Saturday, July 19

Today I did two things I never thought I'd do. And no, unlike what my husband's response, it was not "that chick". First, I ran (and walked) but mostly ran 8.13 miles. I got up early today after going to bed early like a good little runner. It would have been a really nice run outside cause it was so misty and foggy here and just a little on the cool side. But that mist and fog would have made it even more dangerous to go out running without a buddy. Maybe I can convince my husband to get a dog? It would be good training for kids in the next couple of years... that's a thought. Okay back to topic. I drove myself to the gym on the empty early Saturday morning streets. Parked close, another perk of going early, and set my ipod for 8miles. After two I was sprinting to the bathroom. I took one look at myself the the mirror, I was already drenched, uncomfortable in my cotton old navy tank. So I took a deep breath and took off my shirt, sports bra and shorts, I could do this. People may or may not be blinded by my white stomach and the little jiggle. But it gave me confidence. No one wants to see a sports bra and shorts girl walking her 8 miles. Surely someone as confident as that would run with the shirt off. And I felt so much better! Much cooler. I took several walk breaks including about .3miles near the end to drink my mostly water with a shot of Gatorade. I think that that really helped too. Not just being about to justify hitting pause on the treadmill for a mini break but the hydration did help. My run ended up being 1:36 and something seconds. Again, seemed to take forever. But it helped that my husband slept in and didn't make it to the gym this morning so I didn't have to worry about him being bored out of his mind waiting for me to finish my long run. The last 4miles were done at 5.3 instead of 5.0 and in the last two miles I varied from 3.5 (walk) to 6.2. I think I may need to recalibrate my ipod it seemed to think my 6.0 pace was 9:40min/mile when in fact it's 10min/mile. I'm not factoring in the most likely broken ipod pace. If Paula Radcliffe came on in the end and said I did my longest workout yet (which she did) then it was my 8miles I wanted to do today.

So lessons learned: 1)bring water to a run longer than 45-60min 2)wake up early and ditch the husband 3)it's okay to run in a sports bra if it cools you down and makes you feel cooler.

I can not believe I did that. Thank goodness it was relatively early this morning with not as many people there at the gym. I do think that if I left on my tank I would have made it no where near the amount of time I did without it.

And ps, aren't showers after runs just the best?


Mom on the Run said...

Way to go!!!! Congrats on your long run, especially on the treadmill.

ncrunner12 said...

Condatulations on your longest run ever! Don’t see how you can possibly do it on a treadmill but more power to you for doing it. You’ll be at those double digits real soon.