Tuesday, September 30

Could my Nike ipod plus have been slowing me down? I did go to the gym this morning and I ran this three miles in under 30min! What's up with that? I took a break at 2miles, ran that in 20:16. Ran the last mile in 9:40. I wasn't concerned about the little ipod voice saying "0.5miles to go...." yada yada yada. I just ran relatively comfortably knowing that I wanted to break 30minutes. I did it in 29:56 and it wasn't too bad. Hopefully this weekend will go good as well. I think I'll try running without my nike+ for a while. The treadmill keeps track of my milage and time anyways. I still have to have my podcasts, so I still run with my ipod of course. This could be a good week for running, I can feel it. Maybe I'll swim tonight if the hubby still wants to go to the gym?! I know, I'm crazy like that.

Happy running every one!

So, last night I went to the gym for a swim cause my legs were still a little sore from Saturday. And, I don't know if it was the five handfuls of french onion sun chips that I scarfed down before going to the gym. Or the fact that I had just worked two 12s Sunday and Monday. But I could only swim 10 laps and had to take a break at 5. My heartrate felt tachy and I felt really out of breath and slow. I just gave up. At least I got off the couch right? I'm trying to wake up now to go to the gym for a "quick" 5K. We'll see how that goes. This weekend I'm doing the race for the cure and two doctors and I have this bet going. Dr. T and I have been saying we're going to crush Dr. I in the race. It's a friendly little rivalry. I told Dr I about my 7:27 mile and he started stepping on my feet. I said "hey! What are you doing?". And he replied "Just taking out my competition, giving me more of a fair chance". But he's been running a lot longer than me and Dr. T. runs 5-7miles just for fun. Yikes. I don't know what I've gotten myself into.

Saturday, September 27

One mile race.

7:20... about. Don't have the official chip time. But, yay a PR! I passed the first 1/4mile split in 1:25 and thought wtf?! (that was the main downhill portion of the race). Then the second at 3:00 and wondered if I was really running a 6min mile cause it didn't feel like I was going that fast. Passed a few people from 1/2-3/4 and passed two more in the last 1/4mile. Crushed last years time of 9:00 even. I'll post the real chip time and standings when I get them. Shouldn't have had the luna bar right before leaving the house, left me slightly nauseous during the race. I think I ran fast because I wasn't feeling well... :/ Well got me to the finish line faster. Brian (husband) missed the race because my heat was scheduled to start at 8:30 and really started at 8:15. So I waited for him to stroll to the finish line at 8:31. He said "in my defense I started walking to get here about 8 minutes before I thought you were going to finish". Poor guy, drove me and held my stuff and then missed the finish... well the whole race. He felt bad, I felt bad, I should have told him go straight to the finish, you never know about times. Oh well. I'm sure the race photographer got a picture of me finishing. We weren't able to stay for awards, I wonder if they gave out age group awards? I wonder where I placed? I hate waiting, I'm too impatient!

Final results:

76 Kelly Hennen 26 F 10/14 7:27

Placed 76th/85. The girls I passed at the end were 22. Huh, that sorta makes me feel good. Although I didn't pass them by much, they finished right around 7:31. Still, yay.

Friday, September 26

Swam today. Honestly looked at the clock before I started and only stopped to stand to fix my goggles once about lap 16. So my total for today: 1000yards in 30minutes that's 3:00/100yards. Eh. At least I did it without stopping. Wanted to get a run in this afternoon, but the hubby just got home and is really tired from work and doesn't feel like going to the gym. :(

Thursday, September 25

Long run for the week.

Decided to do my long run today cause I'm doing the one mile race Saturday and didn't want to wear myself out running 6miles the day before. I used my ipod for 1/2 the run. I ran at 5.5 (faster than my normal "slow long run" pace of 5.0 or 5.3) for 32:01 for 3miles according to the treadmill. My ipod told me I'd run 2.41. I didn't really want to run more than 6 or more correctly, I didn't think I could. I would LOVE to run an "easy" 6miles tack on an additional 0.5 or 1mile at the end due to my ipod error and not even notice it. But I haven't run a good long run in a while and this was going to be a challenge. So I turned off my ipod+ and ran another 0.55miles before I needed another walk/water/potty break. Ran/walked the next 22minutes after that. Walked about 19minutes in due to a bad side cramp. Ran the last 8minutes at 6.0 and the last 1minute of that at 6.3 to finish 2.68 in about 30minutes. So that's a grand total of: 6.32 miles in about 1:10:56. Nice long run.

woo hoo.

