Thursday, September 25

Long run for the week.

Decided to do my long run today cause I'm doing the one mile race Saturday and didn't want to wear myself out running 6miles the day before. I used my ipod for 1/2 the run. I ran at 5.5 (faster than my normal "slow long run" pace of 5.0 or 5.3) for 32:01 for 3miles according to the treadmill. My ipod told me I'd run 2.41. I didn't really want to run more than 6 or more correctly, I didn't think I could. I would LOVE to run an "easy" 6miles tack on an additional 0.5 or 1mile at the end due to my ipod error and not even notice it. But I haven't run a good long run in a while and this was going to be a challenge. So I turned off my ipod+ and ran another 0.55miles before I needed another walk/water/potty break. Ran/walked the next 22minutes after that. Walked about 19minutes in due to a bad side cramp. Ran the last 8minutes at 6.0 and the last 1minute of that at 6.3 to finish 2.68 in about 30minutes. So that's a grand total of: 6.32 miles in about 1:10:56. Nice long run.

woo hoo.

Thanks for all the replies about my ipod+ troubles. I have calibrated recently, about 2-2 1/2months ago now I guess, and it didn't seem to do the trick. I calibrated on the treadmill because I know it is sensitive to the surface you're running on.

My question to garmin users is, if I run on the treadmill does it still log my run? I thought garmin was gps based, and I won't be moving. Does that make sense? That is probably a stupid question to ask but it came up.

Hoping tomorrow to get in a swim and a run. I'm almost up to a one mile swim. Maybe tomorrow I'll get rid of the 3min break every 10 laps? You never know, but right now it's kind of a security blanket for me.

Happy blogging every body. And, thanks again for all the comments and support.

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Mom on the Run said...

I've never tried running with the Garmin on a treadmill but, besides the issue of possibly not getting a satellite signal in a building, I think you're right on the Garmin not working with a treadmill. You're not running from point A to B so it won't be able to figure distance and speed. Not sure if I made sense.

By the way, I love the picture of you eating a Krispy Kreme in Herrods in London. Who would have thought!!!