Friday, September 12


So, my 12hr day yesterday turned into a 14hr one. Ick. So I wasn't up to running last night. Not that I had really planned on it, but it's easy to look back and say "Well I couldn't have anyways".

Today I got my a#$ out of the house at 11:30 and went to the gym. I wanted to do three miles but decided 30minutes and I'd try to do 6.0 the whole way. I did 6.0 for the first 2 miles which I guess in and of itself is a good thing cause the last couple of runs I struggled to keep a 5.5 pace for very long. Then I started to get a side cramp and started feeling slightly nauseous cause of my awesome doughnut breakfast I'd had this morning. So I backed off to 5.0 for the next 7minutes which seemed to drag on. Then the last two minutes of the run I bumped it up to 6.7 just to get it over with. I ended up doing 2.8 in 30:52 with was an 11:01 pace. Not too bad, I'm pretty pleased. Would have been happier to maintain the 6.0, but I think that was more of a consequence of the doughnuts.

Happy Friday. I'm working this weekend (bummed cause my weekends got switched and Brian has this weekend off) 12 hrs with an 8hr day on hopefully I'll run or swim again then or maybe Sunday night if the weekend hasn't been too bad.


Steve Stenzel said...

Yeah, a doughnut breakfast will do that to you...


jen said...

Great job on the run! Especially ramping up the speed at the end.

Love the anniversary ring in your previous post! Congrats. :)