Monday, July 21

So, swam again yesterday. Sorry running blog. I did 600yards in approx. 25min. Felt really good. I wasn't as sore yesterday as I thought I'd be after the 8miles Saturday. That was surprising, still didn't really feel up to a run though. I varied my pace (? is that what you call it in swimming?) a bit from lap 5-10. I went faster, less worried about my breathing, and surprise, I breathed okay. On both sides! It's feeling a bit more natural. I think I'll swim again tomorrow. Run, swim, run...repeat.
Today, I calibrated my nike ipod for another 0.25, so 3miles total. Semi tempo run. Did the first 0.25 at 5.0 then 5.5 up until the last 0.25 miles which I did at 5.0 again. Felt good, but hot even indoors! I am a sweaty mess when I'm done with my runs, maybe that's why the pool feels so good, not too much sweating going on. But, on my runs, maybe I'm getting so hot because I'm not properly hydrated? I really enjoyed my 8miles I think because I had my water with me. We'll see. Don't work again till Wed. evening. yay for household chores and working out.


ncrunner12 said...

I'm impressed with the swimming, and glad to see you're still adding the miles. I think the nike+ will help out, it did for me when I first started back to running. If you're worried about staying hydrated while running look into a water belt.
Keep it up Kelly, you're doing great.

M*J*C said...

Hey there! Got your message about Team in Training, I can't say enough good thing about it! It has been an amazing experience so far. I've met so many nice people and it has really brought me along. Back in May when I signed up, my longest run had been 4 miles, this past Sunday I did 11.7!!! I say go for it!
As far as the fundraising goes, it's really not that bad. They give you tons of advice and support to get through that too. For me, fundraising isn't all that hard, especially since I don't do it often. You'll be surprised by how many people will support you! Good luck!!! Keep me posted!