Tuesday, September 23

Hello world. Today I swam the farthest distance that I have swam yet. 1550yds! In approx. 40-45min. I took a 3minute break at each 10laps. And, I didn't stop during my first 10 laps. Those are always the hardest for me. I usually stop at 4laps. And I've found that I stop now not because I'm really tired, but because I just want to breathe normal for a few minutes. I've found that I have a greater build up of phlegm (sorry that's gross) when I swim and I feel like it impedes my breathing. I don't know if it's that I'm in a pool with a lot of moisture or cause I get asthma and don't realize it cause I'm in a pattern of breathing... weird.

Ran a few miles Sunday. I ran that AI run on Saturday. That was fun although not as long as it should have been. I only did a one mile warm up and cool down cause I'm a wuss. The middle was fun though. I went from walking 3.5 one minute to running anywhere from 7.2-8.0 and then walking again. I did that 7 times and ended up running about another mile. So yeah.

Doing better this week. Picked out fabric for quilts made using some of my mom's favorite clothes. That was hard. It'll be even harder when I have to cut up the clothes. Oh well, they're just sitting around collecting dust otherwise.

Have a good week. I should post before hand but maybe not. This weekend I'm doing the Omaha Mile. And I get super sweet technical tee-shirt. That'll be the first race that I've been in that gives away technical tees. This will also mark the anniversary of my first race ever. I remember when I was nervous that I wouldn't be able to run the full one mile distance. Ha. Maybe I have come farther than I think I have.


ncrunner12 said...

Welcome back, I've been gone a bit myself so I'll have to catch up on your last few posts. Awesome workouts... keep it up.

Mom on the Run said...

Good luck this weekend!

I love your quilt idea. What a special way to remember your mom.

M*J*C said...

Great job on your longest swim ever! That's awesome!!! It sounds like your workouts this week have been really good, and your run coming up this weekend sounds like fun! Even though I've just started following your blog, I agree - it sounds like you have come farther than you thought you had...good stuff!
The quilt that you are working on sounds beautiful. I'm sure getting everything "ready" to make it will be difficult, but I would imagine that you will truly cherish the quilt once it is complete.
*Enjoy your week*