Thursday, July 3

Swim trials!

So I had family in town the past couple of days. It went by way too fast. But they were in town for a reason. We went to the Olympic swim trials! Yay. It was so much fun! Yesterday we went to the pool (not the trials pool, our gym) in between sessions. Cal, my 15 year old, much wiser at swimming cousin gave me some pointers. We "raced" at back stroke, free style, and breast. It was really fun. And we did the slide with my aunt and husband. That was also fun and mot too scary. I have worked out in some way or another every day this week, except tomorrow. I'll be working 12 hours.

Today my work out was approx. 250yards swimming. Mostly freestyle working on breathing. Which Cal gave me a personal lesson at. Turns out if you breathe to only one side the opposite arm will get stronger because you're pulling more with it and then that stronger arm will be bigger. I don't want that so I'm learning. Then I hopped out and did a 1mile run. Personal best according to Lance Armstrong (my ipod + told me so). I did that mile on the treadmill in 9:55...I think?

Not looking forward to work tomorrow, I've had 6 days off. Yikes. This could be an ugly morning.


JoyRuN said...

Hi Kelly - started reading your blog since Steve Runner mentioned it. Now you got me blogging. Hope you had a good shift yesterday - it's tough to come back after a nice long stretch.

Steve Stenzel said...

I would have LOVED to have seen some of the trials! Hope you had fun!!