Monday, July 28

So. I think I don't love my new shoes. They're the updates of my old ones, new foam but otherwise the exact same. But at the ends of my long runs, my left arch is aching. Like a cramp. Brian laughed, saying it sounded suspiciously like plantar fasciitis which he has had for years and why he doesn't run. I went to my local running store and showed the guy my two pairs of running shoes and explained my problem. He suggested trying my old pair again and if it still hurts we'll try another brand. I don't want to try another brand though. My mom always said asics were the best and that's what I would like to stick with. We'll see.

Last night I tried to bang out a 10K but only made it 6.6K. :( And, I'm confused. My ipod told me I had a personal best for the mile. And I think I averaged about 6.2-6.0 for the miles I did run with about a 0.5mile walk towards the end when my foot hurt. But I did the run in 47:28. It just doesn't add up. Oh well, it was still a run.

Today I did 22 laps. And, good bye wall! I did the swim in 100yard increments so that I just did a touch and go with the wall until I was done with the two laps. Getting easier! I thought I should stop though, when I was gasping and my body got all tingly like I was having and asthma attack at lap 21.5. Still fun. Middle of the day at the pool outside! I think I like swimming.


Steve Stenzel said...

Yep, those shoes might not be for you.

Nice job on the swim!!!

ncrunner12 said...

Great swim, sorry to hear about the shoes. Be open about trying other brands. Personally I try and wear a pair of all brands, currently I'm wearing asics but find that Nike and Saucony are both better. It's all what works best for you, so good luck finding yours.

jen said...

You are doing awesome with the swimming! I have been going to mid day swim class and it is just too fun. Don't you kind of feel like a little kid just playin' in the pool!

Good luck on the shoes, what a pain.