Thanks for all the replies about my ipod+ troubles. I have calibrated recently, about 2-2 1/2months ago now I guess, and it didn't seem to do the trick. I calibrated on the treadmill because I know it is sensitive to the surface you're running on.

My question to garmin users is, if I run on the treadmill does it still log my run? I thought garmin was gps based, and I won't be moving. Does that make sense? That is probably a stupid question to ask but it came up.

Hoping tomorrow to get in a swim and a run. I'm almost up to a one mile swim. Maybe tomorrow I'll get rid of the 3min break every 10 laps? You never know, but right now it's kind of a security blanket for me.

Happy blogging every body. And, thanks again for all the comments and support.

Tuesday, September 23

Ran tonight to try out my new kicks. Got some Mizunos today with the help of a nice man at peak preformance. LOVE THEM. So far. I shouldn't jynx it. And, I'm hating my nike ipod plus thing. It's 0.25miles off, on the short side. :/ Well maybe not hating it, but frustrated. Maybe I'll treat myself this Chirstmas/birthday to a new garmin or some other contraption. Any suggestions?
Hello world. Today I swam the farthest distance that I have swam yet. 1550yds! In approx. 40-45min. I took a 3minute break at each 10laps. And, I didn't stop during my first 10 laps. Those are always the hardest for me. I usually stop at 4laps. And I've found that I stop now not because I'm really tired, but because I just want to breathe normal for a few minutes. I've found that I have a greater build up of phlegm (sorry that's gross) when I swim and I feel like it impedes my breathing. I don't know if it's that I'm in a pool with a lot of moisture or cause I get asthma and don't realize it cause I'm in a pattern of breathing... weird.

Ran a few miles Sunday. I ran that AI run on Saturday. That was fun although not as long as it should have been. I only did a one mile warm up and cool down cause I'm a wuss. The middle was fun though. I went from walking 3.5 one minute to running anywhere from 7.2-8.0 and then walking again. I did that 7 times and ended up running about another mile. So yeah.

Doing better this week. Picked out fabric for quilts made using some of my mom's favorite clothes. That was hard. It'll be even harder when I have to cut up the clothes. Oh well, they're just sitting around collecting dust otherwise.

Have a good week. I should post before hand but maybe not. This weekend I'm doing the Omaha Mile. And I get super sweet technical tee-shirt. That'll be the first race that I've been in that gives away technical tees. This will also mark the anniversary of my first race ever. I remember when I was nervous that I wouldn't be able to run the full one mile distance. Ha. Maybe I have come farther than I think I have.

Wednesday, September 17

maybe I just shouldn't set goals.

So about a week ago, I investigated and decided I wanted to do the ultimate 1/2marathon plan from Runner's World. I overlapped it onto my buckeye outdoors log and started following it. Rearranging some of the days to coincide with my work schedule. Today was supposed to be 6-7miles (rather, yesterday was). But today I headed out to the gym and attempted. And now instead of being happy that I got my butt off the couch and ran 4.5miles. I'm sitting around beating myself up for not running the 6miles. Does this ever happen to anyone else? I feel like such a quitter when I really did try. My ipod died at 5.01km and I had to start over after walking for a few minutes reprogramming the ipod and then I couldn't stop walking. I only completed another 2.3km before throwing in the towel. AH. So frustrating. I know I need to keep with it and I will start seeing improvements. But I really think that 2week break was NOT helpful. I don't have much fitness to begin with and that was just killer.

So the next day I run I'm supposed to do this: 2 miles. 5-7x1:00 AI, 2 miles Now I know that the AI is an aerobic interval meaning I'll run 5-7 times at a faster than normal pace for oooh.... now that I read that, I thought maybe it was 100yards and I was going to ask how far that is on a treadmill cause I'm not good with simple math. But that means one minute. I can do that. I suppose I'm supposed to take a break in between AIs. And I bet I warm up and cool down with 2miles at maybe...5.3? We'll see how I feel.

I'm taking my gym bag and I'm hoping to get to the pool this afternoon for a swim. Did 1150 yards on Monday. That went well. I felt all fishy. The last four laps I experimented with how I hold my head when I breathe and I angled down a little and had my cap in the water. I felt like I was slicing the water and felt faster. Too bad I'm not prepared enough to actually time myself. I wonder if my watch is water resistant? Hmm.... eh.
Yesterday no workout, took a mental health day from the gym. Spent most of the morning and afternoon crying, haven't done that for a while. I guess for those of you that don't know, part of the reason I'm attempting this whole running/swimming thing is because my mom loved it. And it's been close to three years since she passed. And I'll bet it had been a good 8 months since I really cried about it. Sure I can talk and describe how I felt on the day I got the news, or how exactly she died and what of. But I never really think about it. I live in my constant state of denial. I can't believe it's been three years. I just was sad yesterday about all that she's missing out on. Brian and I are thinking of starting a family soon and she'll never hold her grandchildren... I'd better stop. I'm not really up to starting all this again. I'm going to have a better day today.

