fogging up? I mostly used that as an excuse to stand up and get my barrings. Here's how it broke down:

Laps 1-5 slow, easy.
Laps 5-10 getting into the groove, feeling a little slow still.
Laps 10-20ish fighting nausea from a way to dressing-y pasta salad I made and ate for dinner.
Laps 20-25... maybe I can do 35 laps...yeah I can.
Laps 25-30 so slow, tired felt like I was crawling from end to end.
Laps 30-35, just five more to go.
Laps 34-35 .... just finish the swim already, and at the same time, this feels great.

I had this big goofy grin on my face when I finished lap 35. I felt like I had when I had run 2miles for the first time ever. I know I'll feel even better when I can swim the distance without stopping.

When I swim I find it easy to keep track of my laps if I repeat to myself "0.5 laps" or "5.5laps"...etc. You get the idea, but I say the 1/2 lap I'm on and going to in my head over and over so I don't lose my place. I find it easier (mind games) to start over my counting every ten laps so that my brain thinks "you've only done 2.5laps, you can do more", like when I start over my treadmill when I run...I don't forget I've started over but it's easier to count 1.5 than 21.5 over and over in my head...I don't remember where I was going with this.

Getting out of the water and walking back to my car, I wasn't dizzy. But I was slightly disoriented. I felt like I didn't have my sea legs or something. Does this ever happen to anyone else?

And, weird question for you girl swimmers out there...I bought this one piece Speedo last year about this time before I'd even started swimming so I could go without going skinny dipping. Anyways it's been a year and I'm running and swimming more much more than I was last year. While I haven't lost a lot of weight, I wonder if maybe I dropped a swimsuit size? I get bubbles or air caught in the back of my swimsuit by my lower back when I swim. It's kind of distracting and I thought maybe it was because it was too loose there or something? Maybe this always happens with one pieces and I've just been wearing my two piece too often?

Monday, October 6

New 5K pr.

I participated in the race for the cure yesterday morning. Woke up at 5am, after planning to wake up at 6:00, cut fabric for the quilt feeling icky. I had eaten a pound of strawberries on a whim Saturday night after a glass and a half of wine... pretty sure that's why I woke up with a sour stomach. Pre race medicated myself with Imodium and peptobismol tablets, this was going to be a great race. On the ride there, I honestly thought I might throw up. Yay. I love feeling this way! Got to the event, got my number. At about 8:15 my hubby got there and grabbed my stuff and I got back across the start line before they turned the timing mat on. Race started at 8:30 right on time and since I was being timed, I was able to be at the front of the huge pack. I didn't bring my ipod for the nike + or the music so it was me and all the other thousands of runners. I liked having run this course before, I knew there would be a water stop just after the turn around and I looked forward to it. Not having my ipod there, it was hard to judge distance. I felt like I did nothing but get passed the whole race. There were some good runners out there. I was even passed by two ladies pushing strollers. I kept telling myself that they had probably been running a lot longer than me, this is only my second year running...blah blah blah. I walked through the water stop drank about 1/2 a cup and tossed it in the trash and started running again. Last year by that point I had started walking after about 1km. I walked probably close to half the race last year, it was so hot. I think I finished somewhere around 38:14 last year. This year, they changed up the finish line so you had an incline right before the line. Evil. I finished in about 30:30 I think which will be a pr once I have the official time results. Yay. Didn't puke, didn't feel too bad afterwards. That was about it. Good run, outside for once. I love all the support and positive attitudes around that race. I'm sure I'll do it again next year.

Oh yes, and for those who remember a few posts ago, I'd been talking myself up for about 6months to some of the doctors on the floor. One of them, Dr. T. did pass me. I never saw Dr. I. so he'll be a mystery until I see him at work or see his name of the results list. I'm too impatient. I want to know how I did!

Saturday, October 4


Ran two miles last night. Wanted to see if I could do 4 in under 40min. Hey if I can do three in under 30, why not try for four. But I had this huge Italian sandwich for lunch and it came back to haunt me. I had to stop at to before I vomited. Yay for gross descriptions! I think I might take a break today. I'm still sore from the gardening and 6miles on Wednesday and I have that race tomorrow. I don't want to push it and injure myself or something. Not that I'm real high mileage or anything. I probably could. I have plans to day to wash my fabric for my quilt and get reacquainted with my sewing machine. Hopefully I remember how to thread the bobbin. Thank goodness for you tube instructional videos.

Happy Weekend.

Friday, October 3

Swam today with the hubby. I think he's seen how toned I'm getting and wants to join in. Ha! Just kidding. But he's been trying. He's been working on his form and breathing just like I was at the beginning of the summer. I swam 20 laps and wanted to swim it in under 1/2hr, which was about how long it took me last week. 28:20 today. Yay. Wearing my watch is helping. And, when I was done I turned to my husband and said "I'm going to do a few cool down laps". Can you believe it?! My husband said "be careful!" cause I had said I was a tingly from swimming the last 4 laps at a faster pace than normal to finish in time. I said casually, "I'm just cooling down, I'm not going to go fast". I swam a SLOW lap of freestyle and a length of back and a length of breast in four minutes. Talk about slow.

Fun times. I think it was the best choice to swim instead of run cause my hamstrings are sore! I gardened after my 6mile run the other day and that did me in.

So on a tangent...We're thinking about starting a family in the next couple of years. Which means I'll be pregnant. Does anyone have any thoughts about running or swimming during pregnancy? I thought I'd get good enough at swimming for that to be my main form of exercise in the later months cause frankly it just seems like it would be too uncomfortable to run. But I've never been pregnant, so, what do I know. Just a thought. I'm girlie I think about these things....sorry.

Wednesday, October 1

Wednesday Long Run

So I had my long run today because I have another race this weekend. It's just a 5K but I do want to be rested. I ran my 6miles today in about 1:06. I think that I mostly averaged above an 11minute pace but the few walk breaks I allowed myself kinda brought up the total time on the treadmill. I think that stopping the treadmill at 2miles to take my now regular two mile break helped me run the total distance because I'd look at the treadmill and think "I've only gone three miles, I can do four", when in fact I'd gone 5miles. Mind games.

Am I strange for running only on the treadmill? I feel like I have this irrational fear that something bad will happen to me while I'm out running outside. I would love to find someone to run with, but I feel slower than most people and I feel like my schedule wouldn't really jive with others'. Hm.

Happy Wednesday. Off to work tomorrow and hopefully a swim in the afternoon if the hubby permits. I've only done that one swim this week (my measly 10laps) and am itching to go longer. Is swimming like running where it's best to mix up speed work and longer swims?