Wednesday, September 3

I'm alive.

Okay. So no posting, no running/working out. Last Thursday Brian and I returned from a 2 week trip to England and Scotland. And despite my best intentions, and packing my running shoes, clothes, and bathing suit. Our schedule was so packed that we did no working out. We did a lot of walking while not on the coach. But that doesn't really count.

So the trip was amazing, but I still have a hard time believing that it really happened, you know? It seemed to go by so fast.

This week I tried to run the human race on Sunday, a 10K after not running for over 2 weeks. That didn't go well, and I threw in the towel. I tried to run it on the treadmill and it just didn't go well. Didn't feel horrible, but felt really tired, heavy legged, and kinda queasy. I think I did about 4miles, I'm not sure cause I dropped my ipod and it started over after about 2.5km. Then I stopped for good after another 2.6km. So, we'll see. You live, you learn.

Today I went for a swim and was pleasently surprised. I was able to do 25laps, not all at once like I had three weeks ago, but still 25laps. I thought was pretty good. I thought after 6 I was done for. But nope, just went slow, and did the swim in about 35-40min. I took a good break after 20 before deciding to do 5more though. I did one lap of breast to start with just to get used to the water again. The rest was freestyle, with breathing from both sides. I know, be impressed.

So, hopefully I'm back for good. Going to attempt a 1/2 plan to maybe get ready for the KC marathon in October. We'll see how training goes.


Mom on the Run said...

Welcome back! The trip sounds fantastic - a well deserved break.

Mom on the Run said...

Hey! I hope thing are going better. Don't beat yourself up about not finishing the 10K. Your body may have needed some extra rest, especially if you are jet lagged and dehydrated.

You'll have times when it just sucks to run - just don't totally give up. Change up your pace, maybe do some cross training (which you did quite well), find a friend to run with (that has totally saved me these last two weeks and challenged me to increase my speed). Just hang in there.