Getting my haircut, that's always fun.

Hope all is well out there.

Friday, September 12


So, my 12hr day yesterday turned into a 14hr one. Ick. So I wasn't up to running last night. Not that I had really planned on it, but it's easy to look back and say "Well I couldn't have anyways".

Today I got my a#$ out of the house at 11:30 and went to the gym. I wanted to do three miles but decided 30minutes and I'd try to do 6.0 the whole way. I did 6.0 for the first 2 miles which I guess in and of itself is a good thing cause the last couple of runs I struggled to keep a 5.5 pace for very long. Then I started to get a side cramp and started feeling slightly nauseous cause of my awesome doughnut breakfast I'd had this morning. So I backed off to 5.0 for the next 7minutes which seemed to drag on. Then the last two minutes of the run I bumped it up to 6.7 just to get it over with. I ended up doing 2.8 in 30:52 with was an 11:01 pace. Not too bad, I'm pretty pleased. Would have been happier to maintain the 6.0, but I think that was more of a consequence of the doughnuts.

Happy Friday. I'm working this weekend (bummed cause my weekends got switched and Brian has this weekend off) 12 hrs with an 8hr day on Monday...so hopefully I'll run or swim again then or maybe Sunday night if the weekend hasn't been too bad.

Wednesday, September 10


This week so far.

Did a really fun workout on Monday. Did 30minutes on the treadmill, 2.62 miles with 11:33ap. Then I had a quick rinse in the shower before heading out and swimming. My legs felt like jello walking into the water. But it felt so good to swim. I swam about 25minutes slowly with a total of about 14 laps of 700 yards. Nice little mini brick work out if I do say so myself.

My husband dragged me to the gym today and I ran 4miles. That's right 4. All in a row, not counting the potty break at 2miles in. 47:56 with 11:48ap. So proud of myself for not stopping (for the most part). Well more like stopping and giving up and throwing in the towel. Yay. I've decided to follow the ultimate half marathon plan from Runners World and probably will need to stretch it out over more than 9 weeks as my base has gone SO far down hill. And I probably won't be able to finish the 13.1 in October for the festival of races. Hmmm.... we'll see. I guess I'll follow the plan and still keep it on my calender. Maybe I can switch to the 5K. Eh.

Yesterday was our anniversary. Brian got me an anniversary ring ( I kind of talked him into it ). We'd seen a ring we liked at Tiffany's at Harrods in London. But at 1450 pounds it was out of our price range. So we came back to the states and found a simple but similar ring at a store here in town. I'll see if I can post a picture... give me a minute.... Well that's the ring we got here. And it's front and center, sorry. But I love it and it looks marvelous with my other rings. It's sandwiched between my wedding band and my engagement ring. I think Brian's getting a little sick of me admiring my hand but it's his fault! :)
Hope everyone is having a good week. Here's to excitement about new training plans. Here's hoping I stick with it this time!.

Wednesday, September 3

I'm alive.

Okay. So no posting, no running/working out. Last Thursday Brian and I returned from a 2 week trip to England and Scotland. And despite my best intentions, and packing my running shoes, clothes, and bathing suit. Our schedule was so packed that we did no working out. We did a lot of walking while not on the coach. But that doesn't really count.

So the trip was amazing, but I still have a hard time believing that it really happened, you know? It seemed to go by so fast.

This week I tried to run the human race on Sunday, a 10K after not running for over 2 weeks. That didn't go well, and I threw in the towel. I tried to run it on the treadmill and it just didn't go well. Didn't feel horrible, but felt really tired, heavy legged, and kinda queasy. I think I did about 4miles, I'm not sure cause I dropped my ipod and it started over after about 2.5km. Then I stopped for good after another 2.6km. So, we'll see. You live, you learn.

Today I went for a swim and was pleasently surprised. I was able to do 25laps, not all at once like I had three weeks ago, but still 25laps. I thought was pretty good. I thought after 6 I was done for. But nope, just went slow, and did the swim in about 35-40min. I took a good break after 20 before deciding to do 5more though. I did one lap of breast to start with just to get used to the water again. The rest was freestyle, with breathing from both sides. I know, be impressed.

So, hopefully I'm back for good. Going to attempt a 1/2 plan to maybe get ready for the KC marathon in October. We'll see how training goes.