Friday, August 1

Hello blog. So I haven't done much running. A two mile run after work on Tuesday. Took the day off Thursday cause I worked another 12 which turned into 7a-830p. And I was charge from 3-7 which always stresses me out. My two miles though were awesome. I (this is gross) was sweating so much I was raining on the treadmill, but I felt so stong and speedy. I did two miles in under 20min which is pushing it for me. I ran in my old shoes and felt great. Although, I was still a little tender/ tight in my left big toe which radiated down my arch. I think it'll feel better once I keep running in them.

I did swim ( cheating on my running) again. I did 16laps or so on Wed with my husband at the pool. I convinced him to swim and after four laps he said "how about the slides?". I made it a point not laugh in his face. But after the slides he sat poolside while I swam some more.

Today was though, by far my best swim. I did 26 laps (my age) or 1300 yards. I did it in about 45minutes, maybe? Oh who am I kidding, I wasn't paying any attention. But the best part was not only did I do my 100yard increment swimming with touch and go. But I did from laps 10 or 12-20 all together without stopping and laps 20-26 after just a little breather. I never thought I'd say this but I think the first 10laps for me are the hardest. I think it helped that I just slowed down too, and took it at a very easy pace.

At work now, should get off the computer. Happy Friday.

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