Sunday, August 3

2 mile pr.

Yay. I really thought the girls from work were going to leave me in the dust. But we stuck together. I finished in between them at 19:20. But, I'm really frustrated at my nike ipod +!!! While we were running I informed the girls that the ipod said we were running at 11:10 pace and we all agreed we felt faster than that. Amy even said "I've never ran this fast before in my life". It was a quick out and back around a lake here in Omaha. A big thanks to Amy and Molly from work who ran it with me. I didn't have my ipod on cause I didn't want to be rude and my breathing freaked out about 3/4 of the way into the run. I think when I can hear myself breathe I start to hyperventilate or something. Or throw myself into an asthma attack. But I started to walk and Molly turned around and said "Come on Kelly, let's go". That was all I needed, I wasn't going to let them run ahead while I wussed out and walked it. At the end of the race we had run "1.76 in 20:03" according to my ipod. That is WAY off. Does anyone else have this problem? I just calibrated a couple of weeks ago. Do I need a new receiver? I've been using this one since January and I can't imagine running without it now.

I'm pretty happy with my performance. During the race I thought it was awful cause the pace felt so off. I felt like we were going fast and it was hot out and miserable. But then my ipod was saying 11:10, I just felt like we should have been going faster than that. Which we were I just didn't know it then. When we turned the last corner to the finish and I saw the time of "19:00" roll by on the clock I was shocked. I thought for sure we'd be out on that course till 22 at the rate we were going.

Other than the freaked out breathing (I also forgot to take my inhaler before hand) the race went well. Treated myself to a cookie and water afterwards. The bananas offered would have been way too healthy. Look for some up coming pictures from the race when they're posted online.

PER MILE PACE: 9:40 19:20


SJ said...

Good for you!! It sure makes you feel good, doesn't it?

Mom on the Run said...

Way to go on the race!!! It is always such a nice surprise to find you are going faster than you think :-)

I started having trouble with the Nike+, too. Seems like after about a year or so the receiver starts flaking out.