Tuesday, September 30

Could my Nike ipod plus have been slowing me down? I did go to the gym this morning and I ran this three miles in under 30min! What's up with that? I took a break at 2miles, ran that in 20:16. Ran the last mile in 9:40. I wasn't concerned about the little ipod voice saying "0.5miles to go...." yada yada yada. I just ran relatively comfortably knowing that I wanted to break 30minutes. I did it in 29:56 and it wasn't too bad. Hopefully this weekend will go good as well. I think I'll try running without my nike+ for a while. The treadmill keeps track of my milage and time anyways. I still have to have my podcasts, so I still run with my ipod of course. This could be a good week for running, I can feel it. Maybe I'll swim tonight if the hubby still wants to go to the gym?! I know, I'm crazy like that.

Happy running every one!


ncrunner12 said...

I truely believe that the nike+ has a mind of it's own. Some days it seems like it's right on with the garmin and others it's like a half mile off... who knows.

Sounds like you're training is going well, hope you were able to get that swim in.

M*J*C said...

Great job!! Sounds like you are on a roll with your training!!! Keep it up! Also, thanks for stopping by my blog...can't believe my "big day" is only 24 days away now....CRAZY!!!!!