Monday, July 7


Well, we have had some friends in town the past few days and before that it was family in town (for the trials). I got a long run in Saturday though. I wanted to try for 8 miles which would have been my longest yet. But when I'm going so slow, it just takes so long! Plus my husband hopped on the treadmill next to me and asked "should we have burger king for lunch today?" All I could think of was greasy hamburgers and salty French fries and my stomach was turning. I had to stop at 6! That comment alone made me so nauseous. I was fine once I stopped running.

Today my plan was to swim in the morning, concentrate on breathing (ha), and run this evening. But it's getting late, I spent time with the out of town friends this evening instead. The swimming went well. 600 yards (12 laps) in less than 25minutes maybe? That was a total guess, I really have no idea how long I swam for. But I did manage to keep track of my laps in my head. Did mostly freestyle with one lap of breast and one lap of back. I just have to perfect the butterfly with out looking like an a%& and I'll be able to do the IM. I also am trying to concentrate on looking fluid and well, good in the pool. I was in a lane next to splashy-mc-splasherton and it was annoying! I want to be one of those swimmers were it's effortless. It's just second nature. Surprise, I'm not there yet since I can count the number of times I've swum on one hand. I found I do like swimming outside. And my gym does have an outdoor pool but it was being used for kids swim lessons this morning. Maybe I could have joined in?

Happy Monday everybody. I'm off to work 12's the next three days so it won't be too thrilling this week workout wise. I'm hoping to squeeze in a run in the next three days and then another long-ish run on Saturday.


ncrunner12 said...

Not a bad run, shame on your husband for keeping you from going just 2 more miles. Awesome swim though... I still haven't made it to the pool but after reading your post it's almost inspired me.

Mark said...

So, I just listened to Phedipp #143 & Steve talked about how you're just starting running. Let me say that first & foremost that Steve is totally right on when he says that being a runner is more than just about running fast. It's about pushing yourself beyond what you thought you were capable of. Let's face it, unless your an Olympic runner (which I'm defintely not), there's always somebody faster or who can run farther. Don't worry about the self doubt because everyone gets that. Even the Olympic runners. Be honest with yourself & when you train & you'll get the kind of results you want. I'm no expert, but I've run 3 marathons & numerous 5 & 10K's. This year I've switched to the Hanson's Brooks Project marathon training program & it's been killing me weekly. But I've managed to set PR's in the 5 & 10K's this year because of it. Last week after running a grueling 47.5 miles total I was ready to throw it in. But my wonderful wife threw some of my own advice at me. If you want to get better at running you have to train smarter & harder than before (whithin reason). So back to the running this week with a new outlook & appreciation that I can run at all. My first 5K race I came in 2nd to last & I've come so far since then. But it's taken a lot of hard work & dedication. Remember, the race is long & in the end, it's only with yourself. Keep it up & know that because you ARE a runner!